Monday, April 28, 2008

Stinkers of the World, Unite!

A fun, new mini-contest's here--
these critters need your votes!
What stinker hearts are beating
'neath the feathers and fur coats?

Do we see a bit of mischief
in that pooch's twinkly gaze?
Will that birdie ruffle feathers
as it squawks and talks and plays?

A horse, of course, can show
a bit of feisty spunk and spirit.
And pigs and cats with attitude
will really let you hear it.

Hamsters look so innocent,
but they're stinkers while we snooze,
And the antics of somebunnies
make the Stinker Daily News.

So look through all the finalists--
Which one will get the cash?
We'll find a stinker champion…
Or my name's not Blogden Nash.


cockeyedmosquito said...

For one to respond to this stinker poem
They’d have to use their cable modem
Or other wireless to make their choice known
Unless they felt they should throw doggy a bone

It is a different poem, I see
But one that makes me laugh, not pee
But if I did, there’d be enough tissue
So that really shouldn’t be an issue

From the look on the Boston bull terrier’s face
He’s not the stinker in this race
And whose wonderful little dog is he?
Could it be someone who’s a she?

I’m imagining that it’s Blogden Nash
Who’s made all that T-P trash
But if it isn’t, allow us to grasp
Or is it just not our right to ask?

Will we never get to officially see
Any of those cards that make us pee?
Now that’d be a super thing to do
See those cards all remodeled & new

Maybe time will tell us that all is well
Amend & transform those cards to sell
Another contest’s in the future?
I really want to make new sutures!

Blogden Nash said...

Thank you, Cockeyed,
for your rhymes.
We need more verse
in stressful times.

You're so clever.
(Maybe the best poet

cockeyedmosquito said...

You’re so kind with encouraging words
It puts me in quite a dither
It baffles my mind; I want to opine
But it’s even hard to blither

Thank you for your generous opinion
It’s valued beyond belief
I am still working, will never retire
But none of this gives me grief

I’ve not been a blogger for very long
This is all very new to me
But when I have time, all is sublime
Those great cards I love to see

I’ve never liked poetry, have thought it was boring
Whenever it burrowed too deep
Something analogous to very loud snoring
It would always put me to sleep

Hallmark’s contests give inspiration
They challenge a person to give
His or her best at every turn of the way
What a charming way to live!

cockeyedmosquito said...

So whose cute Boston Bull Terrier’s is this?
Never did find out with my “hit” … just a “miss”
Is it KC.TBONE’s or someone not named?
It looks so lonely but obviously got famed!

Just curious, that’s all, as I ask with delight
Right now I’m going out to fly my big kite!
Just kidding, of course; don’t have one of those
Remembering my earlier years & what I chose