Monday, April 14, 2008

Something Funny?

Okay, friends. Judgy is back in the house. And the house smells a little funny. Let's talk.

Remember the "hanging chads"? Or the zillion other voting dilemmas we have seen in politics and pop culture over the years? I sure do. And now I get how difficult it is to make sure everyone plays nice more than I ever did before.

Here's the thing, we are a small team within Hallmark (small but mighty, we like to think) working on these competitions. We are crazy passionate about them and about enabling all of you to get your creative voices heard and seen on greeting cards. Seriously. It's true: We love making cards and we absolutely love that YOU love to make them, too.

No one wants the bad kind of funniness going on in our voting. And believe me, it is taking some time, but we are ferreting out any bad funny to make sure only the solid, legit, we-love-to-play-nice votes stay in the running. It is our belief that this will be solved in the next few days and that you will see some changes in the current rankings of the finalists as a result.

Please be patient and give us some time on this. We're working hard (really really hard) to make sure everything is right. But it does take time and like I say, we are a small (but mighty) team.

Oh and just so you know, part of the judging process has always been (and will continue to be) that the judges do not see the names of any of the contestants until their card ideas are chosen as finalists. This means that if anyone was chosen twice, it was because their idea(s) were solid, "sendable," theme-appropriate greetings that all the judges agreed was tops. ("Sendable" is tricky. There were ones that had us peeing in our pants, they were so funny. But not necessarily something more than a few people would send, which in Shoebox parlance is called "funny, but no.") (See their blog for examples.)

Lastly, we also like the idea of showing the alternates and runner-ups. We're looking into the best way we might do it. We'll get back to you on that. Soon.

Okay. Go vote with confidence: Look for your kind of funny (and your favorite pet card). And make that funny (and that pet) win.


thaiese said...

I'm wondering how votes are "weeded" out, so to speak. For example, everyone in my office (we all have different email addresses, of course) is voting for a particular card, but we sometimes use a public computer. I'm sure your system is logging the IP address when our votes are cast, so are you taking out our votes because they've come from the same IP address, even though we're each voting fairly and only once??? How does this all work??

Sandideer said...

Good morning all!,
I guess I have the same questions Thaiese...We have one phone line( ONE IP address) into the house, but two computers .I have mine and he has hisn' but we both have our own email addresses ( one apiece)...and he and I have voted in the same day!Have we committed the mortal sin of voting twice?

Wow...I wouldn't want the job of trying to keep out anyone being less than honorable.Isn't it a shame that that job would become bigger than the job of making people laugh?
Some of the contests I have entered in the past say one vote or entry per household per day.
Most contests I enter I have to use my home address and real name to register,not an email and password.... therefore eliminating the possiblity of voting twice...I know my Internet provider allows me to have SEVEN different email addresses...HOLY MOLY..I have enough trouble keeping up with the one I DO HAVE!
I don't know what the answer is but there are sure alot of unhappy campers out there.Hope this gets solved so everyone can get their giggles back!
The end of the contest is a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG time for all the unhappiness to be floating around.

rosy205 said...

Thanks for the clarification about the blind selection process on the finalists, Judgy. The whole thing makes a lot more sense now, and doesn't seem nearly as unfair. I'll keep quiet about it now.

And I had the same questions as thaiese...I work in a call center environment, and the agents are not allowed to use their personal computers for anything other than business purposes; however, we do have a lounge area with eight computers that they can use on their breaks. I've recruited votes from many of the agents and have signs up in the lounge, so many of my votes come from those same eight computers.

Welcome back, Judgy!

KC.TBone said...

Great questions guys! Believe you me that's why it is taking us so long to sniff out the fishy-ness. With the way that you are voting as described above, have no fear that your votes are counting as they are deemed legit by our process and adhere to the one vote per person per day.

Won't go into a lot of detail on how we sniff it out, but know that it's very manual but we have highly trained professionals that have been and will continue to monitor what's going on.

Bottom line though, please just trust that we have measures in place and have got your backs. This is all part of the learning process with something like this that's brand new.

