Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Real Cards! Real Soon!

We are so excited about your cards being printed, "cut," sorted into "gangs" and all of the other hocus pocus they do over in our card factories to translate our ideas into reality, that our little team took a trip to witness the action. We were not disappointed. So cool to see all your work out there in stacks and all gleaming and pretty. They look great. You people made some fine cards.

Look how many there are!! These puppies are being shipped and stocked all over the country in our Gold Crown Stores and lots of other ones, too. They are going to help make some happy birthdays out there, all over the place. Cool, right?

Seeing "behind the scenes" on the card production was like being on our own personal Mr. Rogers episode. Or some reality show about how they make stuff. Except for the fact that it actually was reality.

These are flats used by cool little fork lifts driven around the plant. The woman driving the one we saw was cruising. They didn't let us try it out for a spin. Something about safety codes.

Below is a glamour shot of the warehouse, where all the cards you created get stacked up and ready to ship...TO A STORE NEAR YOU BY MID-JUNE! Yippeee!!

P.S. When is the next competition? Will there be a next competition? What will the next competition be about? Will I win the competition? These questions will all be answered in time. Pretty soon, even.
P.P.S. That's what I've been working on, in case you've missed me. I missed you. :)


Silvio said...

Too groovy.

I have a question for Hallmark.
Am I supposed to rhyme it?
Good God I really don't know.
What's the best way to time it.

He**, I can't do it. I'll leave that to Sandideer!

About the cards--are they only going to be sold in Hallmark stores? There are some drugstores, such as Walgreens, that have a Hallmark sign in the window. So, will they be sold in those stores, as well, or just Hallmarks? All Hallmark stores? If not, is there a list of which stores will carry them?

Just checking and saving my pennies.


KC.TBone said...

Absolutely! Positively!

You'll be able to find them in more than 12,000 stores across the country (includes many chains where you can buy Hallmark products - stores like Wal-Mart, Walgreen's, CVS, Gold Crown Stores, and many many others including grocery stores too!)

We'll get a fancy schmancy store looker-upper up for ya, too, to help out with specific stores that will carry them.

Tomorrow is the big day when we get to see the printed cards in true card format for the first time! We're SO excited!!

spiderprincess said...

Hey Silvio,
Having trouble making a rhyme?
Might help to start with tequila and lime.
It was a good try, and good question too.
Our cards are coming to stores soon....woo-hoo!
They're being made, they're on their way.
And we get 10 free....don't even have to pay!
To the stores they'll arrive soon.
On that magical day in June.
I'll be waiting at Hallmark's door.
I'll get up at 6:00, no 5:00....maybe 4:00.

LOL..this rhyming's kinda fun.
But gotta go cuz dinner is done.
Then go for a walk while there's still some sun.
So I dont end up weighing a ton. Okay I'm REALLY done. Gotta run.

Silvio said...

Sandideer, trust me: you don't want to see anything I come up with after te-kill-ya and lime. All the colors of the rainbow...starting with genuflecting to the Porcelain God**. After someone has pointed me in the general direction. And providing I can even follow directions. And providing I don't argue with the direction-giver, beings that at that time I have by then pronounced myself Athena, and no mere mortal can tell ME where to go to do anything, for I am the gray-eyed Goddess of Wisdom, born fully-armored from the head of Zeus. (Dorky English major in my previous life...sorry.)

But enough about me.

Thanks for the quick response,ye Hallmark dude.

**(Of course, the Porcelain God can easily be interchanged with the Boxwoods in the Front of the House Goddess or the Big Pile of Leaves in the Neighbor's Back Yard Fairy, or the Hey I Think This Looks Like a Good Spot Nymph. Depends, really.)

Sandideer said...


Your Mr. Rogers pictorial tour
of the factory was awesome!( yes, I occasionally watch him because I only get three TV channels here and I would rather watch him than some soap opera!)Guess I would rather learn how socks are made than to learn how to sleep with my exhusbands, brothers, cousin who is really my uncle once married to my mother...( get the drift.?)

To my fellow bloggers,

Your rhymes are what I live for,
I love this interaction,
It make me realize that I,
am not a strange refraction!


your Porcelein God blog had me in stitches,
....thanks for the hearty dose of endorphins......
Reminds me of my cousins wedding ,
I was given some drink in a jar,
And when it was time to go home,
I tried my key in 45 cars.

( They all watched me out the window, teetering about in the parking lot trying my car keys in every car out there
and as I headed for a steep river bank they rescued me and took me home.Good thing there were no video cameras. wholly Molly.
Last time I ever did that!

the durn stuff tasted
like after glass....

KC.TBone said...

You betcha! Great question! We cannot wait!

Today we did what we call a "ship test" which is where we ship the entire card line and the signing and all that jazz to a "fake store" in the building here at Hallmark - just to make sure it arrives just like we planned.

And it did, so we'll be shipping to a store near you very very soon and most of them will have the card line up on the shelf and ready to buy on June 16th (they have to wait until Father's Day is done, you see!)

We have most of the printed cards in our hot little hands right now, it's amazing to see this baby come to life!

Okay, back to the countdown - what are we down to, 25 more days?!? Keep on keepin' on when it comes to the blog, we LOVE LOVE LOVE talkin' to ya!

(And P.S., it's dudette!) haha!


poeticfisherman said...

I love blogging these little rhymes
Each one, reminds me of the times
We used to write for a good grade
We never dreamed we'd have it made
Sharing this little bits of prose
With fellow bloggers and all those
Blessed with a true creative spark
The judges at dear 'ol Hallmark.

To K.C. T-Bone:

So, you are a kind dudette, too
Here's some "girl-talk" from me to you
Blogging these poems is really fun
Some years ago, I once wrote one
It was an ode to menopause
A funny verse it was, because
A woman's life is a whirlwind
Until the battle claims its end!

(Even men can attest to that!!! HA)

Thanks for all the updates! ;-)

cockeyedmosquito said...

In the Hallmark shops very soon
These new cards will be a big boon
I looked for them some time ago
Before I knew the date of the show

Now I can’t wait to see them
All lined up on each rack
It’ll be fun to see the public
Go through this wonderful stack

Looking for a card that suits them
I’ll have a big smile on my face
For I feel so close to the authors
That’ll have their cards in this place

Even tho’ I don’t personally know them
And don’t have a card there myself
I feel that they’re all so worthy
To be placed on the Hallmark shelf

Just holding the card in my hands
Not long after they do arrive
I’ll probably feel like my computer
Has suddenly become alive

I’m planning, for sure, to buy some
For whom yet I do not know
But whatever cards strike my fancy
I’ll know then & be glad when I go

What I wonder now that they’re ready
Is if in the time they’re to be sold
Will the cards that received the most votes
Be the ones that bring in the most gold

Hallmark has done a great favor
For those who have entered & won
And the winners have helped out Hallmark
Cause it looks like they’ll be making a ton

For which all should be so happy
In this difficult day & age
It’s great to see big successes
Hallmark’s ROI should be off the page

And when I think of that mighty little team
That started this whole endeavor
So far as I’m concerned, it's true
I think they’re all extremely clever!

