Friday, September 26, 2008

Introducing Leah Seydel, Your Holiday Finalist

Meet our finalist of the day!  Read on to learn a bit about her and her entry.
If you like what you see, comment right here--everyone likes props on their hard work!  And check back weekdays through October 3 to meet the rest of the finalists!

Tell us one of your best (or most entertaining) holiday memories.
My first year of college, I needed a place to spend time for the holidays, and a friend of mine and his brother invited me to spend it with their family.  Now he's my husband, and they're my in-laws!

I got in the holiday mood for this contest by . . .
I have to honestly say the cash reward for the winner was a big motivator; however, I just thought about what people love about the holidays and about my college friends who had some of the tackiest Christmas sweaters.  How great would it be to be able to share our Christmas spirit and warmth by wrapping the whole world up in one of our sweaters?

Why is your card the perfect choice for anyone sending holiday cards this season?
Why my card?  Well, who doesn't love tacky holiday sweaters?  I think the card is a good visualization for about anybody, but it also follows the (RED) campaign purpose by sharing warmth and cheer with the whole world this holiday season.

Tell us (and the world) a little bit about yourself.
My favorite things to do are make lists, sleep, drink coffee, sing, and help people.  My least favorite things are lying, the phrase "I'm not gonna lie" and potential jobs that leave you hanging and don't tell  you they're not going to hire you.  And . . . I'm a little OCD about needing peppermint chapstick at all times and lotion after washing my hands.


Leah said...

Just so everyone knows: the text "Warm Holiday Wishes" has been made larger on the actual cards than it appears here.

Metropuritan Mark said...


I love the card! Very creative- I would definitely buy this if I saw it in the store.

Paula Curran said...


Fun card. Like how you've made a cliché fresh.

Kaylene said...

Leah! This card is so precious. I love the concept of hugging the world in a cozy holiday sweater.

Nicole said...

Very nice!

30 days ago said...

Very sweet!
I'm totally with you on the potential jobs that leave you hanging.

Alex said...

This card is super cute! You just got me in the holiday spirit! I'm gonna dig out my sweaters! (and maybe steal my Grandma's too...but don't tell.)

alexando79 said...

very original idea. i don't know why but it reminds me of an easter egg. i know why because i am special.

Bobby said...

Sooo many thoughts go through my head when I see that card....Very nice!

I'd buy it for sure. Classy.

Sung said...

The concept of the card is great and relevant for holiday season. I can see your warm heart through this card design. Nice job!

Megg said...


your card is wonderful. It definitely has a sweet concept behind it...and I adore that sweater. I hope hallmark brands and sells that sweater after you win the competition. :)

I'm very proud of you dear!

Shanae said...

Leah! Congrats on the card, of course you have my vote. I agree that the sweater is super cute, I would sport it out here in LA, even if it's not snowing and cold, people still love the holidays! Good luck!

East Asia Team said...

Nice work, Leah! You got my vote.

Sara said...

Your card is adorable! It gets me in the mood for the Holidays!

Good Luck!