Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Voting Matters

Well, we’ve been sniffing away, and, unfortunately, we’ve found some funny stuff. Our legal minds are telling us we can’t be too detailed, but we have tied specific activity to specific people voting and we are very disappointed. And, we have taken action.

Once again, we will be removing any duplicative (see, told you we had to get our legal folks involved) votes that appear to violate the one vote per person per day rule.

As you can imagine, we are passionate about the integrity of this contest. If this final warning is not heeded, we will take much stronger action. So….consider yourselves warned and in the interest of fairness (not to mention Karma), remember: one vote, per person, per day. This means no multiple email accounts (ie home, work, newly created, your pet... etc.).

Ok, phew, that's enough on that. Let's get back to the fun stuff. Who's going to come up with the next poem? Here's a topic... Guess the celebrity judges for YourFunny*ness! (And no, it doesn't HAVE to be a poem!)


poeticfisherman said...

I know the guesses don't have to rhyme, but I'm a poet at heart and cannot be stopped!

The celebrity judges, oh, who could they be
Maybe Whoopi Goldberg or Jeff Foxworthy
Joan Rivers, Ben Stiller, the choices so vast
(I would guess Red Skelton, but his time has passed)
Maybe a talk show host, like Leno or Ellen
But, who they are really, there's simply no tellin'
One thing is for certain, we will soon discover
The names of the funny ones, kept undercover

cockeyedmosquito said...

Writing a poem for judges
Is a fun thing to do
But making it rhyme with celebrity names
Can cause quite a stew

People like Simon Cowell
Are so funny you could cry
But Paula Abdul is another
That always would make you try

And then there’s Randy Jackson
As he seeks the best in others
So whom would you want of these?
I think I’d have my druthers

As Hallmark is in the process
Of making big decisions
Your Funny*ness to judge
With professional precision

To answer KC.TBONE
Regarding the celebrity judges
My guess is written here right now
With anticipatory nudges

Sandideer said...

Wouldn't it be a hoot to think ANY of the current cast members of Saturday Night Live be one of the judges?? Or one of the earliest cast members?(I sure miss the ones that are not with us anymore..John Belushi and Gilda) I loved RosannRosann Adanna...the church lady too!) Could one of the judges be Dan Aykroyd, Jim Belushi or BILL MURRAY..Or how about a real veteran of 2nd Joan Rivers??
Ohhhhh man.... there is nothing that compares to the feeling you get from laughing your butt off and that rush of endorphines you get to make you feel alive!!

Five days and counting!

cockeyedmosquito said...

My guess for potential judges
Of the Funny*ness cards
Is lengthy & serious
So let me bombard
This blog with their names
To put on the list
Because it’s more fun
Than to sit around & mist
My eyes with fat tears
As I mope & I wait
For news of the finalists
Waiting at the gate

Kelly Leonard
Joyce Sloane
Andrew Alexander
Robin Hammond
Alison Riley
Beth Kligerman
Will Farrell

graphichick said...

i admit i'm not a poet...
and definitely don't have the time to even pretend i am...but here is what i think, in 15 seconds or less:

the true test, in my mind, you see--
is to gather judges who are serious. mad. grumpy...
if the card makes them laugh, hold their belly,
cross their legs and almost pee...
then the card is a winner
and will do the same for you and me.

bugs_are_cool_y'all said...

On the voting thing, as much as I hate to poke a stick in a hornets' nest or appear as though I'm challenging anyone, particularly Hallmark, I do have a question. Questions.

I'll admit there are one or two that look fishy to me, but who knows--I just thought maybe they're teachers who have hundreds of kids in their school, or maybe they're in a huge sorority or come from a very large town or heck--maybe they have hired a PR agent to rack in votes.

How fast one or two moved up and how far ahead and then stayed in those first two spots, given that there are 67 people in this, is the only thing that maybe made me question that, but I don't know these people. (See previous paragraph.)

All I know is that we have at least one thing in common: We all love our respective hairy furry feathered canine feline fowl pig and guinea pig and chinchillas and bunny buddies. (Sorry if I left a species out.)

