Thursday, May 8, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion #4: Melissa, Chewie & Newie

Hi, I'm Melissa and these are my exceptional chinchillas, Chewie and Newie. You should vote for our card because it's unique! How many chinchillas have you ever seen on a Hallmark card? We also put a lot of hard work into this photo. Take a closer look - the entire scene was meticulously set up for maximum birthday cheer! Chewie and Newie sat through over 80 shots before we got it perfect. They're so exceptional because not many chinchillas would tolerate sitting still and wearing hats for that long! Please help make chinchilla cards instead of chinchilla coats. Vote everyday!


Sandideer said...

Your chinchillas are just darling,
in their fancy party garb,
I bet it was a challenge ,
for them to sit still for your card!

In their spare time what do they do?
Somersaults and back flippers?
or sit quietly in the closet,
and pose as bedroom slippers?

hee hee..A friend of mine had a chinchilla, I was amazed at how light it was when I picked it up.She said that they are very fragile! Amazing that someone would want to make a coat of these little guys! Good luck!

Judgy's Little Elf said...

chinchilla cards, yeah!
chinchilla coats, boo :(

cockeyedmosquito said...

I love chinchillas
I’ve watched them before
At an exhibit with
Patrons at the pet store

The dust rolls they did
As they bathed in the ash
Got everyone’s attention
And it became a big bash

They showed off & rotated
As they cleaned their fur coat
Then hid themselves well
In their big bath boat

Good luck to you
With your perfect little critters
They’ve got to be fun
And are obviously big hitters!

Sharon said...

These two are absolutely adorable. Great job! I can't wait to buy this terrific card at my local Hallmark Store. I look forward to your card's summer debut.

cat godess said...

thanks. this pic just about saved my life. i deserve to freaking die. i only have 1 fur thing, and it is fake. i swear. thank u. chinchillas rule!
dont rhyme,
cat godess

ps: ever heard of gossip girl? this pic reminds me of blair and nate tottalu (i)avoiding eachother. they want to be together, and they cant lose their virginity a second and first time?!