Again, vote with confidence!!

back_to_woodstock said...
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Rose said...

For over 15 years I have seen, watched, and even entered a few contests where it was public voting, and in not ONE of them have I ever seen the voting come down to being legit. Sad but true. Every SINGLE one of them in tainted in some regard.

Now, when it comes to "prizes" such a this? I really only care to enter by leaving it up to the experts.

Hallmark, in the days when you did allow submissions by mail, was the public voting then? No. So why have it be where the public votes now? If you have such a worthy team of experts on your staff, then you don't need public voting at all. Just announce who was chosen and move on to the next contest!

National Geo does it that way. They choose their photo of the month, and give a brief explanation as to why. Similar "great" companies do the same. One company I know picks 2,700 winners from over 20,000 entries in photos, and their staff does the choosing, not public voting.

You certainly didn't get where you are today due to public voting. You don't "need" to have the public involved to this extent. It can't be trusted -- will always be tainted -- causes undo work on the part of your staff -- and it isn't even all that fun for the short listers to have to "fight" to get everyone they know to vote, to vote in blobs, and to vote in mass. It's not something the American Public, IMO, is even finding fun to do anymore. The American public is asked to vote now on everything from the next American Idol to the next American Prom Queen, and every other reality show, not to mention, many many contests such at this.

To me? My opinion for such a prestigeous company as yourself, is not to place yourself among that kind of thing. Set yourself apart. Pick your winners, place them up, and say why. The pain of complainers and whiners (and in a mostly legit fashion) will end, because the "public" will be left out of it. Your cards will sell regardless. You do NOT need public approval. YOU are beyond that stage!

Rose said...

Furthermore....even if I WAS chosen for the final 18 in this particular contest, I would NOT even begin to hope to win it. Because, as these blogs are showing, people are voting based on "who their friends are" and in blobs, and to quote "in helping a friend", and so forth and so on. So there you have it. NOW the voting comes down to a popularity contest and who has the most family, friends, and co-workers, and NOT by the funniest card.

Why wouldn't I be a contendor in that mix? Because I am disabled. I don't know any co-workers and haven't for many years. For the same reason, I don't know many on a social level, and those I do don't appreciate being spammed to "vote on my entry please!". My ONLY hope would be the American public would vote on the funni*ness, and that just isn't going to happen by the majority of votes. In these types of contests it just does not work that way.

My suggestion would be to have it where some contests are by public voting, to satisfy your quenching thirst of giving voters the opportunity (and for those who have a lot of friends, so the competition continues even further for them in gaining votes)---Then have some contests where only YOUR staff chooses the Grand Prize Winner with a reason as to why it was chosen among the finalists.

dmiller said...

I think we all understand that members of one household will be sharing one computer with each person voting - and that is great. When it comes to voting for your friends because they won't remember or don't care to that is flat out unfair. Anyone can come up with a list of a hundred "friends" to vote for them if they have the time or energy to do so. If my friends vote that is great. I send a weekly update to some of them. Am I going to hunt them down everyday? Of course not! Voting for them seems quite far from the spirit of this contest.

As for me, I know that my immediate family and a close circle of friends vote everyday. I have sought out media coverage and have received it from a number of outlets. The bottom line, though, is that I am enjoying the experience for what it is. I don't feel the need to "bend the rules" to increase my odds - it is only a small sum of money. I can not wait until the cards are in stores! That is the true prize.

Anyone who is being less than honest - be it multiple votes for "fake" or "real" people - is really only cheating themselves of this fun opportunity that so many of us are greatly enjoying!

(Sophia says "Go Rufus!")

Sandideer said...

