Monday, May 12, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion #5: Amanda & Jack

Hi! My name is Amanda Dunbar and you should vote for me and my dog Jack!

Jack is a 12 pound pomeranian who's a lovable bundle of fur! His favorite past times are going to the park to lay under a tree, chasing after squirrels and peeing on mom's area rug.

He doesn't really love to dress up but this picture is from Halloween. Jack was about 1 of 6 hot dogs at the park that day.

Anyway, thanks again for voting for us and don't forget to stop by daily!


Sandideer said...

pmoavugsA pomeranian named Jack,
wore a hotdog bun on his back.
He looks like a "weiner"
with his happy demeaner,
If he wins it will be quite a payback!

Sandideer said...

hmmm..should have hit PREVIEW..was wondering why the "word verification" letters "pmoavugs" didn't show up before I hit "publish your comment" LOL

I heard my brother say that word while he was throwing up once...