Wednesday, May 7, 2008

YourPets Puzzlers: #1

What's a Pet Puzzler?

Possibly the best game on the whole Internet.

What deep, dark secrets are hiding in the finalist's photos?
Wouldn't you like to know.

Does the fun never stop around here?

No. No, it doesn't.

Here's the first few... good luck!

Here's a clue for Number 1:
Hop to it for some puzzler fun.

Try Number 2 now, Don't be dim.
(Anybody for a swim?)

The third one's really tricky. Yipes!
Who looks svelt in slimming stripes?

Okay! Get busy, pet detectives! Find those snippets in our finalists' photos. And check back here next week for the solutions. (And please, when you find them, keep the answers to yourselves so everyone can play.)


Sandideer said...

There's nothing like a puzzle,
to keep one occupied,
you lose all track of time and space,
and the big old world outside.

When you find the answer,
you think you're pretty smart,
until you try the next one,
and it stumps you from the start.

I love puzzles and riddles!!Keep em" coming!! THANKS!

LoneExWhy said...

Here's this weeks answers:
#1 - A Funny Bunny
#2 - Bella at the Bbeach
#3 - I'll Show You "Pretty Kitty"

Thanks for playing!
New puzzler is posted :)