To Rose,

I hear what you are saying about the voting being done by the finalists family and friends thing...I sadly have been emailed back by some( yes, even some of my own family ) that I asked for their vote.Some of them say they just can't commit to voting for my card every day for the 5 months that the contest runs.Some of them even said..5 MONTHS???!!!!..ARE YOU KIDDING ME ????????
They are telling me as much as they would like me to win it is just too long of a commitment on their part....some even comparing it to a chain letter that keeps coming back from me.A few asked if THEY get a chance to win something for going in there every day to vote??!!( I said yeah..the chance to see me get on a plane to Chicago !!! LOL.)They want to wins some Hallmark cards!I guess it hurts to know it will become a chore for some to go vote every day( but a joy for others.)..but a person has to manage their time on the computer is a reality.Some asked me if part of the judging was based on how well each card sells in the time it is published..I told them no but thought that was a good idea!
Oh well, all I can do is wait and see what develops!
I am hanging in there for the long haul!!
I will place my vote each day,
It makes the days go faster,
I may not win by family vote,
but at least I've enjoyed the laughter!

KC.TBone said...

Ok, gang. For the first time on our blog, we have had to remove a comment. Why? Because of the accusatory tone directed at multiple finalists in it.

We are Hallmark. We are nice. We'd like you all to play nice when in this space we share.

As for some of the points made in the blog, we will take them under advisement. And we do appreciate your engagement in our new endeavor.

sonandem said...

This could be a great contest. We all love Hallmark. It's one thing for contestants to have the same ranking (#1, #2, etc.) each day - but for the percentage to never change - that's questionable. 9.2 everyday. The only way that could be correct is if everyone voted for the same contestants every day. Come on now....something isn't right here. Monitoring counts with today's technology is easier than this. Hope we see some good changes soon.

rosy205 said...

Good morning, Woodstock! I missed a lot overnight! That's what I get for spending the evening helping my husband with a term paper for his speech class. Not exactly my idea of a good time! :-)

I think at this point there are probably hundreds of different scenarios that could be happening regarding the voting, and everyone's interpretation of whether what they're doing is fair play or not is skewed at this point. But I think if there's any doubt, it's probably best to just not do it. I admit that for awhile (not anymore) I was voting for my mom and dad because (1) their Internet connection at home has been and is still down, and (2) my 66 year old mother and 75 year old dad are not the most technologically advanced people on the planet, and the whole voting process (which seems simple to you and me) completely boggled their minds. And since we don't live in the same state, I can't exactly sit down with them and show them what to do. Not that it would have helped - I've tried to teach my mom how to check the voicemail on her cell phone NO LESS than six times, and to this day, her voicemail remains full. She just doesn't get it! lol

Anyway, I'm rambling. As you said (and you made perfect sense, by the way), it seems impossible for Hallmark to determine exactly which votes were cast in a legitimate way or not, and be 100% certain. I don't envy the process they're having to go through right now, and I hate that it happened. I'm going to continue voting for my Trickey because you never know what might happen in a contest this long, but like I said in a previous post, it's not much fun anymore. I will have some fabulous greeting cards and a couple of newspaper articles to show for it though, so it's all been worth it in the end!

I have many more thoughts on matters relating to fishies and kitties ;-), but I'm going to keep those to myself today. Work beckons.

By the way, a big hug from me and a tail wag from Trickey for the votes you've thrown his way, Woodstock! You just made our day! :-)

Sandideer said...

Lets lighten up the atmosphere,
Lately it's been gray,
I see some blue up in the sky,
thats why I wake up every day!

I am completely confident,
the judges will do their best,
to make sure we win with honesty,
just let them do the rest.

Lets put our votes in everyday,
and abide by all the rules,
I'm going to dream of winning,
to become a Hallmark jewel.

We might not be famous writers,
or even college scholars,
but sometimes what comes from our mouths,
makes people hoot and holler.

So you see this contest is a chance,
for us to gain some fame,
and to see ourselves upon a card,
with Hallmarks famous name.

NestleMom said...

Why doesn't hallmark just have the winner be the card that sells the most in stores and online...??? Because if you actually pay money for something... it has got to be good. That way it involves America who really isn't involved online and friends and family supporting the cause... it just makes more sense- I agree that the 195 days of voting is stressful on people... people have stopped voting and I have stopped asking them to vote- I felt awkward begging people to make something a habit for 195 days straight.

