Thursday, April 10, 2008

Judging the Funny

Okay, dear funny-makers. I am happy to report that the 18 finalists have...been...chosen.

Here is the wall of the top 50 and the open spots for the 18 finalists. We are very fancy.

On the final finalist judging day, we - funny experts of funniness at Hallmark + our celebrity judges - reviewed the top 50 and each created our own personal dream 18.

None of our groups matched. We all had different ideas of what is funny. Only ONE card idea was picked by everybody. Funny is like that...funny.

So, to fill those 18 spots, we had to duke it out. Convince each other. Trick each other. Bribe each other. (Kidding. There was no funny business.) (I mean, of course there was funny business, but only in the most literal sense.)

If you are one of the finalists, or one of the alternates, we congratulate you. And salute you. And want to give you props for bringing the funny.

If you were not selected this time around, do not dismay. There will be other competitions. And other chances to be funny. (You could be funny right now!)

All will be revealed on Monday. So, hang tight, keep rhyming and goofing around here or wherever you like to do that sort of thing. You all are cracking us up.


Sandideer said...

Thanks for giving us a glimpse of the chosen 50 on the "board"....! (Those empty yellow spaces are ominous!!!)
Win or not..this has been fun! We get to share our feelings, get our creative juices flowing and it is everything a Hallmark card does for us...opens our minds, touches our hearts, or tickles our funny bones!
Can you tell us now how many entries you actually received?

poeticfisherman said...

I echo your comments. Regardless of whether I'm a finalist or not, this has been so much fun. It is nice to share creativity with a group who knows creativity well!

Best of luck to everyone. Time for the nail-biting!

rubyshoesday said...

Actually, I've been hoping and praying that I didn't make it. My nerves are shot from the suspense. Seriously, I can't wait until I see who the finalists are. Interestingly, I found out just how funny my bff can be, she should have entered because I dang near spit out my coffee when she offered her suggestion. Thanks for the Fun!

Karen said...

How very exciting, I simply can't wait until Monday!
Good Luck to everyone!
Hope you all have a wonderfully perfect weekend!

Rose said...

I don't see mine up there, and unlike the pet competition, I am really disappointed this time around. I thought my card was not only witty and funny, but a great card for "todays" people. Competition - you hate it - you love it. Well, guess I just have to try again next time. *sigh*

cockeyedmosquito said...

Oh, what excitement there’s going to be
On Monday the 14th for all to see
18 so funny we’ll be splitting our sides
Hallmark’s choices will go for some rides

To the computer screens they’ll make their way
We’ll see some sillies without having to pay
It’ll be so super to see such a crew
Imagine the possibilities of what they drew

Into the channel of popular choice
It’ll really be nice to see their voice
Of the silly words they must’ve written
All for the sake of being smitten

With the chance of a lifetime to be out there
And at this time nobody really knows where
The cards will travel to a prime location
Where they’ll be displayed in a Hallmark station

cockeyedmosquito said...

I hope I’m not senile
I like being sane
It’s just too much fun
Playing the Hallmark game

I may be a senior
But that shouldn’t matter
Time passes too quickly
I just have to chatter

My silly entry did not make it
I seemed to be able to tell
The hazy cards did not match mine
So on the unveiling I shall dwell

I can’t stop this way of writing
I never did it before
But all this exhilaration
Is making me do it more

Holly said...

I feel like Charly and the chocolate factory, with the last ticket having been found. I don't see my art up there either. I'm more disapointed than I thought I would be (what is this salty stuff rolling out of my eyes?), but I'm so pleased for those who have made it.
As an adult I've found that I haven't the excitement I had as a child, but those at Hallmark allowed me to be a 9 year old least for a little while.
Good for those who are up there, it's been a pleasure reading all your blogs. Until next time we get to be challenged... Holly

graphichick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandideer said...

Some contests are won with skill and smarts,
most are based purely on luck.
Some contests you win merchandise,
and some you'll win big bucks!

I love the ones that never end,
even though the winners' picked.
You get to try again and again,
and you'll get that contest licked!

I see my card up on the board,
My heart is all a flutter,
Because I took the initiative,
to use my camera shutter!

Is it chance or is it fate,
that my card is in the mix?
I'll have to wait for Monday,
to see who the judges picked!


I've made little poems all my life,
some have not been very funny,
but it keeps my noggin occupied,
and my disposition sunny.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly said...

Thanks graphichick you've made me feel a bit bitter, I mean better. :)
And congratulations sandideer... I'm so happy for you I could just spit! (kidding) I think it's brilliant that yours is there.
The way I read it, there are 50 up there, I counted, and 18 blank spots. I've greased up my computer monitor with my nose to see if I'm a contender (I coulda been a contenda) and don't see it.
Good form for the one card that all found to be funny.

graphichick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
loulouathome said...

If you are a finalist, have you been notified by email or Fedex yet? I am just trying to keep some hope alive that I am one of the 18. This was really fun and I look forward to new competitions.

cockeyedmosquito said...

To sandideer:

I’m happy to say
Without delay
I’m glad you won
It’s got to be fun

I didn’t place
In YourPets race
And for the Funny
Guess I’m done-ee

Monday will tell
Who did well
Others should pray
For another day

To enter & win
With their pen
Do their best
On next test

poeticfisherman said...

I didn't see my card in the uncovered ones and didn't really figure it would be there, since I had some formatting issues that I didn't learn how to fix until after I had re-submitted and the deadline had passed.

