Monday, April 21, 2008

avatar, here we are.

thanks to my little elf, i now have an avatar. looks just like me.

thanks, little elf.

in other news, any day now, expect to see some more funny on the site. alternate funny. funny that almost-nearly-just-about-made-it-to-the-top-18 pool of funny.

p.s. also, we are wanting to give you hints about the next contest, but we are not allowed to yet. (partly because we are still figuring bits of it out.)


poeticfisherman said...

I am as excited to see the details about the alternates as I am the details about the next contest (though a little more for the next contest). I had so much fun submitting for the humor contest and chattering with all of the people who submitted that I cannot wait to see the ones who were close to the top 18.

Thanks for making all of this contest stuff so much fun!

NeuBon said...

Speak of funny and of elves... If you haven't read or heard David Sedaris' tales of being an elf at Macy's, you are in for a treat that will tide you over until the alternates are revealed or the clues to the next contest are posted. Enjoy!

Judgy's Little Elf said...

Elfie loves Sedaris.