So many have had so much fun
Somehow it’ll be sad when it’s over
But I can’t think of that right now
I’ll just go outside & smell the clover

poeticfisherman said...

Amen, Cockeyed,

Let's bask in the fun of this, while it lasts. I, like so many others, have found such enjoyment. As I've said before, whether our cards are selected in any of the contests or not, it is, indeed, a tremendous honor to submit something to a company as successful as Hallmark.

Sandideer said...

We sharpened pens and pencils,
and then sharpened up our minds,
we conjured up some poems,
and crack-me-up punchlines.

We sent them off to Hallmark,
a greeting card contest,
the public votes will tell them,
which cards are chosen "best!"

The reward is not the money,
or to be on top of the card pile,
Its the laugh, the snort, the snicker,
Heard in Hallmark's card aisle.!

I can't wait till I see all those cards FOR REAL.

Sandideer said...

My card has slipped some notches, in the voting competition,
I better start campaigning, instead of sittin here and wishin'.

Good morning to the Hallmark staff,
It's a sunny day today,
I'm putting on my walking shoes,
to find a job some way.

I kinda like this free time off,
(and getting paid for it to boot!),
but it won't last forever,
I need to make some loot!

Have a great day everyone!

poeticfisherman said...

Good luck in your job hunt, Sandideer.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, everyone.

KC.TBone said...

Your comments and rhymes mean so much.
They add that extra special human touch.
To hear your excitement echoing through,
Makes me shout a loud, WAHOO! :)

(Not bad for my first rhyme post ever, huh? haha)

Happy Memorial Day to all!

Sandideer said...

Your poem is quite delightful,
we love it when you speak.
How many others get to talk,
to the top of Hallmarks heap!?

Have a great weekend!Thanks Poetic and Cockeyed!

Sandideer said...

Hello PoeticFisherman,

I just read your poem Memorial Day and I want you to know how very much I liked it.
Each year I honor my brother Eric,he was a door gunner in a helicopter and was shot down in Quang Tri province in Vietnam in 1973 .He was buried on his 21st birthday and for my father now buried beside him,Dad was a coxwain on the USS Whitney in the Navy..he witnessed some of the very first atomic bomb tests.
I honor all soldiers fallen and alive for helping us keep our freedoms...without their sacrifices where would we be.

Sandideer said...


Taps are slowly echoed
'neath the waving stars and stripes.
A family is crying,
for that stolen life.

One of theirs goes home today
he fought to keep us free,
In this land of milk and honey,
and opportunity.

We sometimes take for granted,
the freedoms that we've gained,
the sacrifices that are made,
to keep this country safe.

The struggle is never ending,
to keep the rights we sought.
Those that live here must respect it,
or the fight is all for naught.

This countrys' doors are open,
you are free to walk right in,
but what truly makes you live here,
Is to become American.

The immigrants who came here,
over a hundred years ago,
came here to seek the freedom,
that they never had before.

They kept their family heritage, but they fly our stripes and stars,
because they found a life of liberty,
on this soil that we call ours.

cockeyedmosquito said...

That’s quite a touching poem you wrote
And certainly it does denote
The sense of duty of your father & brother
For you, your mother & every other
Person who loves our freedoms so dear
We give our patriots a great big cheer

This is weekend we celebrate
But Memorial Day is the date
For remembering so many that we have lost
Who’ve paid the price with the highest cost
For love of country they’ve given their all
Always & forever they stand so tall

In our memories & in our hearts
Our emotions are raw & oh how it smarts
We feel their wounds deep within our souls
Sometimes it feels like we’re stepping on coals
But they wouldn’t want us to feel this way
As we do our work and as we play

So as time goes on & with thanks we pray
For each other and the whole U.S.A.
We trust that our God in whom we believe
Will forever guide us so as not to deceive
As we try to help others less fortunate than we
Understand what it means to really be free

cockeyedmosquito said...

It’d be easy to forget the utter destruction
Of what has happened during construction
Of our nation with liberty where we play
Where we work in America, the U.S.A.

But we must not forget the names & the faces
Belonging to Veterans from many places
All the men & the women whose sacrifices
Bought with so many extremely high prices

All the liberties that we now totally enjoy
Came about as they chose to fully deploy
Or were sent off instead with duty to fight
Reinforcing our troops with all of their might

From the earliest days of the Revolutionary War
Even before that where there were many more
We hold all our patriots in the highest esteem
Until now as we work & even when we dream

This remembering is not just on Memorial Day
With such major focus in a very public way
But in every single day that we have to live
We must thankfully never fail to give

Honor and thanks for this forfeiture of life
Never forgetting their pain & their strife
Every day we thank God & ask him for peace
So that the world’s bickering will finally cease

Sandideer said...

I stood in the Hallmark aisle today,
the variety was vast!
The Fathers Day selections,
were selling very fast.

The Saturdays slots were popular,
I heard many hees and haws,
From the people browsing in that aisle,
as they read each card with cause.

But the one I found most interesting,
Was a woman very old,
she said she came there often,
this is what she told.

She couldn't afford a card that day,
no money did she have.
But she stops and reads them anyway,
when she needs a little laugh.

So Hallmark did you know,
your cards can fill a heart,
without ever leaving the slot they're in,
or being put into a cart.

spiderprincess said...

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I felt bad because I didn't do much today to "remember and appreciate" our vets. Just tried to clean my house, and paint/fix some things. But I decided to take a moment now to at least wish you all on this blog a peaceful day.
I am actually a "vet" myself....served 4 years in the Air Force and was on the honor guard. But never had to go to war. I miss spending Memorial Day dressed up in my fanciest "blues" and recognizing our vets and everything they have (and still do) sacrificed for us and our country.
Hallmark....maybe you should have some kind of "military card contest"? Get people to focus on our soldiers over there fighting for us right now. I don't think they are thought of/appreciated enough....
Thanks~ Tania

poeticfisherman said...

Hi Everyone,
Sorry for being distant, this week. I have a couple of magazine publications of my poetry coming up, soon, and have been busy promoting that. I'm glad everyone had a nice Memorial Day!

Have a terrific weekend and Sandideer, albeit late, I'm glad you liked my Memorial Day poem. I have WWII vets in my family; I'm proud of every one of them.

Sandideer said...

Was wondering where you went Poetic,
your poems, we were missing.
Were you just gosh darn busy?
Or had you just "gone fishing?'

(Couldn't help it.)

Hey everyone... I finally got a line on a starts at $8.00 an hour with a possibility of making up to $13.00..AND it offers insurance and 401K. There are no jobs left anymore better than that.( Unless I want to wade around in animal innards all day..ewww.NOT FOR ME!)
We have over 800 people laid off in the towns around where I live.And the job I found is close enough to drive to without spending my whole paycheck on gas. All the '"good" jobs were taken when the layoffs began 6 months ago.(The company that I worked for has closed 4 of it's divisions already)
So I will have to be working two jobs, one first shift and one part time at night.
I need to practice for my part time job,
so Toodle loo...

Do you want fries with that? you want fries with you.....

poeticfisherman said...

