Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Introducing Stephanie Ryan, Your Holiday Finalist

Meet our finalist of the day!  Read on to learn a bit about her and her entry.
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Tell us one of your best (or most entertaining) holiday memories.
The first time I attended a holiday gathering with my husband's family was when my daughter Lea (my oldest) was just a baby.  We had just gotten there after a little bit of a drive, so I knew I needed to do a diaper check soon.  While I was frantically trying to meet everyone, it was too late.  Lea had peed all over both of us.  Of course, I have a change of clothes for her, but not me.  I'm now standing in the bathroom drying off my pants with a hair dryer.  I wound up having to stick it out the rest of the time.  Lots of eggnog for me, please!

I got in the holiday mood for this contest by . . .
Putting Christmas music on my iPod got me in the holiday spirit.  That's right.  The middle of August and I was listening to Christmas music.  Oy.

Why is your card the perfect choice for anyone sending holiday cards this season?
My card is simple and fun, but the most important piece is what the card will do.  People will see the (PRODUCT) RED and it will spark conversation.  Not enough people know what it is or even recognize it.  Putting it out there on a holiday card they get from a friend or loved one will get them talking and asking questions about it.  Most of all, once they know and get out there shopping for Christmas, it will drive them to pick up more (RED) products for gifts to help this wonderful cause.

Tell us (and the world) a little bit about yourself.
I'm 25 and a very busy gal, but I love it.  My kids, Lea (5), Elliot (3) and Wes (1) keep me on my toes 100% of the time.  I work a 9-5 job and I am also a photographer.  I'm entirely way too crafty.  So jewelry, quilting, drawing, etc. . . I get the question of how I manage to do it all, on a frequent basis.  Simple answer--I don't sleep!


Nicole said...

Very nice! I like the placement of the ( ).

Bri said...


MissKris said...

This card is awesome...its beautiful!! Keep up the good work Steph!!

Tricia said...

very nice job!

jarred said...

i love ur card stepha



mamallama said...

Your card rocks! Simple, colorful and fun. Traci

Anonymous said...

All i can say is this girl is the most talented person i know! The card is Great Steph....I am so proud of you...your gonna win for sure! love ya cuz! Jen

30 days ago said...

very pretty:)

njlynn said...

Great card. Like the colors & patern also the subtle placement of the (). It caught my eye it had sparkle to it which is what I prefer. Good Luck!