Monday, April 28, 2008

Awwww, Lila. Thanks.

Lila wants to thank Hallmark for her check and finalist flat. She already has the flat framed and ready to hang! Thanks so much to all of you for creating such fun!"Julie Beierschmitt
Enid, OK

P.S. from Judgy: If any other critters want to pose with their prizes and share, we'd sure enjoy seeing them. Also, has anyone else framed their flat? We were hoping that would be something you'd all enjoy. (And we are tickled that Lila did!)

P.P.S. Funny*ness Finalsits: You, too, will be receiving your very own, one-of-a-kind flats of your cards. Sit tight. We only have so many elves working on this. :)


Silvio said...

In the new mini-contest--a party hat on a dog is great, but Rufus is better. And I even have a dog in this race. Go Rufus! He's a true stinker. It takes thumbs to get a party hat on. No thumbs needed for whatever Rufus did to get that muddy mouth! (If you ever read this blog, tell us what he did to get his face like that.)

You have a great dog, Pati. I could just eat him up. And you have my utmost respect for adopting!!

Jackie said...

Thanks Hallmark for sending us all that neat stuff! I had already took the liberty to create my own flyer thing to pass out to friends and family with voting instructions, lol. Now they'll be getting more stuff from me. I was contacted yesterday by Tampa Bay's 10 News for an interview. They wanted to come to my house the next morning! So this morning, I got up bright and early, and strutted my stuff on camera. :) Boy was I nervous. But it was really fun. I got to show some of my best projects that I have done through the Graphic Design program at my school. If anybody would like to watch it, here's a link! http://www.tampabays10
I'm off to vote for Dustin and Otto (my favorite pet card!) and some of my funny friends too!

KC.TBone said...

Jaclyn, thanks for sharing the link to your news story - so much fun for everyone to see!!

This is the first clip we've seen for Funny*ness - are there any others floating around out there?!?

It's been so fun to watch many of the YourPets finalists become celebrities as well!

Here are a few articles and TV stories that have aired on local stations... check 'em out! (the second and third have great videos included as well)

And feel free to post a link with additional buzz if you have it!

Ahhh stardom! :) CONGRATS, you definitely deserve every ounce of it!

rosebud said...

What a cute picture of Lila!
I was recently contacted by the local Herald newspaper. Here's the link:
I liked the article. The picture, not so much-lol! I do occasionally make my own cards when I want to use a photo of a family member or of a friend on it, to just add that extra "personal" touch. One can do some really funny stuff to pictures with Photoshop! The article didn't mention that usually I buy Hallmark cards to send. There are always so many great ones to choose from!
This contest has been a lot of fun so far!

reddercatter said...

Thanks so much for your support Silvio! (and all other voters!) I have had dogs all my life, but never with the personality of Rufus. He is the sweetest, calmest (laziest?) dog and everyone who meets him feels the same way.

Since he was rescued and we really don't know his heritage, we are surprised at how big he is growing. We thought he would stay small...oops!

To explain the photo: Rufus found an unopened bad of potting soil in the yard. Obviously it smelled very good to him so he tore into it and made a total mess. Then he looked up at my husband with his angelic little face, totally unaware of the evidence all over his nose!

It feels so good to see the immediate response to Rufus. The "networking" part won't keep him there, but it's great to know he has fans. Thanks so much!