Congrats on the job, Sandideer!
The gas crunch is awful, everywhere. Our unleaded prices in Texas are nearing $4 a gallon and diesel is nearly $5. I read that the prices could go even higher before the summer is over. (It's $11 a gallon in Turkey, so I guess we shouldn't complain too much.)

There's a lot of carpooling going on here, since we're so close to Houston and the traffic is generally nightmarish, anyhow.

"Four dollars a gallon for gas
I always believed these hard times would pass
But, now I'm convinced, they are here to stay
So, arm, leg, and first-born I'm prepared to pay!!!" HA!! ;-)

cockeyedmosquito said...

So, sandideer, it’s very clear
Folks close to here will shout a cheer
Can really tell all wish you well
It is quite swell you are the belle
Have fun & sell & live quite well!

And does your job have corn on cob?
Or do you daub & serve some squab?
Getting you back for your attack
Take the flak & suffer the smack
All because goose egg didn’t crack!

Being sincere, sandideer,
Congrats & best wishes all the year
This isn’t jest … wish you the best
Know you’ve been stressed … now is the test
Leave your nest … work & then rest!

Sandideer said...

My new job of choice will mainly be,
sewing elegant draperies,
for fine hotel chains 'round the world,
it's the perfect job for this ol' girl!

My second job, (when I get it,)
may involve dishes of food,
Either serving them or washing them,
Coz' I can dish it out and take it too


Consider the smack well delivered,
but I know how to serve goose liver,
It's been outlawed in most venues,
but still exists on some menus!

JUST KIDDING..I love animals and wouldn't harm a feather or hair anywhere!Just ask Mr.Mink.He showed up under one of our sheds last November and I can now hand feed him.! He has his own bathtub and place to sleep too! AND he gets along with my cats...we think he escaped from the mink farm up the he has never been in the wild.We figure he was surviving on the cat food I put out for the barn cats. I jokingly told everyone my better half gave me a "fur" for Christmas...just have to grow my own!

We are at $3.98 per gallon right now and my new job is only 10 miles from my house out here in the country! Wahooo!As it is now we don't drive ANYWHERE unless we have a list of things that need to be done on the way..and we have taken the extra money gas is costing us out of our grocery budget.Not many places a person can cut corners anymore!

Life is full of open doors,
new adventures to consume,
But if you lock those doors behind you,
you'll turn into a mushroom.

Now I better get the garden tilled,
or we'll be eating weeds,slightly dilled.

cockeyedmosquito said...

I know that there’s really no need to ask
‘Cause sewing drapes must be quite a task
But indeed I am not at all surprised
Your creative talent they’ve already eyed
The people that hired you are very blessed
As folks reading this have already guessed

We all like to kid & I know you weren’t serious
But sometimes I question if you aren’t delirious
All kidding aside now, for sure you love critters
If we couldn’t tease, we might be dumb quitters
I also love animals; they all are so treasured
They give their best; their worth can’t be measured

poeticfisherman said...

I tell you.... I love children, especially the little ones, but teenagers, some days, I can take or leave. We just had a neighbor jump our fence and do a cannonball in our swimming pool, creating a splash and a noise which nearly scared me to death.

He's lucky my dog wasn't outside. (She was asleep in the bedroom) Sydney is a good dog, but she only loves my family. If anyone else comes into the yard or to the front door, we have to pull her away to either answer the door or to go into the backyard. Even then, she barks the whole time we're outside with the "stranger" and for several minutes after the person leaves. She's an Australian Shepherd mix and the best protector there is.

I have cats, too --- ones that stay indoors, full time, and some that come and go. Animals truly love us when everyone else feels we're unlovable (especially, when teenagers don't see eye to eye with anyone of authority)!

I was once a weekend pet-sitter for a man who had an iguana. I was a teenager, myself, then, and that's a funny story, which I'll share, if you wish to hear it (or read it... HA). With a little thought, I can probably rhyme it.

poeticfisherman said...

Here's my "pet-sitting horror story." Oh... the things we worry about when we're young.

Babysitting Iggy

It was a hot summer and I was fourteen
I babysat pets; some were mild, some were mean
Throughout May and June, dogs much larger than I
And sweet, precious furballs helped the time to fly
It was mid-July, before I even knew
That my life would change in a minute or two
You see, I love pets, as long as blessed with fur
When asked to watch “Iggy,” I was quite unsure.

The knock at the door from his owner sparked fear
I pictured a lizard larger than a mirror
His owner had to travel for just two days
And asked if I’d treat Iggy to my kind ways
My only tasks were to turn on Iggy’s light
Feed him his canned veggies; give him dark at night
Reluctantly, I said I would take the chore –
I called myself crazy, as I shut the door.

Come Saturday morning, with house key in hand
I visited Iggy, just as had been planned
I walked through the door towards the tank in the hall
When I realized Iggy was still rather small
I gave him his light and his vegetables, too
And, before I realized, the weekend was through
His owner was happy and a lesson was learned –
Watching Iggy was easy, as was the cash earned!

Sandideer said...

Poeticfisherman has a swimming pool,
one for laps and divin',
But the teenagers in the neighborhood,
find it fun to jump and splash in!

So Sydney is put outside to guard,
the land of sky blue water,
So the next swan diver in the pool,
just might be turned into a bobber!

hee hee hee

Blogden Nash said...

Whatever happened to Blogden Nash?

To quash any rumors about my recent blogging absence and to help resolve any abandonment issues among our regulars, here's a quick update.

I'm going to summer school! Seriously! I'm returning to my alma mater, the University of Minnesota and will be back at Hallmark after Labor Day. I don't feel like revealing my real age, but the last time I was in school Nixon was president. You do the math.

I'll check in here often to see what you talented card-making geniuses are up to. You'll be meeting a couple of new bloggers in my absence, and they'll definitely help keep things extra lively.

(Not that help is needed. I missed a week of these posts and I'm just now caught up on everyone's lives.)

Have a fantastic summer!

Blog early and often!

cockeyedmosquito said...


I understand if you need a watchdog
That barking might be the best
But if you have somebody at you house
Is your dog just being a pest?

No-one likes the sound of an unruly beast
Being rude to a friend or two
What I am thinking is at the very least
Achieving a way to eschew

And prevent Sydney’s unruly barking
So as to have a peaceful visit
Your guests would be so thankful
And it would be so very exquisite!

Don’t be offended by this suggestion
I don’t even know if you need it
I’m really just trying to help you
With an idea that surely could fit

Maybe you’ve already seen this
It’s on TV most Friday nights
Cesar, the Dog Whisperer
He’s dynamic & he’s always right

I’ll put his website in this blog
So you can easily find it
I hope it helps you with your dog
So that hopefully no one gets bit!

This rhyming was not good
I did it way too fast
The cadence is all wrong
Please don’t be aghast 

poeticfisherman said...


No offense taken. Sydney is very good when we have friends or family over, which we don't often, due to health issues within our family. Her problem is door-to-door salespeople or people she views as a threat or an intruder.

Otherwise, she's very good. We had one of those training bark collars when she was a puppy. That helped to control her non-stop yapping. Now, if we have friends over and she misbehaves (which is rare, usually if we're okay with the person, she is too), we put the collar on her, despite the fact the battery has been dead for quite some time. She doesn't know the battery is dead and behaves, fearing the shock waves from the collar (as far as she knows).

