Thursday, May 1, 2008

More fun? Are we kidding you?

No. We take our fun seriously around here. And that is why we are, in fact, kicking off the summertime trifecta of fun!

1. "Shameless Self-Promotion!" We've invited all the YourPets finalists to contribute blogs explaining why they deserve to win this competition. Sixteen guest bloggers took the bait, and their stories range from funny to quirky to absolutely heartwarming.

You'll look at these pets a little differently when you hear their special stories. Wonder if some new frontrunners will emerge?

Here's how we decided who's on first...and second... and third...etc.

2. "Funny, But No Thank You!" You asked for it, we listened, you got it. Several bloggers have asked to see the cards that didn't quite make the finalist cut. We aim to please, so we'll be posting five non-winning entries every Monday. Vote for the best. Wince at the rest. (We'll announce these voting results every Friday.)

Note to those featured in Funny, But No Thank You: It's a badge of honor around here to have an idea deemed Funny, But No. (See Judgy's April 30 post for a brief history of this beloved tradition and a link to the Shoebox blog,) It's just for fun, and you know we love you all. These, too, will be selected completely at random so it's the luck of the draw on the 5 we show each week.

3. "Pet Puzzlers!" To reward our loyal voting public, and to attract more citizens to our lively community, we're adding a weekly game to our site. Every Wednesday, we'll post three or four images. Your job: Study the images and find the pet finalist photos they belong to.

Difficulty will range from "well, duh" to "curse you, LoneExWhy!" (He's the lovable tormentor creating the puzzles.)

We'll post the answers in the blog's Comments section on the Tuesday after each puzzle appears. (So when you figure it out, please keep it to yourselves. Or else it will be like opening the Highlights magazine in the doctor's office and seeing that someone has circled all the hidden pictures, Grrr!)


cockeyedmosquito said...

What should we do
If we’re in that black hole
With the Funny*ness crowd
Labeled Funny But No?

Do we sit and we scheme?
Or just languish in dreams?
Pretend we’re not there?
So as not to despair?

But then we could wish
It’d be fun to where
Those silly odd cards
Are stuck in the air

Of nothingness really
Of being too silly
Imagining some range
Where subject could change!

Blogden Nash said...

"Funny but no" shouldn't mess up your day.
Check out some more things our editors say:
"Too awkward." "Too wordy."
"Too lofty." "Too mean."
"This card has the worst meter
I've ever seen."
"No one would say this."
"This sounds really old."
"We tried this one time
and the card never sold."
Our FBN heroes should hold their heads high
for giving this contest the old college try!

cockeyedmosquito said...

Aha, I appreciate it
Your words of the wise
Makes sense to me
That I may not arise

To the chamber of “No”
When they show their faces
I’ll just have to accept it
With dignity & graces

But I’ll still wonder about it
Being in such an abyss
With loopy companions
That all hate to miss

I’ll be plotting & planning
For the next go-round
With meticulous hindsight
Learned from a real clown

poeticfisherman said...

I've said this before
I'll say it again,
This contest was fun
Though I did not win.
I am proud to be
In the funny but no,
It's not every day
I've been this happy, so....
I will place this chapter
In the past and try,
To work even harder
In the next contest; why?
Because fun is something
We don't seize enough
Like everything else
Good times come with the tough!

Sandideer said...


You're right when you say,
Good times with the tough,
Got a call from my boss,
it was quite rough.

Was laid off last week,
works been real slow,
I won't be called back,
till when I don't know.

Don't put all your eggs,
in one basket they say,
Coz there won't be no chicks,
if the hen flys away.

Looks like I get to start job hunting next week,,,it's been nice blogging.Good luck to everyone!
Took me 50 years to be able to buy my first house,,,gotta keep it!

cockeyedmosquito said...

I’m so sad to hear Sandideer
Of the setback you’re going through
Losing your job is possibly bad
But when you consider what’s new
You could find out there’s better out there
A career much better for you!

Here’s hoping the best in your quest
Of changing what you do
With your sense of humor (that isn’t rumor)
You’ll manage to find a new crew
That best fits your mold, to have & to hold
Good luck, best wishes, adieu!

poeticfisherman said...

That's terrible but the economy is really tough, right now. I don't know how it is in other places but with gas nearing $4.00 and the price of a gallon of milk at nearly $6 (where I am), things look to only get worse. But, you know what they say, "things get worse before they get better." Here's hoping things are better for you, soon.

