Friday, June 27, 2008

yourFunny*ness Shameless Self-Promotions

It's not just yourPets finalists that enjoy a little time in the blog spotlight.  Everyone deserves some time to shine.  So next week we'll be featuring yourFunny*ness finalists in all their glory/hilarity.  What can we say; we love shameless self-promotions.  And we've got a hunch we're not the only ones.  (Are we the only ones?)


poeticfisherman said...

I entered the Funny*ness contest and have had the opportunity to meet some very neat and funny people as the result of Funny*ness and this blog. I am excited to read the forthcoming self-promotions and equally excited for the next contest, too.

Wordy McGee said...

Glad to hear it, poeticfisherman! We're always happy to make friends and help you make friends (especially funny ones). Hope you and your fellow funny friends will be pumped about the next contest.

poeticfisherman said...

Years before I was born, my Dad bought and owned a Hallmark card business, which he was forced to sell, due to the beginning of his health struggle (about the time I was 2 or 3 years old).

Through what were his last few months, he was so proud of these contests, excited about the fact that his only child was a designer who was entering the contests.

For me, winning would be nice, but just having the ability to submit to a company, as rich in tradition as Hallmark, is a tremendous honor. The sense of fun and excitement in all of this is worth so much, whether we win or become, as in my case, a proud member of the "Funny, but No" crowd.

I thank you for that and for helping me to make Dad's final months so fun. I'm more motivated for the next contest than ever; this is my chance to honor Dad, by trying again.

Wordy McGee said...

Thanks for sharing about your dad, poeticfisherman. What a great way to honor him and express your creativity. You should definitely be proud of yourself.

Sandideer said...

Hello everyone,

I went out to the mailbox,
and opened up the door,
a manilla evelope was in there,
I wondered what was in store?

Then I saw the label,
with the familiar kicking cow,
Then I knew the contents,
10 cards for me OH WOW

The first card on the stack of ten,
was autographed inside,
by all of you at Hallmark
I am beaming with such pride!

That card will of course be framed,
to be hung on my wall of fame,
For all to see my famous horse,
and my card with the Hallmark name.

THANKS HALLMARK!!!!It felt like Christmas today! I am addressing them tonight and sending one each to my brothers and sisters.I will have three left when I am done!
(But I know where to get more!!!)