I don't mind her barking spells, if she's alerting me to someone at the door or someone who may or may not be permitted in our yard. In that case, she's being a good guard dog. She doesn't yap any more than our other neighborhood dogs and she is, for the most part, a well-behaved dog.

Thanks for the suggestion, anyhow.

poeticfisherman said...

But, to finish my thought -- if someone jumps over our back fence, trespasses onto our property and Sydney is outside, that person is fair game; trespassing is wrong. Anyone who trespasses when there are clearly posted "Beware of Dog" signs is asking for it.

Our Hispanic lawn crew has come into the yard, not knowing the dog was outside and she never tried to bite them. She stands in a stare-down mode and barks. That one time, they froze where they were, until we could get her contained and since then, they've knocked. That's why 'Beware of Dog' signs are made --- as a safety measure, for dog owners and anyone needing access to where dogs are kept.

Sandideer said...

In this day and age I feel there is nothing wrong with having security in a dog that alerts you to danger....a person should have the right to protect themselves and their property. We had one like Sydney that was a very good watch dog.
When I was a kid where we lived a person could leave their house unlocked , no mail got stolen for identity theft and a kid could play outside all day without fear.
Sadly...times have really changed.

Sandideer said...

Blogden Nash is back at school,
after Labor day he'll be back,
Did he get new pens and pencils,
and a nifty new backpack?

Send us news about your progress,
so we know you've studied hard,
when you're done we'll be here waiting,
with your Graduation Card!

Hurry back Blogden and have fun!

poeticfisherman said...

No kidding about how times have changed. In 1999, when we began looking for house, after living in an apartment behind the Holiday Inn during the peak of the hotel's "Texas tourist trap" season, this house was the first we visited and we fell in love with it, immediately.
Our subdivision has homes ranging from the $150,000 range (our block) to the $1 million range, three-quarters of a mile away and directly on the lake. When we moved here, we had a local police officer living next door and all of our neighbors, with the exception of the cop, were the original owners of their homes, having spent 20+ years here.
By the two year point of our living here, four or five other houses on the block had sold and some troubles began. There's a weekly domestic disturbance at one house, another new owner rented the upper level of his house, resulting in the drug bust by local authorities when the renters began selling illegal drugs; in 2001 alone, our garage was broken into twice with over $1,000 of merchandise taken (the items were stolen in broad daylight, while we were home --- the merchandise was about 20 steps from our garage entrance to the house) and my identity was stolen, as the result of stolen mail. We bought Sydney, then a puppy, soon thereafter.

At a 2005 National Night Out Celebration on our block, I learned that, down the street, another neighbor's front door was kicked open. In this day and age, it is sad to say that you can't trust alone, not even your neighbors, sometimes and no area is immune. Our subdivision, even with its occasional problems, is still safer than most areas in town, but we can't blindly say that everything here is "peachy" any longer, either.

I'm originally from a village in Ohio where until the late 1980s, you could still leave your doors unlocked, etc. Not any longer, though. Now, there's a major drug problem at the high school, break-ins, and most recently, a murder.

Nothing is the same any longer, regardless of where you live. The "Good Old Days" are now long gone.

cockeyedmosquito said...

Oh, my goodness, Poetic
Please stay safe & sound
That bark is quite a treasure
And am glad you have your hound !!

Sandideer said...

I live in a community where it is mostly Amish and Mennonite
The neighbors next to me have dogs that constantly are on guard and we know when they bark something is not right.No fences so they roam from yard to yard making sure things are Ok.I find comfort in them!And nobody minds them being there!
Poetic, you are right when you say no neighborhood is safe, in the town 5 miles away a woman went missing in February and they found her body a few weeks ago. SCARY.

How much do you think television andthe media has influenced the world and changed it. Just for my own curiousity while I watched TV one day I counted the number of people shown killed,raped,beaten, having sex, etc. in the shows being broadcast.I turned it off when the number hit 150, and it was only 7:00 in the evening.I couldn't stand it anymore.And this is what kids watch from the time they are little on.Some of the most popular video games kids play involve theft and killing people for the sport of it..
There is no morality anymore it seems.

Sandideer said...

I remember watching one of those afternoon talk shows.The host of the show had set this family up and they said there was no way a burgler could rob their house with them in it as they had a security system in place,,the whole bit.
They had an "ex" thief show how he was able to rob that house that was full of people.He waited until dark whenthey were all in one room eating and then crept through an upstairs window and took all of their jewelry etc.The family had the alarm system off beacause there were so many people going in and out of the house.And the thief used a ladder that was already there to get to the upstairs window.!
So keep your garages locked, your security alarms on at all times and most important...get outside motion detector lights for nighttime ...and keep your dogs teeth sharpened!!

poeticfisherman said...

We put security cameras in the garage and have had no trouble, since then.

On a sad note, did you read or hear the story on the news about how the founder of Chicago's "Second City," Paul Sills passed away at the age of 80? I guess for the Funny*ness contest Grand Prize Winner, the trip will be a chance to pay his or her respects to the creativity Mr. Sills envisioned.

Sandideer said...

Yes I did read of Paul Sills passing,
In my 2nd City email,
His mother taught him improv games,
and so begins his tale.

He showed his Compass Players,
every point of comedy.
He made some of them so famous,
the troupe of 2nd City.

Most artists don't get recognized,
until they lay in deaths' cold arms,
His stage is dark with curtains down,
but his lifelight shines afar.

poeticfisherman said...

Artists not being recognized until after their deaths has, sadly, had a long, long course. Emily Dickinson, who we all know today as one of history's most renowned poetic voices, only published 7 poems in her lifetime. Her fame and wide publication success did not come until after her death.

Too often we take for granted
The gifts others possess
We rarely praise their talents
Or honor their success
Until we read about them
In passing; then, we weep
Recalling their abilities
In the memories we keep.

cockeyedmosquito said...

Out on a long limb the clown-gent did go.
He ran away from the circus.
No one heard from him for quite a long while;
Some thought he did desert us.

On with our lives, the circus forgotten,
We managed the best that we could -
Until one day when a message came forth,
We discovered just where we stood.

He took time off for his own benefit.
Very far away did he go.
He traveled so fast in his red Nash car
To prepare for his own side show.

I understand he’s become a Gopher
And a Golden Gopher at that.
To his alma mater he traveled far
The U of M, his habitat.

It’s been a few years since he studied there;
But I guess he figured that he
Should go back again to study & then
Establish a side show marquee.

I took a long flight which was a big fright,
Went to Minneapolis to see
The main faction of the big attraction
At that old university.

I wondered about it but had no plot
As I tiptoed down a hallway.
I had to find out what was going on;
I couldn’t rely on hearsay.

So as I progressed toward a little room,
Abruptly I heard some light noise.
I planted my ear right up to the door,
Struggling to maintain my poise.

The lights were off & the hallway was dark
As I heard whispering galore.
But I didn’t understand what was said --
Right away, I opened the door.

The crowd in the room was at the window
Pointing at a flier on a tree.
Very absorbed in what they were doing,
They didn’t even notice me.