Also same IP address for multiple people and same email extention because of office... those votes have to count...

Jodi and Nestle

dmiller said...

No matter how it is done, when public voting is concerned - be it online or through buying power - someone is going to feel cheated. I think the store sales component is interesting, yet still problematic as someone with more buying power can unfairly stack the decks.

I was thinking maybe the best option is 1.) know better for future contests and 2.) eliminate the blog element

thaiese said...

I don't see anything wrong with leaving it up to the public to decide, but having said that, I feel that the majority of that demographic consists of the friends and family members of the contestants whose votes are solicited. Again, nothing wrong with that. It's just that while I believe my card definitely deserves to be in the running, I don't think I even stand a chance because my "network" isn't that vast. That's ok, though, because what matters most to me is being able to see my idea turned into a card! Wow...that's going to be pretty awesome! Thank you for the opportunity, Hallmark! :)

back_to_woodstock said...

You're absolutely almost right, Hallmark, and I'm glad you took it off. Beat me to the punch, and thanks.

My fingers went a little further than they should, and I apologize. Doesn't change the fact that the damage is done, but I do apologize, and thank you for taking it off. In my defense, I think a few of my posts were a little more accusatory of a finalist or two than that one, but it ain't my blog. For the record, it's only been two, not "several."

What I asked last night was this: when after the blind judging was over, and the finalists and runners-up were chosen, and you saw that a particular finalist that kind of started this made it into the finalist area again--did anyone in the Bowling Alley NOT think that some hurt feelings or giant question marks would pop into a few of our heads, and a few of us more outspoken people would ask about it? When there are or were some alternates to pick from? So, that's where I was coming from, abeit quite loquaciously and not very well thought out.

I think we all can sit here and poke holes in each others' stories--heck I can poke holes in my own story. Voting in blobs for friends does sound a little shady, but there's nothing I can do to prove it to you, and there's nothing you can do to prove that I don't, unless I get all of them to fax Hallmark a notarized affidavit and a SS#.

If you disagree with it, fine. I qualified myself by saying it's NOT 100 or so. I don't even know that many people. It's a handful that is not changing the outcome of anything on either contest, and it more than likely won't on the other contests, considering we're many many percentage points behind the one who started this whole thread.

Anywa--Five months is a long, long time for something like this. As much as our peeps love us, voting in this contest is not among their daily priorities. Since we are emotionally invested in each other and our baby, it IS one of our priorities. They understand that, support us, and entrusted us with their private info for the sake of a measley little handful of votes. If that makes sense.

Everybody has made great points, even me. I just made them while I was in the wrong frame of mind. And all the points are something everyone can learn from. I, for one, will never officiate a public online voting doohickey ever. Or enter one.

So, sorry again for frothing at the mouth last night, and thanks again for wiping it up.

And Rosy Posy, thanks for the wags. I'd post ya my email here, but I'm afraid of the hate mail.

I'm off to vote for our baby and yours too, and that groovy art student.

Rose said...

You have all made your arguments as to the voting aspect. You have all convinced yourselves (and tried to convince me - or others) that in whom you ask to vote and how often, it is satisfactory for the need, but that it won't ultimately change the process. Granted. However, you are missing the point.

The point is, if you ask ONE person to vote for your entry simply because it is your entry, it is tainting the voting process. If anything, ask them to go to the Hallmark site, view the images, and ask them to vote based on the most funny. Then, once they have voted, ask them to see if they can guess which one is yours. BUT to outright ask them to vote on fluffy the dog, for example, because that is YOUR card, then that is tainting the votes.

So be it on one solicited vote, or six, or twelve, or twelve hundred, either way it taints the votes simply because they are voting for you, and not the card, and not the funny. And in public voting within this type of forum, there is never not going to be cheating or tainting, and that is my point.

