Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion #10: Elizabeth & Lucy

Hi! I'm Elizabeth, and this is my puppy, Lucy.

You should definitely vote for Lucy's card in the Hallmark yourPets greeting card contest. After all she's done for me, she deserves it.

I'd been going through some medical problems recently and medicine wasn't working. I decided that I needed some good old TLC instead, so I adopted Lucy.

Lucy and I like to work up a sweat chasing butterflies and playing fetch for hours and our new favorite place is the beach. But the times when I most appreciate her is when I'm feeling sick. I'll lay down on the couch, and she'll climb under the blankets and literally watch TV with me until we both fall asleep, no doubt drooling all over each other.

It's such a privilege to have her with me all the time, loving me unconditionally and making me laugh even when nothing else can. Thanks to her, I've never felt healthier in my life!

So vote for us, because if there was ever a dog that deserves to win, it's my best friend, Lucy.


Sandideer said...

Elizabeths' prescription,
is Lucy every day,
to keep her strong and healthy,
as they romp and play.
The love that our pets offer,
can cure our every ill,
Every lick and purr they give us,
are like taking happy pills.
Lucy's just a puppy,
and cuter than a bug
and when she's grown and bigger, she'll be a bigger dose of love.

Good luck Elizabeth and Lucy!

cockeyedmosquito said...

Best wishes to you & Lucy, too
In this great big Hallmark contest
It’s good she’s who is seeing you through
Your exercise & your bed rest

You’re lucky indeed that she fills your need
For love so serene & sincere
It’s obvious you’ve picked a wonderful breed
That helps you deal with your fear

Of being so sick that you can’t lift a stick
She’s helped you be stronger by far
Staying by you through the thin & thick
A most brilliant shining star!

She’s lit up your day with positive display
So you don’t have the time to worry
It’s been so much fun till you hit the hay
With your Lucy all tired and furry

Amazing they are, they’re smarter by far
With motivation by love they’re driven
Our pets know the ropes & they certainly are
Worthy of much credit to be given

Good luck with the pet voting
May your health steadily improve
We’re noting that you’re doting
And hope Lucy’s in the right groove

Michelle said...

Hello Elizabeth and Lucy,

I wish you good health and continued happiness with Lucy! I also wanted to share that I have a King Charles Spaniel who looks EXACTLY like Lucy. If you have a moment; send me a message at a_little_italian@yahoo.com and I can share with you some photos of Guinness. Guinness is such a little joy!!