Inching my way in, I saw the big flier:
Brilliant colors shiny as chrome.
The flier was announcing a big side show
Way downtown at the Metrodome.

The price to get in was to bring a friend
And dream up a new card design.
Nash hadn’t forgotten his Hallmark bond,
So vital with them to align.

It was 7:00 p.m. – the lights were bright.
Every seat in the Dome was filled.
When the Gopher band played the Hallmark theme,
Everyone was so very thrilled.

That little-but-mighty team from Hallmark
Mysteriously, they looked at us.
They were televised on the Jumbotron
And appeared to be on a bus.

Judgy was waving & gave a big grin;
Her voice on the microphone spoke.
She said that Hallmark was extremely pleased,
That this wasn’t a crazy joke.

The crowd was ecstatic & gave a cheer
And then the dogs commenced to bark.
The kitty cats purred & said their meows.
The birds thought they were in the park.

Judgy was pleased & as proud as could be.
There was a section for the pets.
She always hated to leave them at home
So she had brought her own two sets.

Of kitties & dogs she had so many,
Said they took up most of her time.
But she mused that’s ok because for her
It was exceedingly sublime.

But KC.TBone was on her cell phone
When she came to view on the ‘Tron.
With her shameless self-promotion,
She soon sustained a big yawn.

After her lingering yawn was finished,
She started crooning a known song.
With no music, she sung a cappella;
The audience sang right along.

With KC.TBone leading the chorus,
There was livliness in the crowd.
Then all of a sudden the noise level
Became, oh, so deafeningly loud.

The JumboTron was forcefully shaking
And the Dome began to rumble.
It entered our minds that the Metrodome
Might even begin to crumble.

Little Elf was trying extremely hard
To make up a new little joke.
But when the Funny But No crowd
Hollered, she coughed & started to choke.

LoneExWhy was awfully puzzled
At what was happening now.
So when he smacked Little Elf on her back,
She right then took a solemn vow:

Never to recite another fine joke
Whenever LoneExWhy was there.
She firmly ordered him to sit right down
And quickly park in his chair.

Little Elf had had a jigsaw puzzle
Made especially for ExWhy.
It even had his name inscribed on it
Something started to go awry.

An announcement was made – everyone stayed
To see what would happen next.
Some folks were bored & were just sitting there;
They eagerly began to text.

Some text messages began to glow
Up on the JumboTron screen.
Everyone could see them so clearly -
It became quite a great big scene.

Then Judgy’s bus as seen on the ‘Tron
Came to life upon the field.
You guessed it, yes, I knew that you would
But the bus soon began to yield.

Grazing out there upon the tough turf,
A stallion was in the way.
Then before you knew what was happening
We heard him give a snort, then neigh.

Mighty bus came to a halt – its door ajar,
As the Hallmark team disembarked.
All had on crowns which extracted a round
Of applause that rattled & sparked

The memory of why we were there that night.
We quickly came to our senses.
We had to write cards & these were the guards
That open or shut the fences.

Clown-gent Blogden Nash was not to be seen
Where he was, not a soul there knew.
We had thought he had planned this whole event
But now no one had any great clue.

We were stuck that night in the Metrodome
We had plenty of food to eat.
The final result of that grand marquee
Were cards that were fabulously neat.

poeticfisherman said...

For someone who never considered yourself to be a poet, this is a masterpiece. One of the things I love most about poetry is its ability to take the reader to the scene being portrayed. You've done this here and what a show that would be!
Good one!

cockeyedmosquito said...


How kind of you to notice my stuff
Put together quite rapidly
This Hallmark blog makes one want to clog
And ever so flappidly

Thanks for your thoughts; they mean a whole lot
I’m appreciative as I can be
Your poems are great, too, - especially you
Both gentle & so nice to see

poeticfisherman said...

You're welcome, Cockeyed. I've been having fun on my own, today. I issued a writing challenge to the pool of poets at the website where I post my work. It has been interesting to read how different people can take one topic and come up with entirely different interpretations of the topic. (I guess it is the same as in the Hallmark contests; everyone views humor differently)

I will agree that the blog is a fun way to pass the time until we finally learn the details of the next contest. I'm excited to try a new contest, just because I now know how to format a picture to 300dpi!

I was so mad at myself for about a month, after the Funny*ness contest submissions ended. I had received an e-mail from Hallmark, stating that they accepted my Funny*ness entry at less than 300 dpi and were willing to give me a chance to re-submit, prior to the March deadline. When I did a Google search about formatting pictures (I'm a writer, not a computer geek), I noticed a lot of people use Photoshop. I thought to myself that I had an old CD-ROM of Photoshop from a previous, now-fried computer, but it was 9 p.m., 4 days before the end of the call for submissions and I was stressed about the deadline, especially upon realizing my card front photo was shot the wrong direction, too.

I'll admit, I was too lazy to go upstairs and look for the disk and I must have chased my poor dog around the house for 3 solid hours, trying to re-capture my original photo idea, which fit my verse to a "T."

Sure enough, after I had re-submitted my entry, still incorrectly formatted, and after the contest submission deadline had passed, I went upstairs, snagged the disk, installed it on the downstairs computer, and of course, it had the capacity to format a photo to 300 dpi. I said then, "Oh well, I'll know for next time." I'm excited that next time is nearly here.

It probably would not have mattered. With Shoebox, I figure my inside verse was too lengthy for the formatting of the card anyhow. There were a lot of submissions, I know, and the decision making had to be painfully difficult to cut to 18.

I'm excited to try again, though, even if it's not to be. I enjoy the fun in all of this, if nothing else, and as I've said before, it is a tremendous honor just to be able to submit something to Hallmark. Not everyone is "well-versed" enough to do that (No pun intended).

Do you or Sandideer, since we seem to be the only ones posting in here regularly, want to make a strictly personal opinionated guess about what the next card topic will be? I know the contest I'd love to see --- something along the lines of a "Thinking of You," Friendship or Sympathy card contest, but I'm game for trying anything. After all, I tried humor!

Have a great night.

Sandideer said...

Good morning Cockeyed and Poetic,( and all of you who just read our
Both of the poems you write here on the blog inspire me.
Yep, when I read your poem Cockeyed I was transported to the twin Cities...I think I figured out where Blogden was... was he driving the bus?
And the Shameless Pet owners appreciate what we write about is fun to make up a poem about what they tell us isn't it!!
I envy both of your creative minds
And Poetic, that poem you wrote about people being remembered belongs in a Hallmark Card and if not, you should publish it.
As for the next contest? I have found myself lately looking for cards I can give to people other than my parents on holidays meant for them specifically.I usually make my own when I can't find one that fits the bill. For example on Mothers day I was looking for a card to give to an Aunt of mine.She has filled that empty spot in my heart since Mom died of cancer, and I was trying to find something( One of the music ones actually) I could send to her on Mothers Day to let her know how I feel about her.
And this may seem strange but we always gave a Mothers Day card to my Dad too when he was alive! (WE didn't want him to feel left out, even though he got a Fathers day card the next month..yeah Mom got one us weird.!) WE would just scratch the Mom off and write Dad..and visa versa.I guess I always look for cards that are written so they and can be given to a person of any gender.
For instance that poem you just wrote Poetic about remembering could be given to anyone who has lost someone who was special in their lives, (ie. teacher,public figure,religious figure ,artist,veteran,family member,etc.)
Because Shoebox cards are based on humor, maybe the new contest would be
....on growing older?
Or.....going back to school?
or.....getting a new job, or losing a job?
or.....having an operation? to pet conversations?
or....trying to pay for gas?