I know of many sites that have this kind of public voting and that have forums. Oh MY LORD! Now the forums have to be moderated -- people are really hating on each other -- cliques have formed just to make sure each others photos stay at the top of the heep, leaving the underdog to stay the underdog -- and its just plain crazy and filled with arguments and hatred! I would hate to see Hallmark end up that way, of ALL places and of ALL companies, and that IS the way it will go as long as this kind of voting isn't at least limited to certain contests.

My suggestion still stands. Some contests without public vote and only by Hallmark experts are decided. Some for the public. Maybe Hallmark can announce "the next contest is by public vote, so get ready!", or something to that effect. Then have one where it says "the next contest is only for our staff to decide, so make it good!", or something to that effect as well. At least then it would be broken up!

As it stands now, as long as I know that public voting will ALWAYS be involved, and how I have morals that surpass solicitation, and because I don't have a following even if I didn't hold to those morals, it kind of defeats the purpose of entering.

One poster mentioned "well, I don't have the following to solicit, but at least I won a little money and got my card up for sale at Hallmark"!

A "good" sportmanship attitude, but yet, a defeated attitude. What they are really saying is "I am so happy to be getting the short end of the stick, because I know I will never win the big prize! YEAH!!" LOL.. and that is truly sad.

C'mon Hallmark! Break it up! At least then those that WANT to enter public voting contests will have their day, and those that don't want to and have their work judged by the "work" instead of by "pop voting", and KNOW WHY by your say so, will have their day as well! I understand that you ARE picking at least the short list for voting, but that is never going to be enough. Those on the short list deserve to have a chance to win by more than just pop-voting standards too.

Next contest? Pick the short list of only the cards YOU would use! Base it like you used to as if they were still able to be submitted by mail, and make the annoucement. THEN just begin another contest right away that is by pop-public voting to satisfy that crowd as well. In that regard? I may even enter both, as it would bring back the fun again of it. Right now? I feel too like "I will never win more than the short end of this stick" in this type of contest. But knowing there will also be those where the public is not involved? If I don't win I can just say "Darn it!", and move on to the next. Learn from why you chose it. Public voting? It really is no fun anymore. They all, like I said, only become full of cliques and people begin to form stradegies. Some will start soliciting in their newspapers for votes, and it becomes likened to a political campaign. Leave it up to Hallmark? And it ends all that drama.

Keep Hallmark's reputation in the balance, because in all of my experience with such contests? You are going to fall by the wayside real fast with these type of contests with public votes ALL of the time. Seriously. This no longer has to do with my card being chosen or not. I am only sharing my own "expertise" on this type of voting. I've had these contests, and been involved in front and behind the scenes for years. It isn't worth the craziness you are ABOUT to encounter as time goes on. Nip it in the bud while you can!

rosy205 said...

I think everyone should keep in mind that this is the first contest of this kind that Hallmark has ever done, so they're learning along the way about what works and what doesn't. I'm sure there will be things that change in future contests, but for now, what's done is done. Now, can we PLEASE move on from all the serious voting talk and get back to the fun stuff like it was in the beginning? Sandideer, Poetic Fisherman, how about a poem? Something, ANYTHING but all this controversy! Who's with me?

Sandideer said...

cofHere is your poem Rosy!! short and sweet:

I keep my outlook sunny,
I've done it all my life,
People treat me funny,
but it keeps me out of strife..

Please sing to the tune"I eat my peas with Honey" LOL.

Maybe the next contest can be based partly on public voting to get the top 5, then leave the final judging for the winner up to a celebrity judge .HAH!How bout that?

ORRRRRR maybe we would all agree in writing to have this done for THIS contest? I wouldn't mind at all.
It is not how you win or lose it is how you play the game..and just so everybody knows?? When I emailed my friends and family to go in and vote..I did not tell them specifically to vote for ME.I told them there are 18 finalists and some of them voted for somebody else...I know how to play fair...and to be quite honest? I think the card with the lady with the pantyhose on her face is ridiculously hilarious and better than mine!..and she is going to get my vote every other day!
Now what do you think?As much as I want to win that trip to Second City I know it is a big world out there and anything can happen..I know if a person gets their hopes up to high that it hurts REALLY BAD to fall from that far up! So I have learned to hover.
The word is leaking out where I work about my card being in Hallmark is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment!
Yah..thats just the way I am...