Good luck in your job hunt.

Sandideer said...

Thanks for your support everybody, and I will keep in mind
what my precious Hallmark
Grandma would always say...." Keep your chins up...things will get better."
Coz you know when you get middle aged a person sometimes acquires another chin....haha.

Oh my..I AM getting another one!

I wonder what is in store for me now?It won't be the first time I put myself in Gods hands...

cockeyedmosquito said...

In a far-away land called Hallmark
There’s excitement with cheering & glee
It’s really just like a circus
For all the people to see

It is a circus with 3-rings & tent
The crowd is really cheering
The price to get in is to use your pen
For creating, writing & steering

Yourself to the place where you show your face
Your creation is magically accepted
The people will cheer but some will just jeer
Because they were simply rejected

Ring 1 was thrilling with all that color
The Red show produced a “fat cat”
Word got around all about the town
And the others began to bat

In Ring 2 going on, there’s still much acting
With all of the Pets having fun
Showing off their special antics
All to become #1

Ring 3 shows the clowns are still playing their games
They’re Funny, hair-brained & mad
With all the commotion you’d think they’d calm down
So most of the people’d be glad

When all of a sudden the spotlight came on
To the center of the ring it focused
There was such a hush in that great crowd
As a loud voice boomed hocus-pocus

The clown dressed in blue took off his shoe
And knocked another one down
But from where I sit down in the pit
He appeared to have a frown

It was quite clear through all that clamor
That something was about the happen
Yes, indeed, the crowd agreed
Through the hush we heard some tappin’

The clowns were covering up Mr. Blue
When in drove a sporty red car
They put him in it & shifted the gears
Which made him leave some tar

Upon closer inspection as he drove around
Things began to change
There wasn’t a clown in that sporty car
Or anywhere else within range

Instead there was a big top hat
And the crack of a whip was heard
The Ringmaster jumped out of his sporty Nash car
And shouted his every word

Ladies & gentlemen, I welcome you here
Please take your seats as the fun times are near
This circus is grand & we’re making a splash
All over the town & my name’s Blogden Nash!

The pit for me made it hard to see
I’d had lots of cokes so had to go pee
But as I looked up high through the bright light
Judgy & Elf came into my sight

A standing ovation for the king & queens
Ensued with a great big applause
The crowd wanted more of exactly the same
All together they chanted, “Don’t pause!!!”

Blogden Nash said...

Hi everyone. Tried to write this in rhyme but some days we have it and some days we don't. :-)

Anyway, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts (happy and sad) here.

Poeticfisherman, I can see where you got our nickname. Keep 'em coming.

And Cockeyedmosquito, don't stop now--you're on a roll! Not sure if Judgy will be ok with my promotion to ringmaster...only time will tell.

Sandi, we're keeping you on our minds as you start your job search. I agree with the others that good things are on the horizon for you. (Also, your grandma sounds like mine. She used to say, "Don't say goodbye. Just say toodle-oo.")

Right there with you on the chins, btw.

Happy Weekend!

cockeyedmosquito said...

The circus must go on, I said
As I sat there in the pit
The clowns were behaving badly
It made me want to spit

One of them saw me sitting there
And with a gleam in her eye, she said
Don’t know if you know the truth of things
And I was beginning to dread

Her summation of the clown events
That happened earlier today
Was just a bunch of hogwash
She said without delay

What do you mean by that, I asked
Trepidation in my soul
She said that Blogden Nash was bad
He stole the spotlight pole

Spotlight pole, I posed
I do not understand
Whatever are you talking about?
But then I heard the band

Too noisy to hear the joker’s speech
I sat there in the dark
The thunder started up as well
It was raining at Hallmark

The “Ringmaster” then appeared
And quieted the crowd
I listened with expectation
As She hollered very loud

Oh my goodness, I thought
As I began to vent
Is there more than one “Ringmaster” here
In this Hallmark circus tent?

The clown came back to me
And finished up her story
Explaining that the real McCoy
Was there in all her glory

Ladies & gents, she said
With clarity in her voice
My name’s Judgy Judgerson
& I’m your Ring-mistress of choice

To prove it, she said,
I’ll bring back that clown
He’s up there right now
But he’d better come down

Nash was hanging by his heels
Upon the highest trapeze
He was swinging to and fro
But there wasn’t any breeze

Now high upon the platform stand
He began his slow descent
To bow before me and all of you
He’ll remain just a mere clown-gent

Gone is the day when he was Ringmaster
But he said that’s okay with him
As Ring-mistress Judgy Judgerson leads
He’s not likely to go out on a limb

Sandideer said...