I better get off this thing and get my work week and a half and it's off to work I go again! I have an interview on Friday for my second job...will let you know what happens there!
I keep running to the mailbox everyday to see if the packet of our 10 cards we will receive is there...each day they are not,I feel like my cats when they run to their dish and see that it is empty..they get that look on their faces...those of you with pets..... you know the look I'm talking about!

poeticfisherman said...

Thanks, Sandideer,

I haven't published that poem or used it in anything. In fact, I pulled the words off the top of my head when sparked by your Second City e-mail. I jotted that in maybe 5 minutes, tops. Sometimes, inspiration comes easily.

It is a rare occasion when I can't find a Hallmark card that expresses what I'm trying to say, but in those times when I'm too busy to get to the store or can't quite find the card that perfectly matches my thought, I'll make and write my own.

As I said once before, albeit joking at the time, it's true -- I've had several of my online writing fans leave me comments about how, in their words, "Hallmark doesn't know what they're missing," by not including my poetry. (I hear it, once a month, at least.)

I always shake my head. While I have a lot of faith in my abilities (the one, and sometimes seeming only, good thing to come from collaborating with big market radio for three years), I realize, as most of my writing fans do not, that there's a lot of luck and time involved, when it comes to being "discovered," especially by Hallmark. I never figured I'd submit to the first contest I entered and make the top 18; I've never been "that" lucky! But, you can't give up, when something goes wrong; you have to keep plugging away.

Case in point, Sandideer, I love your Funny*ness card, the idea is cute, and you obviously had a lot of faith in it. But, I'm sure you were utterly shocked when Hallmark called. I guess maybe that's my good old fashioned "small town in the Midwest" modesty talking, but you don't wake up in the morning and say, "I think Hallmark will call me today," even if you do have faith in your writing and designing abilities. It's one of those life-altering moments to always come as a huge surprise.

I'd thought about sending some of my work to Hallmark, before the contests, but always read via online e-zines, etc. that everything was "internal" and that they didn't accept outside submissions. I almost fell out of my chair when I read about the contest opportunities! (Literally, the chair was tilting.)

I'd gladly try to write a verse, for fun -- something you could give in a card to your Aunt. I wrote my Mom's Mother's Day card, this year, and she nearly cried!

poeticfisherman said...


I've never met your Aunt, but based solely on your comments, would something like this work for your own card needs?

For My Dearest Aunt

Throughout the years, you’ve been a friend
Your smile has warmed my days
Upon your strength, I can depend
You’re beside me, always
You fill my life with endless love
With joy, beyond compare
A blessing given from above
I’m grateful you are there

I may not always find the words
I’m yearning to express
But, on this Mother’s Day I feel
It is time I confess
You’ve claimed a special place inside
No one could ever touch
My gratitude can’t be denied
I need you, oh, so much

My dearest Aunt, I hope you see
The difference you have made
You mean the entire world to me
And I would never trade
The special moments we have spent
From my life’s very start
You are a treasure Heaven sent
Thank you, with all my heart
Happy Mother’s Day

© 2008 - PoeticFisherman and her offline identity ;-)

I'll post this on my website, sometime. (You know how to find me.... HA) I enjoy a good writing challenge and I like issuing them to others, too. ;-) Generally, success aside, I enjoy writing for the love and fun of it.

True story, I opened the Word document for this poem at 9:34 a.m. and finished the poem at
10:01; I haven't lost my touch!!!!

cockeyedmosquito said...

poetic & sandideer,
This I see as very clear.
Both of you are very near
(That is if you do not veer
Into the ionisphere).

To ensure your dreams are met,
Do not worry; do not fret.
Just remember you must whet
Imagination well set
With hard work & lots of sweat.

This, myself, is what I do;
And I find it to be true.
If you laugh & then say “phew,”
That didn’t work, I need a new
Course of action to pursue.

You both know this, I am sure.
Both of you are quite mature
And you know how to endure
Many things that need a cure.
Be a smart entrepreneur!

All I’m doing now is say
Both of you know how to play.
Enjoy your work every day
And you both will find the way
Never to yourself betray.

As you read this, don’t be mad.
I’m just giving myself a tad
Of words for my own scratchpad.
Self-encouragement … not bad …
What I do to be so glad!

poeticfisherman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
poeticfisherman said...

And, for the record, I'm no closer to Sandideer than anyone else on the blog. I'm just easily inspired. ;-)

You know I think you're neat, too, Cockeyed!

poeticfisherman said...

I had to delete and re-edit this:

Self-encouragement is never a bad thing. Many times, I've written things, posted them online, have had other people tell me how "inspiring" the poems are and then, I'll go back and re-read them, myself.

My self-encouragement comes from the comments I receive from others, but self-encouragement comes differently to everyone.

The main thing I always preach, though, is to find something in life that you love and do it. If it's writing -- write. (If you don't think you write well, continue to write and you'll become better; I laugh at my poems from a decade ago and if I continue to write, I'm sure I'll laugh at these, a decade from now.) If you like to carve things, do that, but most importantly, find something you enjoy, something that takes your mind away from life, gas prices, the depressing nature of the news, etc. and make yourself happy. Being content is key.

That said, sometimes, even in realizing that it often takes a long time to reach a goal or a dream, we all could use the reminder that it's still worth striving. I hope the ones who were so disappointed after not making the Funny*ness finals, try again in the next contest.

Even if it means more competition, I'd rather have more competition than knowing that someone quit pursuing their dream, because of one bump in the road. I guess that comes from having ridden the waves of success and failures for as long as I have!

poeticfisherman said...

Cockeyed and Sandideer,

In regards to Sandideer's idea about the next contest, if we assume it will stay with the Shoebox humor theme, what would you both think about an entire category pertaining to age-oriented humor, as my next guess? I think that category could be a riot!

In fact, I think that is a category of humor which could never go stale. The population is, sadly, always aging. (I'm feeling it today, in fact!) It takes a real klutz to multi-task and type my better half's e-mail address into my now-deleted Hallmark blog message! It's one of those days!! ;-)

Sandideer said...

That poem you wrote for my aunt is perfect......I think it is perfect for any would you change it if I wanted to send it to her tomorrow??
I would love to send it to her with your premission (and name!,Yep, I found you on the net)I would explain to her who wrote it! She would be just flabbergasted to know how it came to be!I bet we can even make her cry...( a good cry)!!!!!!!!!I do love my Auntie Em!
Cockeyed would you like to contribute one too that I could send to her?

