Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion #7: Sandy & Brittany

Hi! My name is Sandy Boucher and I am the proud Mama of Brittany Boucher.

She really is as sweet as she looks! She is the baby of the family with an older poodle "sister" and poodle "brother". Brittany turned 5 on April 22nd and it would be a great belated birthday present to get some extra votes!

Brittany gives "kisses" to everyone....including her dog groomer and vet! Brittany is not a morning girl though! She is the last one out of bed every morning and the first one in bed at night!

Her favorite game is throw the puppy biscuit off the couch and watch my Mama pick it up.

To know Brittany is to love her!!


Sandideer said...

In the house of Boucher
three poodles spend their day,
live with their Mama Sandy,
she loves them in every way.

Two poodle girls, all ribbons and curls,
one spunky poodle boy,
Would it be fair of me to say,
that's one houseful of "toys"?

Sandideer said...

Thats quite a dog you have Sandy,
What I read was quite a groaner!
I've never known a dog that throws,
a dogbone to it's owner!

KC.TBone said...

Boy, oh boy, look at those toenails! :)