Rose said...

Not trying to pick any bones, but it's always very natural for someone who has won to say "it's not if you win or lose but how you play the game". That doesn't help the rest of us who are simply shaking our heads as to the 18 chosen, especially when someone is in it twice! LOL...

Nevertheless, I was just trying to make some points based on my own experiences; and it has nothing to do with me being bitter. I don't have time in my life for bitterness. As a matter of fact, I am extremely excited, for different reasons! LOL... I am moving in two weeks, and am very excited about our new home; and am getting a second exotic shorthair kitty very soon! She was just born on the 8th of this month! So I have a lot to be happy about, aside from having much in my life to be thankful for. So I am just taking a few minutes to give my own opinion, and maybe some opinions Hallmark will take into future consideration.

Also, I am glad that one person like sandideer is not just voting for his own, or his family or friends, but it really does take a village, as they say. And no, I don't think its best that Hallmark allows "partly public voting" and then Hallmark pics the top five or from the top five. That is really no different than like it is now, where Hallmark pics the top 18 and lets the public vote the winner, just in reverse. To me its best that it stays as it is now for certain contests, and then for others, it's all Hallmark's baby.

rosy is right. The contest 'thang' is early for Hallmark. They did say they would contemplate on the ideas spoken, and hopefully mine is one of them.

Now, I really must pack!! LOL...And yes, I do await the next contest! I never really stop trying. :)

Sandideer said...

In this world of dos and don'ts,
we sometimes lose our way.
Should we speak of what we think sometimes?
Or should we keep our thoughts at bay.?

A past employer asked me to teach,
but I was somewhat "meek".
So they sent me to Dale Carnegie.
so I could learn to speak.

12 weeks of classes did the trick, Freed fom my shell so hard.
Which led me where I am today.
A finalist at Hallmark cards!

wooo hooooo !!!!.....
try and squash my enthusiasm...oh by the way..did the pantyhose thing...if you pull it waaaaayyy to the left it's
even FUNNIER...kinda looks like the candle I lit
Christmas years ago that was never supposed to get lit...boy did I
catch H---! The manger scene was never the same after that.
So I challenge anybody that is passing the time each day in this contest to write about a funny incident from their youth!

mygoogle said...

I'm a finalist and just honored to have my illustration and idea in stores across the US.

I'm not keeping track of votes, I'm not pointing fingers - just enjoying the chance to share my idea. I've decided to not get worked up about it and just enjoy being a finalist.

Good luck everyone...

back_to_woodstock said...

Thank you Hallmark.

I'd take you to Waffle House if I knew where to pick you up. I'd get you some hashbrowns smothered, hovered, covered, fluttered, buttered, shattered, scattered, splattered, tattered, smathered, flattered, diced, spliced, iced, flagged, bagged, tagged, rootered, scootered, tootered, and neutered.
And a Diet Coke.


Paws to Rosy Posy.

judgy's_little_elf said...

Mmmmmmmm. Hashbrowns.

Brewster said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brewster said...

>>>"Keep Hallmark's reputation in the balance, because in all of my experience with such contests? You are going to fall by the wayside real fast with these type of contests with public votes ALL of the time">>>>>>>

Yes, I get a sad glimpse into the future of empty card shelves and a child asking, "Mommy, what ever happened to Hallmark?"
"Well Dear, they staged a contest that was judged by public vote. They mistakenly overlooked Rose's card - clearly the funniest and most clever in all the land. The decision was a fateful one. For Rose was not only a brilliant greeting card designer, but an expert on contests, voting, voting solicitation, National Geo, and the American public. After having not been selected as a finalist for the contest, Rose determined she didn't even want to be selected and single-handedly blogged Hallmark into oblivion."

Silvio said...

