Monday, September 28, 2009

Lawyers Love a Good Fart Joke

Judging time is one of our favorite weeks, but we couldn't keep all the fun to ourselves. We invited our lawyers to the party. And it looks like they showed up in matching outfits. Think they planned that? Don't let their business attire fool you. These two were laughing like teenage boys at all your guy-friendly jokes involving bodily functions. Thanks to all of you responsible for such potty humor. You know who you are.

This is where the magic happens, our tiny judging chamber. We had juuust enough room to fit our judges and your submissions. You're getting a rare glimpse at the room with the door open. Usually it's closed to muffle any chatting, laughing or arguing over the contending cards.

Hmmm...will it be this one or that one? Sometimes it comes down to one vote. Too bad we missed a great arm wrestling shot.

When all the arguments have been settled and the lawyers have been thoroughly amused, we finally arrive at our 30 online winners! Here they are, all blurry-like. You'll get to see all 30 unblurred when we announce the online winners November 2.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Congratulations to Sara Dykes, yourBloopers Grand Prize Winner

We are very proud indeed to announce that Sara and her trusty sidekick, Orson are the reigning yourBloopers Grand Prize Winners! We couldn't resist Orson's lovable face when we first saw Sara's card, and it looks like America loved it just as much. Either that or we all have an inexplicably strong love of cheese puffs. That's pretty likely, too. Congrats, Sara and Orson. Long may you reign and long may you crunch.

It’s your day.
You can be as silly as you want!
Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Reviewing Birthday His Way Submissions...

As you can see from the facial expressions above, reviewing your submissions is serious business. We lock ourselves in our tiny meeting room with nothing but your card entries and our snacks to aid the process. Then, we have a careful look at each entry on our giant screen. We look, we read, we laugh, we say "awww." It's one emotional experience. And the longer it goes on, the goofier we get.

Look forward to more updates on our reviewing and judging process throughout the next few weeks. They're sure to include more photos, random quotes from the team, fun hints about standout entries, etc. If you haven't submitted your card yet, what are you waiting for? We wanna see it!

Don't miss the up-to-the-minute action on Facebook and Twitter, either.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Insider Advice From Our Man, Scott...

Since the newest contest is Birthday His Way, we couldn't miss out on an opportunity to give you card-making advice straight from the one and only guy on our team, Scott.  He's chock-full of insights about what kinds of cards men like.  At least the kinds of cards he likes.  Take 'em or leave 'em, folks.

What kinds of cards do you like to get?
The kind of card I like depends on who's giving it to me.  If it's from my kids, I want it to make them laugh, 'cuz hey, that makes me laugh.  If it's from my wife, I like a sweet card.  If it's from my friends, I usually like a funny card.  

What kind of cards do you get your dad?
It's different every time.  Sometimes funny.  Usually I like to pick a card that tells him what a great dad he is. You know, deep, but not too deep.

Have you gotten any memorable cards lately? 
Yeah, cards from my wife that speak from the heart.  

Care to tell us more about those mushy cards, you old softy?
Uhhh, no.

How do you feel about kittens, rainbows and unicorns?  
I like kittens.  I don't like rainbows.  Unicorns are pretty sexy.  If I got a card with a unicorn on it, I'd laugh.

Any other advice for the Birthday His Way card creators out there?  
*Don't feel locked into guy stereotypes.  Not every man loooooves beer.
*Walking the fine line between funny and crude can be harder than it seems.  Tread carefully.
*Inside jokes aren't usually as funny as they seem to you and your closest buddies.  Try 'em out on a few strangers before you submit them.

Well, you heard it here first, folks.  Send Scott a unicorn card and you'll get a laugh out of him.  We'll all get a laugh, in fact.  

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This Brand New Site is Brought to You by...Goofballs!

Surely you couldn't help but notice our site's new look. Ever wonder who's the brains behind that whole operation? Introducing the brains!

Maureen-Marketing Brain

Maureen (a.k.a. Mo) is our resident redhead and commander-in-chief of "get the word out" operations. She makes it her business to shout from the rooftops about our newest contests and to welcome contest participants from all across the globe. "Come one, come all," she says.

Theresa-Marketing Brain

Theresa's number one priority is making sure it's easy and fun to be involved in the contests. She's all about making the experience a good one from start to finish. Oh, and we'll let you in on her secret indulgence: she's obsessed with making spreadsheets. We've tried telling her it's an illness, but she's not convinced yet.

Kenya-Marketing Brain

Don't let that look fool you. Kenya is the ever-helpful, whip-smart woman who stays in contact with our contest participants. If you ever get an e-mail from us, chances are it's from this very lady. She may or may not wear a feather boa on a daily basis.

Julienne-Wordy Brain

It's a treat to have Julienne and her cooking on the team. She just joined in the mix this summer, bringing big ideas, a love of words and the best baklava we've ever tasted.

Megan-Wordy Brain

Megan is responsible for outfitting this photo shoot. She's also responsible for giving you behind-the-scenes peeks at what we do around here when we're not striking poses for glamour shots. She'll be answering any questions you leave in the comments section of this here blog.

Karen-Artsy Brain

Karen knows good art and photography when she sees it. And she loves seeing it roll in during each contest. She'll flex her visual expertise come judging time so it's not a bad idea to get on Karen's good side.

Shannon-Artsy Brain

Shannon's got a split personality. Half the time she's making sure everything you see on the site and everything our winners get from us looks beau-ti-ful. The other part of her time she's hanging out on Twitter and Facebook, interacting with you and the rest of our contest friends. Yeah, we know, her job's sooo hard.

Scott-Artsy Brain

Scott's our design guy. Heck, our only guy! Don't feel too sorry for him. We treat him pretty darn well. And he makes sure our site and the winning cards are in ship-shape. Not a bad trade-off.

And now you've met the scrappy, little team behind your Greeting Card Competition! We'd love to hear from you any time about the new site, your experiences with the contests, wily ideas for pranking Scott...

Have a look at the rest of the photos from our dress-and-dazzle session on our Facebook fan page!