I love coming here to the blog and reading the poems, such inspiration!!.

I've written poems since I could write... how long have all of you been doing it? what do you suppose drives us to do it?I wanted to be a country western singer when I was about Mom was always singing Patsy Cline songs....maybe thats all it is!
Songs are poems of the heart, and poems are songs of the soul.
And in a Shoebox card...a poem is the marrow of your funnybone!

Keep it up you guys, you crack me up!!

I could be whining and crying,
about losing my job and my income,
instead I am going to look forward,
to do something new and to learn some.

Silvio said...

Hallmark--give Sandi a job! She's a good writer, and I bet once in a while she can write un-iambic pentameter! Her card in the Funny*ness is really funny and creative--kind of the unexpected instead of the same ol' same ol'. Do it!!!

Regardless, good luck Sandi. I'm trying to find a new job myself, but I do have one now. Sorry you're having to start over from square one, but I'm shooting at you with my good vibe gun. It's a good thing--it only shoots rainbows and positive energy.

Sandideer said...

Thanks Silvio!! That shot did me some good...going to wake up tomorrow with a new ambition!(If you only knew what my 53 years have been like so far!! Maybe I should write a book)I didn't know there were so many hills to climb...but I see another so here I go!.
Thank you again to everyone for your encouraging words!

Silvio said...

Here you go, Sandideer--

I don't know if that worked. Go to, then look on the bottom of that page and look at Careers. Do it!!! I'll feed your horse while you're gone on the interview. It will take me about 16 hours to get to your house, though.

Silvio said...

Hey--with your iambic pentameter (needs a "little" work, but not much--NO OFFENSE MEANT), why don't you try your hand at writing kids' books???? Like with your horses? They can be the characters? And then you can work in the whole "challenges happen, but don't give up-- get back in the saddle and go on with yo' bad self and rock it, girl." ????????

The painted pony went to town
He was sad and was so down
Blah blah...blah de blah
(I'm HORRIBLE at it.)

Just a thought.

But DO IT.

Sandideer said...


Well I did write a kids book! You must be psychic! It is called" The World is Your Oyster".I had it made in a hard bound copy and gave it to my neice.I never sent it out to anyone because I used graphics from Printmaster to illustrate it.
I don't have a college education or many resources to create...but it was something I did to prove to myself I could do it!Kinda like this card contest.!!
Cripes I didn't even know what an Iambic pentameter was..had to go look it up for cryin' out loud.

And thanks for the link..I will revisit it!And I don't mind critisism at only helps a person improve!I am not so down and out but always looking up.!
I was at the Hallmark counter today after picking up some work applications.The musical and recordable ones are great for Mothers Day.My Mom died of cancer two years ago so I picked one for my boyfriends Mom.It is the one with the hen on the cover and it says " to the Woman who rules the roost" and it plays the Chicken Dance when you open it up.I can see us already as we give it to her...and as we break into our own version of the Chicken dance when she opens it..I can't wait till Sunday.I love watching people open cards in the Hallmark aisle..what a place to go when you need some cheering up!

Sandideer said...

My Grandpa always told us,
this joke on Mothers Day.
He liked to make us giggle,
in his own peculiar way.
He saidthe day that he was born,
Bill was to be his name.
He said he told his Mom that day ,
that it really was quite lame.
He told her he didn't like it,
that the name was quite a cut,
because a bill is what a duck used,
to fluff the feathers on it's butt.

hahaahh lol...I hope that didn't offend anyone...
Happy Mothers Day everyone.!

cockeyedmosquito said...

Judgy, Blogden, Elf & KC
You’re clever with all your wit
As Hallmark’s team, you have a big key
Which takes talent, brains & grit

It’s easy to get sidetracked
As we wait & we blog
You judges have the hard part
Staying out of this smog

Made up by the bloggers
In all our spare time
It’s silly & hairbrained
And is not worth a dime

Judges stay focused
On each & every theme
This contest couldn’t be better
Each judge has their own steam

You work so hard & do your best
It’s obvious with all you’ve done
Judges need rest in this whole test
So you, too, can have lots of fun

For news of the match
The bloggers will fret
We’ll rant & we’ll rave
But we still have to sweat

All in good time
The news will come out
Those that win
Most likely will shout

With thanks for your faith
In what’s just & precise
You judges have courage
So will continually entice

Those that compete
In the system to trust
Continue to dream
So our brains don’t rust

Blogden Nash said...

