Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Special Holiday Entry

The halls of Hallmark are starting to become bare, but we had a special visitor join us in the office today. (Check out that tie and jacket!)

Peter got a taste of the contest action by designing his very own Christmas card featuring a gingerbread house, a gingerbread man and some peppermint goodness.

Peter was awarded with a Pets card and some snacks to tie him over until lunch.

Wishing all of you very Happy Holidays! Be sure to come back on 1/4 to get the scoop on the "Birthday Your Way" contest and to see the "Birthday Her Way" winners.

Monday, December 14, 2009

More Merriment

Welcome back to the second installment of our tour d' trees. I am your guide, Wordy, and I'll be taking you through the Hallmark halls, lobbies and dining facilities to give you an up close and personal look at this year's Christmas trees. Keep your arms inside at all times and please stay seated until we come to a complete stop.

Our first feature is a pepperminty pillar of Christmas joy.

Just imagine the potential for awkward family photos in front of this beauty. It's begging for a matching-sweater-wearin' family to pose in front of it, don't you think?

Moving on, we have a tree whose every bough is laden with loveliness. No branch goes undecorated and I'm loving the effect of abundance.

Side note: There was a guy sitting just off to the left of this photo. I offered him a spot in the shot, thinking maybe he'd like to reenact a Christmas from his childhood and rip open one of the pretty packages nestled underneath. Oddly enough, he declined. Grown ups--sheesh.

We've now arrived at the final destination of our tour. Please observe a moment of silence in honor of the great Snoopy tree, which seems quite the opposite of a Charlie Brown tree.

Isn't it a feast for the eyes? It stands smack dab in the middle of our cafeteria, the Crown Room.

Have a gander, closer up.

And this concludes our tour d' trees. Thank you for riding. It's been a pleasure. I hope you'll join us for future tours.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Beginning to Look Festive

Have you been gathering seasonal inspiration for a future holiday contest? Have you had your camera at the ready? I broke mine out yesterday just to get some shots of the impressive decor around here. Hope it sets the mood for your next great card idea.

The halls of Hallmark are decked and the trees are chock full of cheer. Again, our amazing design friends decorated the place to the hilt, helping us all get into the spirit of the season. Enjoy this first installment of Hallmark trees. There's more to come--Hallmark's a big place with plenty of room for a variety of trees.

This frosty beauty is next to the corporate offices, where the Hall brothers can be spotted. I did, in fact, chat with them before snapping this photo but they seemed shy about jumping into a photo op with the tree 'n' me. Maybe next year.