Friday, May 2, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion #1: Ashley & Rudy

I am Ashley Howe and our family dog is Rudy! You never have to wonder what Rudy is feeling! You can tell by his cartoon face!

He has a salty, wrinkly happy face, his scared face, his "I am going to kick some butt face", and his "are you sad Mom" face!

Other favorite faces are his "I am not getting up yet" and his "Are you done dressing me up for Hallmark Birthday cards" face! (See Happy Birthday Sunshine to vote!)

Living with Rudy is like living with a cartoon character! Vote for our favorite character today!


Sandideer said...

Hello Ashley,
Your dog is beautiful and it is true that they have expressions!Is he SharPei?My sister had one named Nate..he was a character too!
Here is a poem I made about my stinkers...good luck in the contest!

I have a stinker named Willow,
And another we call Ebony,
Both cats saved from destruction
because of tail deformity.

Willows tail was most likely frozen,
she was born when it was cold outside,
Ebony was bred to have no tail,
because of her color, destined to die.

I've had Ebbie for almost 10 years now,
Willow is just one year old,
you wouldn't believe what goes on here,
when neither of us is at home.

We walk in the door to surprises,
hair ties all over the place,
a house that was neat as a pin,
now looks like an elephant race.

Who the heck needs an alarm clock,
with two cats that can really tell time,
One jumps up in bed and meows "BREAKFAST!"
The other one yelling "LETS DINE"

Life without them would surely be empty,
,A day without pets is so boring,
We need a cat in our bed that is purring
and a dog on the couch that is snoring!

cockeyedmosquito said...

Rudy’s such a beauty from what I can see
He’s got lotsa personality!
Love that face … it’s full of grace
And what a schnoz … it makes you pause
He’s much deserving of many awwwwws!

Sandideer said...

Rudy's face is so expressive,
you can tell when he's happy or sad,
and when his wrinkles disappear,
he is definately MAD.

I hadn't written apoem about Rudy...better late then never!
Good Luck Ashley and Rudy.!