The small, but mighty, judging team
thanks you for the props.
(We really try to do our best
as greeting contest cops.)

You make our interactive world
a lot more fun to work in.
That's why we keep on keepin' on
instead of simply shirkin'.

Ok, that last stanza is terrible, but you get the idea.
We appreciate every fun-loving commenter who takes the time to post. Good luck to everyone!

cockeyedmosquito said...

You’re tired
Better rest
Forget blog
The pest
You make our interactive world
A lot more fun & not burled
That’s why we keep on burpin’
Instead of simply shirkin’
Actually liked yours better :-)

Dialien said...

Hello Everyone,
Cockeyed, I am enjoying your wit,
poeticfisherman enjoying yours also and sandideer I am enjoying your blog-good luck with your job search. Well, I actually made it to the Funny but No-tee hee. I can understand why since my nephew at college said my card was corney-ha.
I have the parrotchute card-that's my 45 year old bird-(I have had him for 30 years). He was quite excited when I told him he was on the internet-well at least he seemed excited. This is really fun good luck to everyone! I am really getting attached to some of the pets in the pets contest! And the funnies are getting funnier.
I love the shoebox site, everyone should check it out.
I am terrible at writing, but let me try a rhyme. This contest was the best. -(well it's a start lol)

Sandideer said...

To my fellow bloggers and judges:

I just wanted to say I enjoy reading your poems,I envy your wit and imagination...! Cockeyed..your circus poem is awesome.
I sign on to read my email and vote each is becoming a ritual but a good one.! Absolute fodder for the brain...thanks for letting me express myself!

cockeyedmosquito said...

It warms my heart that you’d take the time
To communicate with me
Regarding my poems with all their errors
That all can clearly see

It started out when I first sent my card
To the challenge of Hallmark YourPets
Didn’t do a rhyme at that time
And I wasn’t placing any bets

That I’d be a hit or even come close
As I hurriedly sent my card in
Didn’t take the time to totally refine
The photo with the words to win

My entry changed but still wasn’t in range
So when the Funny*ness set was chosen
The “cops” picked the best & cut the rest
And mine was evidently frozen

I liked dialien’s blog about her parrot
That the “greeting contest cops” found
To fit right in with the Funny, But No
And now is on top of the mound!

Sandideer always brings cheer
To whomever she blogs about
It’s a joy to read and then to feed
On her words without a pout

poeticfisherman said...

Oh to be in the "funny but no"
Is, indeed, a wonderful feat
Each time we let creativity show
We're able to do something neat
It takes a skill that not everyone holds
To write the words that others' feel
When placed on a card, the magic unfolds
Creating a memory that's real.

With each witty sentiment, character shines
In each word, a view from the heart
A piece of our fabric in well-crafted lines
Ideas that set our lives apart
From those who enjoy the verses we pen -
The ones who thank us for our gift
"Funny*ness," we may not have been meant to win
But, we still bring others a lift.

Sandideer said...

Wow.... spent all day in the garden, nothing like crawling around in the dirt to make you feel alive!!

There once was a man named Poetic,
whos' writing was very prophetic.
His words dance with rhyme,
and they keep perfect time,
And he speaks with the heart of his lyrics.

I absolutely Love reading everyones poems...!

Here is one all you Moms can relate to...if you have a son who thinks he is COOL! ( Mine is 26 and this happened to a buddy of his.!!)

He struts into the classroom,
on his first day back to school.
He knew the babes would notice,
that he was dressed so cool.

Blue-eyed stares is what he got,
He had the fashion knack,
But what he didn't know won't hurt him,
Moms undies stuck to his back.!

Happy Mothers Day to all you Mom with cool kids!

poeticfisherman said...


Thanks for the little poem, but this "poeticfisherman" is all girl, dear! HA!

For the Moms, here's a verse from one of my latest Mother's Day
poems. Happy Mother's Day, one and all....

