Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Introducing Vicky Spyrou-Andriotis, Your Holiday Finalist

Meet our finalist of the day! Read on to learn a bit about her and her entry.
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Tell us one of your best (or most entertaining) holiday memories.
The most memorable, for obvious reasons, would be our son's very first Christmas. You know, oooh, aahhhh, gurgle, gurgle, dribble, dribble....burrrp. The most entertaining, however, was his 3rd Christmas. Oh, the joy and sense of pride that comes from watching your little one run screaming through the mall away from Santa Claus (like so many before him) as if he were throwing sugarplums at his little head. We did get the pic, though. I, Mommy the Brave, sat between him and the big, red, bearded guy and made him promise to bring us presents anyway.

I got in the holiday mood for this contest by . . .
...running aimlessly through the mall, shoving anyone near a sales rack to the floor (while grabbing their "prices slashed" items from their flailing hands), and spending a ridiculous amount of money. Isn't that how everyone kicks off the holidays? No? Just me? Huh. That's strange.

Why is your card the perfect choice for anyone sending holiday cards this season?
The reason someone should buy this card? Because it's Inspi(red). (Haha). Honestly? Because it gets to the heart of the holidays with 3 simple words that can be found on the inside: REJOICE, MIRACLE, CHRISTMAS. Of course, the design itself is kinda cute too. I mean, who can resist baby Jesus in a manger? You?

Tell us (and the world) a little bit about yourself.
Although Momhood is my main priority and primary gig, I'm a bit of a techie so I run a few websites...(design, keep them updated, etc...stuff people usually yawn at). To feed my creative self (which is the self that is usually hungrier than the techie self), I create humorous kid's tees (among other things), am a stock photographer, and have been writing "poetry" since I was but a teeny tot with crayons (some of which is soon to be published--fingers crossed--and not the stuff I wrote in crayon, either). Can't say how good I am at any of it, but all of that, an active 5 year old, a loving husband (and a bag of chips, as they say), keep me pretty busy... and tired...and sometimes cranky too. Nah, I'm a happy and grateful kind of gal!


Nicole said...

Very nice!

G.M said...

Great work Vicky. Kai eis Anotera.

Lily said...

I'm Inspired! Awesome!

G A said...

Great Job... Your loving Husband.

Sarah said...

I love it! Plus it's the only finalist card that relates the holidays with the miracle of the birth of Jesus. How sad for them, how blessed for you :) Great job!

Vicky A. from CT said...

thank you sarah! He is the "reason for the season", after all!