Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Poem Just for You

One, two, three judges I see.
You cannot know their identities.

Judging away most of the day,
But they don't have the final say.

It was hard work, yes it's true,
Narrowing down Funny*ness for you.

That was the start, sorting through art,
Next is the really fun part.

Finalists will be shown.
Some entrants may groan,
And even computers might be thrown.

But don't be sad, we'll soon be back
With another contest for you to attack.

Much Love,

Judgy's Little Elf


Rose said...

I can't STAND this blurry stuff! I do see about 3 on that table that could potentially be mine, and it "taint" no joke that is SHOULD be among them! I guess we will see!

Mel said...

I'm with you, Rose! I see several that could be mine as well. I'm sure the judges are getting a "bang" out of choosing :)

graphichick said...

getting a "bang" AND pulling out their eyelashes! they're down to four each eye now.

i'd like to know how many total entries were received. we knew there were 7000 pet entries...so were there more or less funny entries?

and have there been a lot of entries from the same submitters as last time? like trying for that "second chance"?

poeticfisherman said...

Rose and Mel,

I'm with you both. I, too, saw a couple that looked like they could be mine. I'm sure with so many entries, the decision making is difficult. I guess we'll know soon; April 14th is not too far away.

pmeyerhofer said...

Those might not be our cards at all- they could be messing with us... it could be their very own inhouse artists' handy work - The possibilities on how they could be misleading us are endless (all in good fun of course) .... And why would you see several cards that could be your's... HMMM? It should be one entry per person..... Let's see.. one card has a lot of green in it... not mine... one has a lot of purple, not mine... one is pure B&W...not mine... But still, the odds are better than winning the Lotto....

poeticfisherman said...

Better than the lottery? Yes, and while the chances may be slim, it is exciting (in a fun) way to think that the cards (which are one entry per person --- or should be)are ours.

It is a humor contest, so who knows what the judges have up their sleeves to keep us all guessing. Regardless, best of luck to everyone.

Sandideer said...

A Poem for Judgy

"You are a finalist!"the email read,
OMG I lost my head,
Into the snow I ran,(no shoes)!,
to tell my fiance' about the news.

Who will win this card contest??
We will ALL be in suspense,
September 1st will soon be here,
The winner will be shedding tears!

(Of happiness, of course, that is,)
and to Chicago they will whiz.
Off the plane they'll disembark,
Courtesy of their own Hallmark!

For a weekend full of Funnyness,
2 days and nights of comic bliss.
A just reward, for this contest,
because their card was picked the best!

Ohhh the waiting is going to be fun!!

Mel said...

Hey Judgy! Have all the finalists been notified already? I saw the poem from Sandideer and was just curious :) xoxo, Mel

Rose said...

pmeyerhofer, I said that there are 3 that could be mine not because I entered more than one, but because I can't tell which "one" of the three could actually be mine because they are blurred, BUT in the colors I submitted. Just want to make that clear. I TAINT NO CHEATER! :)

pmeyerhofer said...

Rose- I was just being silly... you know, using humor, which is what this is suppose to be all about... HECK all the cards are pretty much blurry so they could ALL BE MINE...HA! YUP...every last one of 'em- mine I tell ya! (And then I went on to point out what I loser I am, since none appear to be mine) ... (But I have Faith...) Cause this is still way better odds than the Lotto. No harm meant....

Rose said...

Oh my goodness! LOL...I'm sorry, I was being silly too with the "I TAINT..." line! It's a problem when our humor isn't understood even outwardly, when we trying to win a humor contest! LOL...I sorry. Me bad!

Good luck though! To everyone!
(C'mon judges, show us MORE cards. The judges, I don't mind seeing or not seeing them! It's the CARDS, and the HINTS I want to see!)

Sandideer said...

Some sad news from me today,
my Grandma Mary passed away.
96 years she worked and toiled,
She kept our family well oiled.

When she received a card from us,
She'd open it with love and fuss,
Before the front was ever read,
She'd turn it over and she said,

"Oh, it's a Hallmark!,that is nice!"
Only Hallmarks would suffice!
How many cards would she find?
Here's the legacy she left behind.