"My dearest Mother, I’m glad you are near
You form the foundation for hope and grace
You’ve made each worry I’ve had disappear
With your kind soul and the smile on your face
Whether you’re home or share love from afar
I have never doubted I am number one
On this Mother’s Day, Mom, you are the star
May your special times shine brighter than the sun."

Sandideer said...


There I go assuming things,
excuse me if you can!
The last three letters in your name,
got me thinking you're a man.

But you informed me you're a girl,
A poetic female,head to toe!
I'm glad that you corrected me,
It's really nice to know.

It's best to keep my mouth shut
and let people think I'm wrong,
than to open it and remove all doubt,
and prove I'm a ding-dong..

Forgive me Poetic Fisher---Woman!!

( Hey I like to fish too!!!)

...and Now for something completely serious too.

To my son on Mothers Day:

The day that I delivered you,
was to be a time of joy.
I knew that I'd be giving birth, to a bouncing baby boy.
But the doctor said "There's trouble.
We'll have to put you out.
Your baby is in some distress,
and we'll have to get him out."

I woke up hours later,
with my son right by my side,
I missed the miracle of birth,
But I was filled with pride.

I counted all his toes and fingers
they were thankfully all there.
God knew I didn't need to see,
my little one appear!

He trusted me to give him life,
he was perfect in every way,
My baby made me what I never was,
a Mom on Mothers Day!

Blogden Nash said...

Happy Mother's Day, Everyone!

Here's to each of you for all the TLC you give to the creatures (human, feline, canine, avian, piscine, and small mammalian) in your care!

So much of the world's love begins at home, thanks to generous, sweet moms like you.

And today, we hope you'll get all the hugs, snuggles, smiles, purrs, woofs, and nuzzles you deserve!

poeticfisherman said...

Don't worry a minute about the confusion and there's no apology needed; I keep the angle for a "sense of mystery" in my line of work.

Thanks for the Happy Mother's Day wishes. I could not have written the sentiments you have cited any better myself.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone.

Sandideer said...

Thanks for the cudos Blogden Nash,
The moms of the world had our day,
Our kids came to us with flowers and gifts,
hugs and kisses- the whole big array.

Did you hear that sound,
it caused quite a stir,
it made us run into the yard,
Was the sound of mothers all over the world,
opening millions of great Hallmark cards!


In memory of my own Mom who died of cancer 2 years ago and my Grandma this March.I miss you so much.

cockeyedmosquito said...

We’re very excited – I have to write this
About our geese family so sweet
There’s honking, excitement & absolute bliss
And the parents allowed us to meet

Their gosling babies – triplets are there
First day in the light of the sun
Mom & dad did broadcast & share
And help their babies have fun

They’re resting now and taking a nap
After a morning of swimming around
Learning so much – it was a snap
But they need their rest on the ground

I am sad to say one egg did not hatch
It lies right outside of the nest
It’s heartbreaking to see it in the thatch
And not celebrating with all the rest

Of the clutch that came forth to breathe the air
And Mrs. Goose nurtured her best
In coddling her eggs with tender care
Mr. Goose kept away every pest

We mourn the large egg – at nature we cry
And it makes us wonder about
Why some eggs make it & others do die
For all this we ponder, not shout

In God we trust and thank him for
His beautiful creatures, we treasure
We cannot ask for any more
He rewards us each with due measure

When the little ones awake & grow so fast
Our hearts will beat with much glee
We watch & marvel & think of the vast
Wide world they’ll explore – they’ll be free!

Sandideer said...

That was beautiful Cockeyed!!..made me feel like I was right there watching them splash and discover their feet for the first time...I love spring!
I watched a black bear walk the edge of the woods this morning...what a sight! The horses were a bit nervous! Good thing the bear was far enough away from the pasture!

Now about that unhatched egg...

The unhatched egg abandoned,
near the empty nest.
Sits in silent limbo,
it didn't join the rest.

Sometimes some eggs are needing,
a bit more time to grow,
They need the strength to open,
and will with much gusto!

We humans are quite like that,
some of us hardboiled,
and some eggs are simply quite content,
to sit while others toil.

Some eggs are soft,some eggs are hard,
some are definately cracked,
But eggs can be their very best
When they're allowed to hatch.

Don't give up on that egg yet!!

cockeyedmosquito said...

