Thursday, May 22, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion #9: Jill & Bella

Hi there! I'm Jill Williams and my darling rescue kitty is Bella. You should totally vote for us in this contest!

Bella the Beauty was rescued from a dump site back in July '07. When I met Bella last July, she was in a cage hoping to be a adopted by a loving family. She lucked out! I came along at the right moment and adopted her the day I met her.

After searching for a new companion for quite a few months, Bella exceeded my expectations on the day we met. Her scruffy, skinny body, matted fur and a lone snaggletooth may have deterred most people from giving her a second glance. But once I held her, I knew she would be my new roommate. Now she is spoiled, healthy and has more fur than I know what to do with.

Vote for THE sweetest snaggletooth around!


cockeyedmosquito said...

Bella’s the first finalist I voted for
As she totally stole my heart
You rescued her so royally
You’ve certainly done your part!

Sandideer said...

Bella's first long days on earth,
were spent rummaging in dumps,
for food to fill the empty spot,
her fur matted and clumped.

Rescued from her life of grime,
and put into a cage,
she was taken to a shelter,
her life would turn a page.

It's magic what love and caring does,
when a life becomes respected,
by a person with a heart like Jill's,
who saw more than a cat neglected.

When we look beyond exteriors,
of those that seem so grim.
We start to see the prize inside,
all it takes is love to win.

Way to go Jill....I think she is beautiful!My two cats were rescued too!All because they have no tails!

Bella is a beauty,
her look is kinda frumpy,
But the greatest hearts can hide behind,
the mask of mean and grumpy!

cockeyedmosquito said...

sandideer ...

That’s the best poem I’ve seen you compose
Reminds me of all that my parents chose
To tell us, their children, what matters the most
It’s not what some folks will obviously boast

Beauty runs deeper than the skin that you see
A heart so tender with love is the key
True worth of a person comes from the heart
Love is the ingredient … let’s all do our part

cockeyedmosquito said...

It’s all about Bella
And her face
Sorry for diverting
In her space

But it was about her!
She’s a lovely pet
I would imagine
She could win yet

Jill, you’re great
To put up with her fur
Needs lots of grooming?
I can just hear her purr

I won’t rhyme anymore
A sabbatical I’ll take
It’s warm outside now
I’ll go out & rake

willij said...

Cockeyedmosquito & Sandideer, thank you so much for poems about lil' Bella! I have shared them with my friends. You two sure know how to make a girl and her cat feel special! Thanks for your support and kind words.

Jill & Bella

Sandideer said...

Thank you for your thoughts and poems,
I'm having so much fun,
making sense of all my thoughts,
with my rhyming word jargon.


I went out and raked some too,
and pulled some nasty weeds,
I planted my tomatoes,
now that it might not freeze.

Things are sprouting in my garden,
The radishes and peas,
have poked their heads above the dirt,
to take a peek at me.

I plant sunflowers on the east side,
between the neighbors house and mine,
they turn and face her house each morn,
when the sun begins to shine.

It's my way of being friendly, without saying anything,
coz sometimes the things that you don't say,
are what's worth remembering!

ahhh..... so much fun for free!!!....still no word on a new job.... but I am trying to stay off line during the day for all those phone calls for interviews.! I put three more applications in yesterday!
I haven't had this much time off work in 26 years! So this is what retirement might be'm likin it!

cockeyedmosquito said...

Bella’s mouth slants down with a frown
Somewhat like the grin of a clown
Remindful of famed Emmett Kelly
Who made us laugh from our belly

We know from the look in her eyes
That she could be one of those spys
Glinting like that, with her pupils in slits
Could she be planning a great big ole blitz?

But then with that snaggletooth hanging
She could easily coin the word “fanging”
She’s really in that grand circus at Hallmark
With no problem of being their big spark!

Or does she work with Jack Sparrow?
A pirate-kitty he’d know?
Bet she can run straight as an arrow
Or be in a boat she could row

But then she must know Austin Powers
Before they went up in space towers
I have that great sphynx that came back
Who never did meet up with ole Jack

So the mystery of Bella goes on
She’s appeared here with all of the fun
And I’ll bet she can make a big run
Win the finish line & then be all done!

No … she’d not be finished then
For her face is a perfect “10”
She could be on a cat-food label
And add grace to any cat’s table!