25 grandchildren to start the list,
then 45 great grand children( get the gist?)
Then 24 great- great grandkids,thats quite a "score"
That makes a total of 94.!

She received her Hallmarks at her wake,
the very best cards that Hallmark makes,
She's gone now but left us her heart,
And in this world, left her own Hallmark.

poeticfisherman said...

I'm sorry for your loss. I hope this sympathy poem of mine brings you comfort. I've used this for several of my own cards that I've made myself.

Billowed Clouds

Atop the light and billowed clouds
Your spirit is at rest
Dwelling among angelic crowds
The Lord Chose as His best
In memory, we mourn and grieve
That you have gone away
But deep inside, we do believe
We’ll meet again one day.

We look from earth with sunlight high
And smile, knowing you’re free
Floating across the silent sky
Where we so long to be
As we embrace the sacred haze
So peaceful and surreal
We know your soul is there, always
And, thus in time, we’ll heal.

Atop the light and billowed clouds
Your spirit is at peace
Dwelling among angelic crowds
The Lord Chose to release
From all the stress and pain inside
Bound by vast skies of gray
To live in comfort, glorified
Till we meet again, one day.

Sandideer said...

ohhh...that is a beautiful poem..thank you so much!! We still cannot believe she is gone.She had caught a terrible cold and in three days she was gone! We will miss her terribly!
I forgot to mention in the poem that all of those grandchildren came from 6 children of her own..that is alot of Hallmark cards on her birthday and Mothers Day.On Mothers Day her kids would have a "contest" to see who could give her the biggest and prettiest Hallmark card...she would never let anyone know who the "winner was" ! ( Because they all were!!)

poeticfisherman said...


You're welcome. My great-grandmother was very much the same way. She kept Hallmark cards from as far back as her younger years. She never threw a single card away. Great-Grandma passed in 1998 and I'd hate to think of how many cards we cleaned from her special drawer, a drawer where she kept her priceless treasures.

My Great-Grandma lived at home, by herself, until July of 1998. She died that October at the age of 90.

My condolences for your loss.

Sandideer said...

Grandma lived by herself yet too! She had alot of family checking in on her everyday, as well as her neighbors who she would have coffee with.She had a Hallmark drawer too.!(So do I!!!)
She loved visiting in and getting out to visit too.Grandma Mary had a wonderful sense of humor..so did Grandpa Dick..I like to think that is where I got "My Funnyness" from!Thank you for your condolences.

judgy judgerson said...

Dear Sandideer,

We, too, are sorry to hear of your loss, but are so glad to hear that your Grandma Mary lived such a loved, funny and family-filled life. And we're also glad that we, at Hallmark, got to be a part of your family's loving traditions.

Stories like yours (and yours, Poeticfisherman) are what keep us inspired and passionate about our work here.

Take good care of yourself,

Sandideer said...

Thank you so much for your kind words.!!

cockeyedmosquito said...

I had some thoughts I’d like to share
For you and you and you out there
About the Hallmark funny theme
I know this’ll sound just like a dream
Or maybe a nightmare for some of us
Because for sure we may want to cuss
But here’re the ideas I’m blogging about
So try to think clearly and not to pout
As you, too, can make some theories
About all those great unanswered queries
That Judgy, et al, have seemed to ignore
But really we know they’re working galore
To tie up the ends of the YourPets notion
Then move forward to the Funny*ness quotient
How about this -?- my friends so fine
If Hallmark posts all fifty on-line
For us to unscramble and vote for the best
To claim 18 spots to a real winner’s quest
Now wouldn't that be a surreal test?
And I certainly don't say this in jest!!

poeticfisherman said...


When I've received cards from friends in the mail, I've always known which of the cards were Hallmark and which were not, without the need to look at the back of the card.
There's no comparison; Hallmark's a class act, regardless of the theme. (Of course, you know that!)

