Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Humor is subjective. You know it. We know it. What makes Polly pee in her pants laughing may do nothing for Penelope.

Shoebox has its own humor thing going and even the Shoebox writers and illustrators have stacks (drawers) of not-so-quites and no-ways. And apparently our pastime of laughing at ourselves is shared by others out there -- others who enjoy laughing at what we made that never made it into a card.

Actually, only about 20% of what gets turned in gets accepted and becomes a Shoebox card. On the Shoebox blog, they feature the other 80%.

Go check out some of the funny going on over there. You might get a chuckle. Or two.

Oh and they've even made a couple of videos celebrating that other 80%. Check it: Funny, But No #1,  Valentine's Day, St. Pat's, and even Christmas.

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