Sandideer, your poem was funny
Giving eggs an in-depth version
Very creative and to the point
For me t’was a great diversion

You’re so fine with all your thoughts
About a different kind of egg
I wish it were true that I weren’t blue
Concerning the one that was laid

Because, you see, it’s already gone
The muskrats have seen to that
Somehow it’s now beneath the water
And nowhere near where it sat

Guess that’s God’s way of showing
With love He takes care of his own
It’s buried now in goose heaven
We need not to worry or moan

Sandideer said...

awwwwwwwwww..Too bad Cockeyed about the egg.,
I'd hoped for a happy ending.
One more gosling in the nest,
it's hatch was still impending.

So the egg was destined not to hatch,
no matter how hopeful it looked.
So from the very day that egg was laid,
His little goose was cooked!

sorry..couldn't help it!

cockeyedmosquito said...

You are awful, I must say
But then I know it’s just a play
On the words that we have shared
For everyone who may have cared

Now the wood ducks are parading
And they’re not masquerading
They, too, are merely waiting
To see what happened from their mating

Soon little ducks will be in a row
Scattering about to and fro
Mom & dad will watch them so
Till they eat so much, they grow!

This poem is trite
But with all my might
I won’t say more
And continue to bore

Sandideer said...

Your poetry is not a bore,
We like your lovely springtime lore,
so hurry, hurry write some more,
what else do you have in store?

My poems are sometimes short
My poems are sometimes sweet,
but some end in a punchline,
that makes people hit delete.

Sandideer said...


The earth awakens, yawn and stretch,
quietly takes off her icy gown,
Drapes herself with warmed west winds,
and rays from the suns' shiny crown.

Tractors turning winters' blanket under,
Springs' fresh sheets snapping in the wind.
Leaves strain to escape wooden cages,
Flowers arranging petals now unpinned.

Seeds swelling in the moist earth,
the suns' soft gaze coaxing them out,
Peeking their heads from under the soil,
Gentle rains awakening young sprouts.

Lovesick birds flit in lofty boughs,
Courtship dances, feathery rites.
Empty nests swept out and readied,
For a stream of endless flights.

poeticfisherman said...

Seeing your "yawn and stretch" line made me want to share my "Good Morning" poem. I wrote this poem, last June, and it has had over 10,000 views at my website, since then. Why, I'm not sure, but I hope you (and Cockeyed) enjoy it, anyhow.

Good morning, as you rise and shine
Another day in life is here
The hour has come to redefine
Your journey ‘cross the wild frontier
Beneath a sky, in cobalt hue
You’ll stroll along your merry route
While I hope all the best for you
As you continue your pursuit.

Good morning, as the moonlight fades
And you begin your daily chores
The dawn is bright; open the shades
Then, dream until each wish is yours
Throughout the day, you’ll move in stride
As I hold your heart in each prayer
Every time that you look outside
You’ll know that I am waiting there.

Good morning, as you greet the world
Once more, your life begins anew
A fresh beginning has unfurled
And brought your goals within your view
While you seek to embrace your dreams
I’ll wish you well, ‘til day is done
I’ll keep you safe, beneath my beams
Have a great day! Regards, the sun.

Sandideer said...

That was absolutely beautiful and uplifting I read it I thought maybe they were the kind words of encourgement from God ...but then saw at the end..the SUN.It could be taken either way!
If you don't mind I would like to print that out and put it on my wall in my sunroom!
What a nice way to start my day! THANKS

poeticfisherman said...


Sure. Please feel free to print it. This poem has been posted in so many places, all over the web, retrieved and e-mailed from my website to be placed in various spots, including many blogs and on many different pages at MySpace. I never dreamed it would have 10,000 hits in less than a year and it's funny, in the thousand or so poems I've written in the last 5 years, I wouldn't put this poem in the top 10 best. I am my worst critic, though.


cockeyedmosquito said...

So many poet lines I meet
When visiting this site
Simply take me off my feet
They give me much delight

It’s never been a thing I’d greet
Because with all my might
I’ve just avoided verse so sweet
And kept it from my sight

It’s not a thing I like to see
As I mostly find it boring
But rhymes like these with my tea
Have become somewhat adoring

To “sandi” & “poetic” both
I applaud your gift to tell
Neither one of you are loath
You write it very well

“Sandideer” did not park
She told us of her prize
In the dark there was a spark
That one could realize

The day would be there very soon
And all of us would know
Some of us would be a loon
Others would be the show

“Poeticfisherman” can write
She does it all the time
Her lyrics grab the reader’s sight
They always always rhyme!

cockeyedmosquito said...