This Hallmark contest has brought out the creative part of me I have kept mostly to myself lately.I do enter contests as a hobby...I won $1000.00 in a radio contest back in 1978 by correctly answering a question on the air...and in 1994 I won a pair of expensive roller blades in a second chance contest.But that is it until now.
And you are right...a person has to keep trying.Yes I was shocked when I was told my card was a finalist...I have never been good ( or have felt comfortable) at tooting my own horn...just having fun is the most important thing to me I guess.I entered some of my photography on one of "those" websites..then they tell you your photo has been chosen for publication......for a price...OMG don't ever do that!I knew it was fishy when they couldn't tell me when the book was going to be published but they sure wanted my money NOW.And then I was told I needed to pay over a hundred dollars for the awards I "won" because they were "heavy" to ship...what a hoot!Me and the Better Business Bureau took care of that.Guess they are called "vanity" contests for a reason.
Right now I am entering every contest I possible can to try to win a "makeover" for this house I bought, at age 50 I had to start life completely over.And with hard work I now own my first house.TADAAAAAAA!I am climbing back up out of my barrel.
It will be a 100 years old next year and needs a lot of work.
Losing my job put me in panic mode and I am going to do whatever I can to keep this place!
This is a dream come true to live in the country and to have my horse right out my backdoor.I am no quitter!
I am so honored to have one of my photographs in a card associated with the respected Hallmark name. I am still pinching myself..REALLY
I have had one of my dreams come to reality and then lost it of those "bumps" you talked about. But I have never been one to give up.

And keeping a smile on my face while doing it just seems to drive some people crazy!I think it's time to put my horn away now...
Thanks for blogging Cockeyed and Poetic...I think we have alot to Hallmark and maybe even the whole world!!

The old age thing would be a great subject......
Maxine needs a girlfriend...or guy friend...hmmmmmmmmm.

poeticfisherman said...

How about this for a quick fix to make it an every day verse:

For My Dearest Aunt

Throughout the years, you’ve been a friend
Your smile has warmed my days
Upon your strength, I can depend
You’re beside me, always
You fill my life with endless love
With joy, beyond compare
A blessing given from above
I’m grateful you are there

I may not always find the words
I’m yearning to express
But my feelings need to be heard
So, I will now confess
You’ve claimed a special place inside
No one could ever touch
My gratitude can’t be denied
I need you, oh, so much

My dearest Aunt, I hope you see
The difference you have made
You mean the entire world to me
And I would never trade
The special moments we have spent
From my life’s very start
You are a treasure, Heaven sent
Thank you, with all my heart

Feel free to send it to her, if you want. I'll, of course, still own the rights! I've written over 1,000 poems since 2003 and only have 160 of them tied up in books. As tough as the poetry market is for book sales, writing poems for wide monetary gain is pretty much a laughing matter, unless you buy an agent and for poetry, that is, for the most part, a waste of money.

I could tell you a story about the vast lengths I've gone to appease someone who requested a poem from me, but I'll save that story for a different discussion.

And, Cockeyed, by all means, jump into the fun of writing the tribute to Sandideer's Aunt. If Sandideer and I take it from the sentimental and you take it from the funny, I know an Aunt whose heart will likely be warmed and her belly likely in knots from laughing!!!

I've always been really backwards when it comes to giving myself credit. Again, I think that comes from being raised in rural Ohio, where the culture is still pretty much as it was a century ago. Everyone there was grateful for what little they had and kept it to themselves, because of the ones who were not as fortunate. To promote writing or any artistic talent, you have to toot your own horn and I wish there was some other way. I still try to "keep my head" though.

I've had a total of now 12 poems aired on radio (10 in Houston; 2 in West Virginia). I have my first magazine publication coming up, this weekend; my second, next month, and my third, sometime in the near future. Am I making any money off any of this? Nope, but it's still a sense of personal accomplishment and I still love it. Most writers, especially poets, struggle and end up working many jobs to feed their need to write. (Even the great poets of the past had various jobs to keep their lives afloat.)

Don't get me started on the rip off contests, whether in poetry or anything else; I could keep you here all night! These days, as far as contests go, it is hard to find anyone who is honest.

Let me know if the update to the poem will work.

poeticfisherman said...

I hit send too quickly. I knew and was happy to find the Hallmark contests. The big companies are still honest in their contests (They care too much about their reputations to be anything else), but so many of the smaller blog-based or pop-up companies and their own contests are in it for their own profits and agendas!

There are a few websites out there that post the legitimate contests and issue warnings about those which are not. Those websites are my best friends! I've been burned, like so many others. I had a reporter from Maryland contact me once about an article I wrote in regards to one particular scam.

Sandideer said...

Having one of those nights where sleep just isn't in the picture..!
Poetic the poem is great and I will email it tomorrow proudly attached with your name..(I will blind copy you so you can see!)
Thanks for writing what my heart feels for her!
And that is what is so special about Hallmark cards..they always seem to say for you what you have been searching for so long to say.!
I love the cards that have my love for poetry started by listening to the poems in songs...and music and song has been a way for humankind to communicate since creation..... humans and creatures alike!

poeticfisherman said...

Poetry and music have gone hand in hand for centuries and yet, many people tend to forget it. There is nothing more "poetic" than "Yesterday.... all my troubles seemed so far away...." Poetry, lyrics, music and art, when written or designed well, have true staying power for generations and centuries to come.

I have good cause to worry about music, right now, though. Whether or not today's music and musicians will have staying power for 30-40 years, such as artists like Paul McCartney, Elton John, The Moody Blues, etc. have, I cannot say. All I can state, for certain, is that radio, today, (at least in the large markets like Houston) is very trend oriented. You may hear a well-written song with a good message or rhythm to it, today, and if its popularity falls by tomorrow, you may rarely to never hear it again.

The top radio station in Houston (the one where I once collaborated with my poetry) has now cut their playlist to 581 songs, hardly enough to cover a 24-hour day, without playing a lot of songs, many times, let alone a week! Of that 581 song playlist, they only play the top 100 or so, often; the song ranked #581 may only be heard, once a week. But, the DJs have no control over anything, these days; everything is mandated by corporate.

Enough of that, I was listening to a popular nationally and internationally syndicated request show on radio, last night. The host said, "I'd like to read a poem." She read, "Nothing shines brighter than a smile from the heart." I couldn't help but think of the Hallmark contests.

support said...

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Sandideer said...

Another way to make use of cards to recycle them is to give them to schools or nursing homes.The children and the elderly can use them for art projects.My sons Grandma Beier in the nursing home had made some Christmas ornaments for all of her Grandkids by cutting pictures out of old greeting cards and gluing them onto little clear
plastic cups...turning them upside down and making a bell out of them with a ribbon to hang.The "dinger" inside was another ribbon with a button on the end. Very cute and every year I put up a small tree that holds all of the ornaments my son made for me in his school years and his Grandmas bells.It is a family tradition and the first thing he does when he comes for Christmas is go to that tree and makes sure all of them are on there!

poeticfisherman said...

I read an article, recently, which said that nearly 50% of books purchased in this country are bought and never read. I guess buying things for momentary "show" and then, never giving them a second thought is a trend in art, whether writing or greeting card design, and it's sad. has listed several ways to recycle old greeting cards, too. Environmentally speaking, it is better to turn a card into a placemat, or something else useful, than to do the useless thing and clog the landfills! Here's the link to's list of ideas:

poeticfisherman said...

