Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bowling Alley Pics, As Promised

You were expecting lanes?  Bowling balls?  Super cool shoes, perhaps?  Well, we're giving you something better: a glimpse into the "bowling alley" of Hallmark, where YourHoliday judging went into full swing.  
It involved lots of thinking, talking, deciding, changing our minds, eating, laughing, no strikes, and no spares.

Our "yes," "maybe," "probably not," and "definitely not" piles were helpful.  Still, we couldn't fully commit ourselves right away.  Some designs moved from pile to pile more than once.  This judging thing's a tricky business.  Trickier than bowling, even.

1 comment:

poeticfisherman said...

Awesome! Will all of the 20 finalists be notified in advance, before Monday, or since they're being unveiled one at a time on the blog, will they be notified, say 72 hours before they're to be unveiled? I hope my question makes sense. Thanks.