Thursday, June 5, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion #13: Carol & Tucker

My name is Carol Pohlman and I'd like to thank you for considering Tucker as the grand finalist. His card doesn't give you the whole picture, so I've included it here.

Tucker's blood brother Kalamazoo was very sick and required life-saving surgery. My husband told Kal he needed to get a job to help cover his expenses, but you can see that he clearly wasn't up to it. However, big brother Tucker positioned himself for the challenge.

He's made it to the finalist stage and needs your help now! Please vote for us daily!


Sandideer said...

Tucker is a finalist,
trying to win some money,
to pay off brother's clinic bills,
which really aren't too funny.

Here's to a quick recovery,
and good luck to Tucker too.!
Well wishes coming swiftly,
from here to Kalamazoo!

poeticfisherman said...

I was going to write a poem, but Sandideer covered my thoughts perfectly.

Best of luck to Tucker, Kalamazoo, and to you in the competition, Carol. Having a sick kitty is not fun at all. One of mine, Bandit, has chronic kidney stones and has had several thousand dollars worth of surgery. Bandit is fine, most of the time, though he must take medicine every day. He still has a few bad days, though.

Here's hoping for only good days ahead for your family and felines.