Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One Dedicated Finalist

Thought you all might find this as charming as we did: In order to solidify their spot as a finalist, one of our finalists-to-be needed to get a release for a picture they took. No big deal, right? Wrong.

They took said picture a few YEARS ago, on vacation, at random, about three hours away from their house.

So, when our contest administrator called them and told them they needed the release signed within three days to qualify, this scrappy finalist found a way to hop in their car, drive the 3 hours and hunt down the person from whom they needed the release. True story. But it's not over yet.

The person from whom they needed a release could only be reached through a non-English speaker, by the English speaking finalist. So confusion (and a little mayhem) ensued until the (English speaking) release signer could be located.

Whew. And located they were. And a finalist they are.

That, my friends, is dedication. Right on, I say. Right on.

Best of luck to ALL the finalists - in both competitions. Looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces in our Hallmark stores all summer!! :)


cockeyedmosquito said...

Perseverance! Nice story! And you're kind enough to pass along to all of us uplifting moments. I think the blog is fun (well ... most of the time) :-)

Sandideer said...

Hello !
I have a question about the use of a picture.I have a really cute( OLD) picture of my Dad when he was a baby .He passed away in 2003.Can I use this picture in a card contest..and who would sign the model consent form (or how would I be able legally to use it?)

cockeyedmosquito said...

Question to Judgy: Just wondering if some of those funny*ness entries that didn't make it that you referred to as: "There were ones that had us peeing in our pants, they were so funny," would've made if there'd been different words accompanying the photo? Will appreciate any insight into that. Thanks much!

allie said...

Question for the Judges...the percentages on the voting are interesting. Can you estimate, how many votes a day a card needs to reach 1%? Just wondering how many people are participating in the voting.


judgy judgerson said...

Absolutely, cockeyedmosquito. And it goes both ways. Sometimes the writing is hilarious on its own, but just isn't working with the photo; sometimes the photo is pee-in-your-pants funny, but the writing limits its "sendabilty" or maybe goes on too long or just doesn't add to the funny photo the best way it could.

We hope to post alternates and maybe even some runner-ups soon, so you all can see, discuss and maybe learn from each other.

Getting just the right words with just the right image isn't always the easiest project in the world, but boy, when it's right, it sure is rewarding.

cockeyedmosquito said...

Thank you again for your reply! So what would one do now if they think they have a better saying for their funny*ness card (already submitted)? For future & different contests, would it be possible later to resubmit that same picture (but with different wording) if it fit the subject of another contest?

Rose said...

sandideer, being a freelance photographer for many years, I can give an educated answer to your legal question.

In such a case as your Dad, consent simply reverts to the immediate family or beneficiary for their consent. In your case, it would be your Mom I would assume, and then down to you and your siblings.

Sandideer said...

Thanks for the answer Rose, Since Mom is gone now too that leaves me and my 6 siblings...I have made many of my own cards for "custom" occasions..such as graduations or theme birthday parties.Or somebody leaving work for a new job, etc..anything that would require a picture of the person caught in a "kodak" moment.I have taken thousands of pictures in the past and have quite a data base to pick from.Just don't know all of the legalities of being able to use them.!
(Yes I can blog without rhyming.)

Jackie said...

I have a question for whoever mananges the contest website. Why does the order that the cards appear on the main page keep changing? Is there any significance in their placement? I'm just curious.

judgy's_little_elf said...

The order of the cards changes on the main page for the sake of fairness. It randomly distributes the cards every time you visit the page, which gives the cards a more fair chance to be seen, especially in the contests with a larger amount of cards.

NeuBon said...

In the past you provided clues to the topic (and date) of the next contest. I am wondering if you might be ready to drop a hint... or two.

I am also wondering what it is you have 'up your sleeves' for the alternates. Might it possibly involve participation from all the entrants? I think that would be fun.

If I must confess, I think I am hooked on the entertaining challenges you put forth. And this junkie is in need of a serious fix.

Sandideer said...

I to am looking forward to entering another card idea...have had alot of inspiration lately.Last night we watched Hallmarks movie Sweet Nothings....(I just love all the Hallmark commercials in between...awwwwww.)(The Uncle in the nursing home getting the card from his niece gets me everytime.)They showed in the commercials some of the people that write the cards....and it hit me as I sat there on the couch that one of them is going to be me!
Holy Moly.
Awesome.Thanks Hallmark.

cockeyedmosquito said...

I really think I have the perfect saying to go along with the photo I submitted in Funny*ness. Oh, how I wish I could submit it again at some point in your contests.

poeticfisherman said...


I know what you mean. I am a writer, not a computer guru, and I did not grasp the concept of how to properly format the photo for my card until after this contest ended. The original picture I used was perfect for the verse (at least in my view), just not at 300 dpi.

When given a chance to re-submit the entry, due to a web technicality, I attempted to fix the picture issue by submitting a different photo for the card, though still not at 300 dpi. The picture was still of too low a quality and did not jive, nearly as well with my verse.

Now, albeit too late, I understand how to properly format the photos and have the proper software to do this for me. I'd love the opportunity to re-submit my entry for this contest in a future contest, along these same lines, using the proper formatting specifications.

I wouldn't mind tackling a different topic all together, either. I love to write and I love to design. I'm always up for a good challenge! I cannot wait to hear the clues about the next contest. I'm ready to try it again. I hope to see you in the next contest, too. This has been a lot of fun!

Judgy's Little Elf said...
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Judgy's Little Elf said...

Maybe next week
We'll give a sneak peek.