When these contests first began
I wasn’t aware of it then
It wasn’t until YourPets ran
That I became “has been”

When “Judgy” did lots of writing
On this fun historic blog
She kept everyone from fighting
And you’d never see her flog

Her inspiring words, received so well
Kept everyone in line
Questions asked? She’d always tell
So all would be quite fine

But the contest got so hectic
It seems she had much to do
Colleagues were then handpicked
And they’ve helped to see her through

Never hear from her now
I imagine how busy she is
We all miss her anyhow
As she takes care of the biz

“KC.TBONE” soon entered the scene
With her charm & way of showing
The folks the things that she had seen
To help them with their knowing

The busy days at Hallmark shop
Were full of designs and plans
Once there was even a prop
For those in distant lands

“Judgy’s Little Elf” has shown
Her talents for some rhyming
All this from Hallmark’s throne
April Fool’s Day was the timing

“Blogden” quickly came along
And wrote his skillful lines
Came across like a gong
Announcing “stinker” times

“LoneExWhy” is now in the pie
Creating many puzzles
Everyone’s encouraged to try
And then put on their muzzles

poeticfisherman said...

Before I post this, I will say that I have grown to take rejection very well. Rhyme is a unique realm of writing; some like it, some don't, and everyone is entitled to an opinion. I respect the anti-rhyme opinions.

I've had my successes; I, like everyone else, have seen the rejection letters, which I frame for the humor and I still enjoy rhyme. Rhyme is something that comes easily to me and is something that has brought me much happiness. It is something I dearly enjoy sharing with all of you and I'm glad, through the discussions, some who maybe weren't poetry fans are becoming such. In this day and age, poetry needs all the support it can muster!

Everything said, here is a poem in reference to the "naysayers" of rhyme and a glimpse into why I do what I do.

Thanks to all of you for sharing your poems. I love them all!

“Rhyme simply doesn’t flow as well”
The rejection notes quoted
They took the time to stop and tell
Free verse was how they voted
And yet, rhyme comes the easiest
It makes more sense, no question
Some might say rhyme’s the cheesiest
But, it is my obsession

At times, my mind has struggled
To grasp a free-verse view
The meaning of the writer
Seemed lost; I had no clue
How to accept the purpose
Of the words on the page
After all, we are all rhymers
From a very young age

Rhymes are in the children’s books
Rhyme used to be in school
Rhymes helped us with the tests we took
Rhymes are an awesome tool
A gift that some are blessed to share
Given to us at birth
Regardless of those who don’t care
To see rhyme for its worth.

Sandideer said...

I'm going to spill the reason.
I make my thinking rhyme,
It's something that's been with me,
and will stay for a long time.

I wrote this for Dale Carnegie,
I took a 12 week course.
It cracked the shell around me,
Now I speak with no remorse.

Young Poet Crushed

On Friday my sixth grade teacher said,
there would be a poetry contest!
The winner would get a bicycle,
if their poem was picked the best.

Our poems would be read on the radio,
Tuesday, the announcer would pick the poem,
That best fit the contest theme,
of "Home Sweet Home".

I ran home from school excited,
and on my Big Chief tablet lines,
wrote what my heart was thinking,
I made a poem so fine.

I wrote of our big family,
and how Grandma kept us knit,
all together like a hand stitched quilt,
and how nice our pieces fit.

Tuesday ,I sat breathlessly,
He read our poems one by one,
but he didn't read my poem at all,
and then the show was done.

I waited till my classmates
and I walked up to Ms. Clements' chair.
with teary eyes I asked her why,
my poem hadn't been read on the air.

She sneered at me and shook her head,
and what she said made my heart crash,
She said,"You couldn't have written a poem
that good,

All I can say is if you're a teacher,
and a student seems too fine,
don't throw away that little rock,
before that diamond shines.

awwww.. I can just see Ms Clements today..on that pink Scwhinn bicycle I never got to win, pink streamers fluttering, but not from her handlebars...heehee

oops sorry.

poeticfisherman said...

