Monday, August 31, 2009

Announcing Our Newest Contest...Birthday His Way!

Now you're all in on the secret. And we're glad. We didn't think we could hold it in much longer.

Birthday His Way is your chance to whip up a birthday card that's just for the guys. You need not be a guy to enter, although you can be. We're not exclusive. And since all guys are different, feel free to enter a card that's funny, sweet, celebratory or irreverent. Take your pick.

Whatever you do, get your card in before it's too late. We'll accept submissions from 12:00 a.m., CT Monday, September 7 through 11:59 p.m., CT Sunday, September 20. No squeakin' in after the deadline, either.

Just in case you're the curious sort and want to see a little further into the future, have a look-see at the rest of the Birthday His Way contest dates:

Online Winners Announced: 11/2/09

Buy Online: 11/2/09

In-Store Winners Announced: 4/19/09

Buy In Stores: 6/21/10

Please, oh please don't think twice about asking any questions you've got about the contest in the comments section of this here blog entry. I'm here to help (and do other stuff).

Monday, August 24, 2009

Preview Upcoming Contests

Is anyone curious about what our next contest will be? How about our next three contests? We know, the suspense is killer. Soon, though, you won't have to deal with the delayed gratification.

As part of our spectacular new website, we'll be sharing three contest themes at a time with you. That way, you'll be able to look ahead and prepare for upcoming contests (at least mentally). You'll have the corner on the contest market, so to speak. We hope that's good news to those of you who like to plan ahead.

Monday, August 17, 2009

More Behind the Scenes

This is the place for behind-the-scenes contest action. We share the 411 on entering, judging, Hallmark shenanigans, and the like. And from now on, we're making a pledge to share even more with you. When our fancy, schmancy new site goes live in September (Have we mentioned how excited we are about said site?), we'll even be streaming the blog straight to the homepage so you won't miss any goings-on.

Oh, and the blog isn't the only place we're giving you a peek behind the curtain. You can also stay up-to-the-minute on the yourGreeting Card Competition Facebook page and by following us on Twitter.

Monday, August 10, 2009

In the News

Finalists and winners in our card contests have been making the news since the very beginning. T.V. and radio stations and newspapers are eager to share the story of their local winners. Who wouldn't want to share that good news?

Starting in September, there will be an easy, one-stop place on our site that features all the fun contest stories floating around in the media. It's called "In the News." If you're a winner and your local paper publishes a story about you, share it with us so we can share it with the world! And if we catch wind of your story before we hear from you, we'll post it straight away. It's just another fun way of cheering on our winners and enjoying everyone's success.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Repeat Card Stars - More Fame and Attention

We know we've got a few overachievers participating in our contests. Know how we know? We've had repeat winners, people who tasted sweet greeting card glory and had to come back for more. And we're glad they did come back with their creativity and brainy card ideas.

YOU could be among the overachievers, or, as we like to call them, "Repeat Card Stars." If you win more than one contest, we'll feature you in a special spot on our site reserved for the cream of the card crop. Prepare to make a few people envious.