When the contest first started, it said "one vote per person (or per email) per day." Well some people do have two or three very legitimate, very utilized email addresses. And so do some of the people out there voting FOR them. I happen to know someone who has about 10. Why? Dunno. Never asked him. Anyway, from that sentence, it appeared as though one could vote with each of his or her email addresses once a day, if he or she had more than one. I know that makes it unfair to thsoe that ONLY have ONE email address, but which one are those, and how do we tell?

Or maybe the contestant IS only using his or her one email address, or some overly-zealous daddy or brother or friend at their OWN computer in their own house (or whoever who shares the computer if that's the case--maybe it's somebody who wants their mom or dad to win) just went a little wacky, and meant it out of love/suport/good cheer/no harm?

What I'm asking is that unless only the contestants themselves are voting and reading the blog, there may be some cases where we just don't know what is going on if we're in one state and relatives and friends and supporters are all over the world.

And some people did a heck of a lot of marketing for this thing, so there may be people voting whom they don't even know--some of those people may just may want to vote for their "hometown Hallmark hero." With their two or three or ten email addresses.

Or heck--in the case of my roommate--I really don't question what she's doing on a computer we bought together. She's a good person whom I've known for 15 years, and I'm about 180% sure she's not committing felonies on it. I doubt she's sitting up at all hours stuffing the ballot boxes, either, but who knows.

I dunno. No disrespect intended, but we're all good people out here, and I feel that everyone is following the rules. Or I'd like to think so.

We all want to win, and I suspect we all want to win fair and meet all of you and flood your stores when the cards come out, debit cards in hand, contributing to the economy and fattening Hallmark's waistline. I for one can't wait. I'm more excited about that than worried about winning, placing, or showing. (No offense, would love to hang with you all out there, but I hope you all get my drift here.)

Rod Stewart said (sang)--and I don't even like him and have no idea of why my brain chose that to pick fomr out of all the millions of perfectly applicable gobbledygook--"Every picture tells a story, don't it?"

Well I've looked at all 67 people, and lemme tell ya--looks like good peoples to me. Heck--I wish there were a secure place within the finalists area where we could trade email addresses and pet stories and make new friends. Maybe I'm just too hopeful or too naive or too corny like that.

And I love my Boston, but man I dig that Rufus and the little guy who forgot his pants.

Just asking and two-centing--please don't flame me too hard. You have to do what's right for Hallmark, no question. I think you've done a heck of a job. Thanks for the goodies--got mine yesterday.

I'm sorry this was so long

rosy205 said...

"What I'm asking is that unless only the contestants themselves are voting and reading the blog, there may be some cases where we just don't know what is going on if we're in one state and relatives and friends and supporters are all over the world."

Bugs_are_cool_y'all, I was wondering the exact same thing, and even mentioned it to my sister yesterday. But you said it much better than I could have! :-)

cockeyedmosquito said...

No-one has identified the celebrity judges?
Not a soul has been able to brand?
This is really a tough assignment!
It’s like trying to find sugar in sand!

Nevertheless, my third try is chance I will take
With Hallmark’s Funny*ness gala in mind
Whomever they chose probably smelled like a rose
And should be an decisive find

Naming Steve Martin and Bob Newhart, too,
George Carlin & Jim Carrey would be a zoo
I think Lily Tomlin & Jerry Lewis could fit
They might pick the best ones with the wit

David Letterman is a choice to put in here
However the race progresses
When we find out, we’ll probably just laugh
And cheer on the winners’ successes!

cockeyedmosquito said...

Is it 20 Questions on this celeb judge hunt?
Is there not any sort of clue?
That would be nice; it’d help a lot
Instead of searching the slew

17 I’ve mentioned; I think that’s a lot
So maybe I should just quit
Someone else’ll do it; I could say screw it
But that’s not trying to hit

I’ll try some more names to see where I stand
As if I stood anywhere at all
This competition is wacky; It’s making me tacky
I hope that I don’t fall

Here’re more names for you to see
Right here I say it is
It’s all I have … aren’t you glad?
This’ll be it for me

John Cleese
Ben Stiller
Bill Cosby
Robin Williams
Tom Hanks
Kelsey Grammer
Helen Hunt

cockeyedmosquito said...

Changed my mind. I have one more guess as to the celebrity judge:
Daniel Lawrence Whitney, Larry The Cable Guy