Ah....sixth grade; those were the days. It was my sixth grade teacher who proved to me how enjoyable reading poetry could be and those little poetry assignments were life-changing.
When I wrote and published my books, both books were dedicated to former teachers. The first was dedicated to my sixth grade teacher; the second, to my second grade teacher who had published my little story in the school paper. The subject was about a snake eating a fish (The boys loved it; the girls became a bit ill). Fortunately, both teachers are still living and I am in contact with them, via e-mail, at least once a week.
I'm originally from a very small village in Ohio and for these women to receive such recognition has been an amazing experience for them and a heartwarming one for myself, as well. There's such an inner feeling of good when we have the ability to write something that moves another's heart to joy or tears.

cockeyedmosquito said...

Sandi & poetic … both of your stories are heartwarming in their own way. We all knew nursery rhymes in those early days. I have a memory from when I started first grade (no kindergarten in those days). I had learned a poem from my parents (I think that’s where I learned it). In any event, I recited it for my class but I don’t remember the particulars of the situation. Somehow I was selected to “read” the poem over the radio. I, too, lived in a small town (it’s not small now but was then). So very excitedly I recited the poem over the radio and when I was finished, one of the ladies at the radio station said she was so amazed that I knew how to read and that I did it well. I just held the written paper and smiled (because I hadn’t learned how to read yet!). I still remember the poem but don’t know if it’s an authentic poem published somewhere or not (but I always feel somehow it belongs to me). Do either of you know it? Here it is:

There was a little turtle
Who lived in a box
He swam in the puddles
And he climbed on the rocks

He snapped at a mosquito
And he snapped at a flea
He snapped at a minnow
And he snapped at me

He caught the mosquito
And he caught the flea
He caught the minnow
But he didn’t catch me!


Sandideer said...


I did a little"fishing" of my own on the internet and found some of the poems and stories ,books you have published...I applaud you!.You and Cockeyed mosquito are amazing..!Hey Cockeyed..I know that poem about the turtle you just wrote about!!It is so true about being influenced about your writing and poetry as a child...NURTURE< NURTURE< NURTURE!!!Remember that all you teachers!
I thank you for your compliments!
I am having so much fun on here.And thanks to the judges for their encouraging words too and for choosing the card I sent!
I just received the flat of my card! really is real!All autographed and everything!
I am going to get it matted and framed and on the wall next to the pictures of my Grandmother and Mom and Dad before the sun goes down today.( yep I will send a photo!)
They would have been so excited to see it...I know in spirit they are looking down here and saying.."Thats MY GIRL, we knew you could do it!!"
And I know when I am gone it will be something my son can put on his wall and say..THATS my MOM!"
Thanks Hallmark!
I am so proud to be going into one of those Shoebox slots!!

Hey, this pretty much makes up for never getting that pretty pink 3 speed Schwinn...almost!
I still want that bike!It had a basket and everything...golly.

cockeyedmosquito said...

Sandi -- Because you know that poem, too, it prompted me to Google it. Yep ... found it. After all these years, I now know who wrote "The Little Turtle"! The poem was written by Vachel Lindsay!!

poeticfisherman said...


That's a sweet poem. We just had our first case of West Nile virus for this year, here in the Houston area. Avoiding mosquitoes is a good thing.


Finding my work on the Internet is getting easier all of the time. I check, doing a Google search of my name, every couple of weeks and I find my poems on other websites with every search. Not to mention, the half million visitors I've had on my own website.

I'll tell you both that I had 3 years of collaborating with major market radio in Houston. Radio is for the thick-skinned. They'll love your work today and kick you to the curb tomorrow with no thank-yous and no good luck; the behind-the-scenes politics as unbelievable.

I guess that's life, in general, but radio in the big markets is so cookie-cutter with someone in another state dictating everything that is done. I don't miss the headaches of Houston radio, at all. The only ones who suffer are the listeners who must tolerate the cookie-cutter formats. I'm happy to be away from the hassles of major-market radio, at least as it is in Houston.

Since parting from Houston, I've dealt with some smaller radio markets and the difference is like night and day. Small-market guys, while the politics are still the same, have a plan and do their best to stick to it; they're not as bound by corporate heads and the experience is much more enjoyable. I have a couple of magazine publications coming up, too.

As I told those who were saddened over the fact their cards didn't make it, the only thing you can do is say, "Thank you," and either wait for the next contest or move forward. If you can't do that, you'll never make it in the writing or design business. I know it, all too well!