I've now figured out the formatting and I am ready/excited to see the next topic Hallmark has for all of us to tackle.

Congrats, Sandideer, and to the 18 finalists, also. This has been so much fun. I've enjoyed the back and forth "blogfest" we've been having, especially with all of the rhyming verses, and I hope to see you all for the next competition.

Does anyone have any guesses as to what the next topic might be? I can't wait to know and hope we'll learn soon! I've loved the emotional rush of these last 6 weeks or so and can't wait to experience it again!

All the best to all of you and have a great and funny weekend.

Holly said...

Dear Judgy,

Something occurred to me...could those of us who aren't in the top show each other our goods? You know, not in a "criminy that's creepy" way. Post our submissions. Our art.

Is that against the rules?

Or has something like that already been created and I'm just a goob. Are there artist blogs?

Anyone have a thought ...?

Sandideer said...

Don't give up mosquito,
You're not just a bug apon the wall,
You just haven't hit your vein yet,
and when you do, they'll call!!

I'm just one step closer to winning,
I haven't got the grand!
But just thinking that it's possible,
is more excitement than I can stand!

Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement.!!

Mel said...

Miss Judgy! You're killing us! Could you at least answer if all the finalists have been notified? That would be very kind of you :)

Sandideer said...

My cousin asked me yesterday,
where I come up with the poems I say,
I told her that in my spare time, I make up all these little ryhmes.

"Spare time!?" she said, "what is that?"
How do you pull these from your hat?
Well I don't have Plasma or HDTV,
My computer modem isn't high speed,
so my mind is stuck in thinking mode,
While I'm waiting for my mail to load.
No don't have cable or satellite. the three channels I get can be a fright,
So my mind is free to wander about,
to think things up to write about.

The country air is clean and fresh,
the sun feels good and I am blessed,
to live in this country where I am free,
To say what I want and to amuse all of thee!

OK OK ....I will shut up now until Monday!!

cockeyedmosquito said...

I think when you’re resting
And staying in shape
Your mind is requesting
That you write when you wake

So you get up and do that
Without even thinking
Because it’s old hat
And just like blinking

If you have it, you’re lucky
It’s a gift of the Lord
He’s made you so ducky
You never get bored

It’s hard not to write
Because it’s so fun
One even must fight
To stay out of the sun

So as not to get burned
And ruin your skin
It’s better to learn
To stay in and pen

This is a dumb one
Never thought I’d compose
But I had to, you see,
Compelling the prose

cockeyedmosquito said...

Looking out the window
All I see is snow
Except for ducks & geese
Occasionally in a row

Sometimes there’re lots of deer
Roaming through our lawn
Looking for a bite to eat
In the early dawn

Out back there is the marshland
So peaceful and serene
Tranquility is all around
It’s so nice & clean

But then you see the muskrats
Remodeling their stick home
Chasing off the turtles
So they can claim the loam

Mrs. Goose setting on her nest
Is faithful to her eggs
While Mr. Goose is guarding her
She sleeps a lot & lays

The pond is high this year
From all the frigid snow
But has now turned to water
So egrets can fish for roe

Spring is here in the Midwest
But never would you know it
Heavy with snow is the sky
It imparts our wits to fits

cockeyedmosquito said...

This is what happens
When the judges are quiet
It makes us anxious
We might even diet

Don’t mean to bore you
So I’ll stop my writing
And wait for Monday
To see the lighting

Of the big wall
That Hallmark has shown
Good wishes for finalists
In the zone!!

NeuBon said...

Into silence the judges have been sworn,
Until April 14th, a Monday morn.

When they will finally post
Who is funniest the most,

And stop the entrants' nerves from being worn.

Deanna Director said...

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
If I don't win,
I will sniff glue.

KC.TBone said...

Judgy took a much needed vaca last week - so sorry you haven't heard back from her... she should be back in action shortly so hang tight on getting some of your questions answered (boy, you've got some good ones!). The elves have been busy at work getting the big funny*ness announcement ready - let the countdown begin!

Sandideer said...

Holy Moly there we are,
Finalists from near and far!
18 names are up in lights,
exhilaration high as kites!

The judges names revealed today
(I guessed a Second City face!!)
I laughed and laughed at all the cards,
The competions' really hard!

I wish the best for all of us,
We all could be Chicago or bust.
It's in the publics' voting hands,
to see who'll get the final grand!

Let the voting begin.! Thankyou judges for this opportunity...(and for the escape from our everyday, mundane schedules.)!hahahahaha.
I think I will try one of those facelifts...OMG..that was funny.

cockeyedmosquito said...

Glad this is done
It was driving me crazy
I can still have fun
But I’ll have time to be lazy

Good for you
All those that have won
You’ve done the magic
And could win a ton

I’m looking toward
The next theme, it’s true
You’re looking forward
To the grand that’ll be due

Congrats & best wishes
You deserve the best
All you big fishes
Have a big party fest!

Rosebud said...

Last night about 1:30am I was going to shut my computer down and call it a night. But first, I thought I'd check the Hallmark site just to see if maybe....and BINGO! The cards were posted! I really got excited when I saw my very own card up there!!! ( The Love Fairie )So of course, I had to email everybody I knew. Didn't want to be calling and waking them in the middle of the night...although I was sorely tempted! I finally forced myself to go to bed around 4 am!
I see I'm in for some stiff competition as there are some truly funny cards. Congratulations to all the winners! Woohoo!!!!