Agreed, Brewster. And don't forget:

"The point is, if you ask ONE person to vote for your entry simply because it is your entry, it is tainting the voting process. If anything, ask them to go to the Hallmark site, view the images, and ask them to vote based on the most funny. ... BUT to outright ask them to vote on fluffy the dog, for example, because that is YOUR card, then that is tainting the votes."

And the gem of all gems, "Some will start soliciting in their newspapers for votes, and it becomes likened to a political campaign."


I'd stick around to chat more about that, but I must get back to tainting the American public and soliciting their morals with the press release and other PR tools that Hallmark provided me to use to solicit votes for myself (and my Fluffy) simply because I am a finalist and it's my entry. And all this to do before the Apocalypse and the Four Horsemen of Hallmark appear.

I And it feels goooooood.

Brewster said...

Silvio - the check you claimed was in the mail in exchange for my votes through August has not yet arrived. Please update the status.

Thank you.

Rose said...

Brewster and Silvio -- I don't know how your cards were overlooked with all of your own wit and charm. Maybe it was the sendability factor?

Hey Judgey's elf! I think there are a few "eggs" on this blog that would go nicely with your hashbrowns! LOL...

Silvio said...

My card wasn't overlooked, Rose. It's out there getting solicited votes right now. Well, it will at least get one or two today that I know of from my family, whom I suppose have thrown their solicited morals out with the bathwater...

...yesterday's faint memories of good and right slowly counter-clockwising their way down the American public's drain of ethics, inching themselves closer and closer to that dark nameless sea where the empty limp carcass of the Hallmark corporation tumbles in the current and the monster of extinction swims, mouth gaping open, razor teeth gleaming in the filthy deep... and all because of public voting. Oh! The humanity!

Brewster, I can't find a stamp. It's so dark and cold in here.

Rose said...

silvio, I don't believe it is there, but if you say so, I can pretty much guarantee you it won't win any grand prize. Only in old romance novels would one read so many adjectives as I have in your second paragraph. It will lose your readers attention, and most likely your votes as well, solicited or not.

Now, let's not make this blog about "us" and about "slamming" my opinions, since you and I seem to have both made our own opinions quite clear. It's time to move on dear.

I for one will only be logging back on to the Hallmark site once I see a new contest posted. Until then, I am off to sell some of my two greeting card lines.

You take care. :)

Brewster said...

There goes the last true American patriot.

Now...... All the cards are great and deserving of their finalist status. I don't have a card in the running, but I'm enjoying voting and watching the progress. Good luck to all!!!!!

Brewster said...
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spiderprincess said...

Thank you brewster and silvio....i was wondering if i was the only one getting tired of those loonnng, negative blogs. She mentioned that YOU would lose people's attention with your writing. Ha! I can't even finish reading her blogs.... I don't ever know what exactly she is trying to say. She hates the way the finalists were chosen, hallmark doesn't know what they're doing, she doesn't like the entries she's seen.....BUT she will be entering the next contest. Huh? Rose, if you have your own line of cards, why not open your own little card store, AND have a perfect little contest of your own? Then you won't have to get so stressed out over this one.... Just an idea. (;

Sandideer said...

We love the taste of sweet success,
Winning prizes with ribbons draped!
But theres nothing worse than to lose and cry,
with a mouthful of sour grapes.

Never give up is what I say,
Keep trying just as hard,
Your phone will ring and you'll hear the words,
"You've designed a Hallmark card!"

Silvio said...

For the last time, I am a finalist.
These poems sometimes get me real...mad.
Sour grapes you do not see
Now go away -- hey, climb a tree!
Who's won or who's lost is not what we're saying
The problem we had was all that "pop voting" braying.

Well, poems in iambs are not really my thing
Ruleless free verse is kinda more like my scene.
Do trochees, do limericks, do sonnets, heck--haiku
But you dish it, you take it--
It's all we asked her to do.

Sandideer said...

Ok Ok..Up a tree I will go
didn't mean to offend you know?.
Geeezz was just trying to have some fun..
my blogging days here are done.
Good luck to all
no matter who they pick,
Did you see the runners up?
I laughed myself sick!