The whole link didn't come through, so I'll try again:

Sandideer said...

Gather round ye finalists,
I've got a tale to tell,
What I am going to say right now, might make you jump and yell.!

I went to buy a card today,
for a graduation party,
my boyfriends nephew finished school,
he is really quite the smarty!

I was browsing through the cards you see,
when something caught my eye,
the Shoebox aisle was just beyond,
could it be..OH MY!

I raced right down the center aisle,
and stood in total shock,
there we were.... ALL EIGHTEEN.
Neatly tucked into their slots!

The clerk was very curious,
as to why I was excited,
I took my card out of my slot,
and said, "I had designed it!"

She treated me like royalty!,
I'm the proudest girl in town,
Can you see it on my head?
That's the Golden Hallmark Crown!

WOOHOOO!!!! The clerk said they had time so they put the display out early!
Giddy...I am just absolutely ..GIDDY!

poeticfisherman said...

Very neat, Sandideer. Congrats to you! Your excitement brings back so many memories for me. Memories of the first time I held my books in my hand, for the first time, and the first time I heard a poem being read on radio. The sense of self-accomplishment from years of hard work that have paid off (at last) is something very difficult to describe.

I'll have to check our local store to see if the cards are in stock here, already.

Sandideer said...

Thanks Poetic,,,I have my card right here in my hand, I will frame this too, !!It sure is a great feeling.!I can only imagine what it must be like to publish a book...that has to be absolutely awesome.
Thanks Hallmark for making this all possible for us!

I have to go call my son and my sisters and brothers,,so they can look where they live.... in Virginia, Colorado, Chicago,and several towns here in Wisconsin!... wow!

cockeyedmosquito said...

sandideer ... what a neat surprise! The day to see your card on the rack finally arrived!! I can just imagine how excited you are (you tell it like it is with all the details!). I'm very very happy for you!!! Happiness is contageous, you know!

Sandideer said...

Thanks Cockeyed,

(I was wondering where your were!)
Actually seeing all of the cards in the store really made my day.I should have asked the clerk if the cards sell out do they get to order more? Judges can you help me out there with that question?The clerk said there are 4 cards of each in the display.

Sandideer said...

lol..I was wondering where YOU were Cockeyed.

cockeyedmosquito said...

sandideer …. Weird … that was one of my first thoughts {how many of each card there were in the display}. Now I know <..>! Thanks. I still work full-time & have lots of responsibility, have many hobbies, belong to a service organization (am an officer), so my time limitations make it extremely difficult to fit into each day all that I’d like to … plus devotion to my wonderful husband & our children (grown & on their own), not to mention our most important sphynx! This past week there’ve been too many meetings. I know, I know, we all have 24 hours a day (but sometimes it seems like about 5 or 6)!! As you start your new job, all my best wishes go with you. P.S. I had started a poem for your Auntie Em but didn’t have time to finish it. Here’s my beginning, which you can just discard or whatever:

These words are at the request of your niece
Because of your great influence
You’ve played an important part of her life
It’s an obvious confluence

The intertwining of all that matters
Is etched in the core of her soul
You, Auntie Em, are the inspiration
For traits that have made Sandi whole

Vital to note in this serious stuff
Is Sandi needs more of your help
Sandi’s humor sense (with all of its bluff)
Sometimes tends to make people yelp!

But don’t be discouraged … it isn’t bad
She usually brightens most days
She sees a person with tears in their eyes
And changes tears to sunshine rays

poeticfisherman said...

Hi Sandideer and Welcome back, Cockeyed. We missed you!

I've spent my day, basking in the glory of knowing that my poem, as published in the Cram Poetry Magazine, will be in the hands of many people at the Book Fair in Chicago, this weekend.

And.... I just found out that my dear, dear man secured Jeff Dunham comedy tickets, very near the stage, for his show in Houston this October!!!

I never thought, as a grown woman, I could become so excited over great floor seats to see a man who "plays with puppets," but as ventriloquists go, Jeff is superb! Have any of you had the pleasure of seeing his shows, either live, on Comedy Central, or via DVD?

I read, last week, that Terry Fator, the multi-talented ventriloquist from last season's "America's Got Talent" has booked a 5-year Vegas deal; I'd love to see Dunham and Fator go on tour, together, at some point.

poeticfisherman said...

I like your poem for Sandy's Aunt. I don't see why she couldn't still send it to her.

Sandideer said...

Hello Cockeyed and Poetic,

Ohhh Cockeyed, your poem is so very awesome too..thank you so much for doing is on it's way to Auntie Em right now...she checks her email every morning.....I will let you know what her reaction is.....TISSUES NEEDED!
It was so very nice of both of you to do that....if I can write something for you just let me know! Mine seem to always have a end punchline...must be an ingrained concept I acquired from the Dale Carnegie class I took years ago..the place I worked for wanted me to teach wire soldering to everyone in the plant but I was a bit inhibited.( UNDERSTATEMENT) they put me in that class and got me out of my bubble..The first two classes terrified me..sweating, heart palputations, the shakes... but by the 12th class I was up in front of the group blabbering like a banshee.Amazing!It was the best thing they could have ever done for me!It has helped me in so many other situations too, not just public speaking!Plus you get to meet about 25 other people that sweat, shake and stammer JUST LIKE YOU!

Poetic I absolutely LOVE Jeff Dunham...we have his DVDs..I had my son over for supper and we watched the one with Achmed....we both laughed so darn hard ....we got a lifetime of endorphins watching that one!Walter cracks me up too....and the Jalepeno on a stick...wellll maybe I shouldn't say..hahahha.We all walk around the house sometimes imitating his characters.
I had front row seats to Gallagher years ago...yep, we were given the sheet of plastic to cover up with when he got the Sledge-O-Matic out..I live for comedy...The Last Comis Standing series on TV right now is great.
I heard a funny yesterday t6hat tickled was very windy,,35 to 40 mile an hour wind gusts....a DJ on the radio on the way back from the Hallmark store said he had just gotten a call from someone and they said it was so windy at their place that his chickens were laying the same eggs twice...GUFFAWWW!!!

Gotta get ready for the graduation party....thanks again for your poems !!Auntie Ems hugs feel just like my Moms!

Sandideer said...

hmmmmmm..and how many typos in that last blog I just sent??
Guess I shouldn't be in such a hurry!!

KC.TBone said...

CONGRATS!! That's awesome that they put them out early, what a treat!! The stores are just as excited as we are here in the "big house"!

To answer your question about ordering in more cards when then sell out, absolutely they will be able to order more in (and stores may be able to place a special order if you need more than the 4 that will come in).

Sorry it took me so long to reply, we're workin' hard, cookin' up the next contest! :)

Sandideer said...

Thanks kc.tbone for that swift answer...I bought one card from the display so I could frame it along with the flat you sent...and the Hallmark store set another card up along with the poster and press release that we received...right by the front door on it's own table! Isn't THAT special!
I can't wait to see what the next contest will be...! said you were "cookin" up the next one.....could it be KITCHEN HUMOR?? funnies?....??