For years, I've had people read my poetry and tell me, "Hallmark doesn't know what they're missing;" I guess, come April
14th, I'll know if those opinions were right!!! HA!!! ;-)

Sandideer said...

6 more days and whaddya get,
A finalist list and maybe a big fat check.
Judgy won't ya tell us so we will know.....
If we might be going to Chicago.!

I really need a vacation...winter blues!
I love reading other peoples poems! Has anyone won a poem contest before anywhere?
Oh cripes this is fun...... like a kid waiting for Christmas to come.

Holly said...

Sweet Criminy! My nickers are in such a twist waiting for the day when we all get to see who's in and who's gonna have to try again.

Six days, I haven't been this excited for a day to come since I was ... six!

The days are dragging like my out of shape 45 year old buttocks. I may have to go into an induced coma to get through this.

cockeyedmosquito said...

Hallmark started this poem-writing blog
Now what we do is continue to log
Our comments and feelings and concerns as well
And hope that these writings will naturally tell
People involved in this wonderful way
That they can jot down what they want to say.

What I want to know from sandideer
Did you really receive an e-mail so clear?
Telling you of your finalist post?
Or was it a dream you envisioned the most?
Hallmark won’t tell us so I had to ask hard
Please tell us the status of your funny*ness card!

I’ll sign off with saying how sad I am
About your grandma, who was a gem,
Leaving you now as you try to win
A most coveted contest done with a pen
Don’t worry now as she already knew
You’re a winner anyway in whatever you do!

cockeyedmosquito said...

We aren't the finalists
If we're guessing who is
Hallmark is silent
And it's making us dizz

Last time Judgy called them
And told us about it
This time they're quiet
And having us doubt it!

poeticfisherman said...

I can hardly stand the wait
‘til Monday, when I learn my fate
Will my card charm the humor crowd
Or will my sobbing become loud
One thing’s for sure, this has been fun
Even if eighteen others won
If nothing else, I’ll grab my pen
And hope the next contest, I’ll win.

The waiting game will soon be done
And we will know the group who won
When eighteen finalists are known
As others step aside and groan
Yet groan I won’t, if I’m not picked
I will not for one hour be ticked
For I’ve had a chance so few see
Submitting to card royalty.

That being said, one thing is clear
Even if Monday brings a tear
I’ll always be proud of my card
And know that I’m a clever bard
I will vow to hold my head high
Since I gave Funny*ness a try
Still, I pray luck is in my view
Once the suspense is finally through!

pmeyerhofer said...

I drew Hallmark a colorful card
I worked on it so very, very hard,
The cartoon came from my sweet, humble heart,
I hope you laughed so much, that it made you fart.

(Hey I don't go for this lofty stuff!)

cockeyedmosquito said...

It was April Fool’s Day
And we saw a poem
We saw some pictures
But we didn’t know ‘em

The Little Elf
Judgy’s working machine
Cleverly articulated
Without being mean

But however we read it
It still caused worry
Was it a practical joke
Made in a hurry?

It was April Fool’s Day
saying “we’ll soon be back”
But it didn’t happen
And that’s a fact

So here we are
Almost two weeks later
Wringing our hands
And trying to bait ‘er

For details & facts
Regarding our cards
Made ever so cleverly
Funny*ness starred

Sandideer said...

To Cockeyed Mosquito:

Your poem really made me cry,
Thank you for your words so kind,
Dreamers dream and poets write,
in 6 more days we'll see the light.

I dare to dream for Grandmas' sake,
She'll see no more the cards I make,
but the rest is up to the judges three,
in 6 more days we ALL will see!

cockeyedmosquito said...

Hallmark made us comments
To let the bloggers know
About their ranking 50 cards
From very high to low

Sandideer had let us peer
Into her wonderful dream
She started a commotion
So as to cause a scream

We wondered, we pondered
We imagined she’d won
She sat back & watched
We thought we were done

So in the dark we all felt bad
Because we had not placed
But now it appears there’s still some hope
And maybe even a taste

Of the chance to be a winner
Of the luck of the draw
When the judges will announce
They didn’t just pull a straw