Monday, June 9, 2008

Cards Coming Soon to Stores!!

So, we went over to the Card Factory to see your card "gangs" being "cut" a while ago. The next step for our little team was to see the "ship test" -- an actual (pretend) display of what your Pets cards will look like once they're in the store. Plus, we got to see samples of your cards printed.

We were beyond thrilled. They all look so good. And they look amazing as a big group. You should be proud of yourselves. We sure were. Way to go, you guys.


Sharon said...

WOW! Your display looks amazing - I can't wait to see it in my local Hallmark store!

NestleMom said...

are you posting a store locater to find where to purchase the cards...???

KC.TBone said...

Sure are - ask and ye shall receive!

We hope to have that up and running on Monday morning for you to find all of the local stores that have these great cards!

spiderprincess said...

I saw everyone's cards at our Hallmark today! Pretty cool! (;
I had to buy one....

Shari said...

Just saw my card at my local Hallmark store. The display looked great. I bought my card and the cashier looked at the picture on the back and said, hey that's you!!!

Sandideer said...

Fathers Day

I read that the very first card for Fathers Day ,
was written by a greek lad on a tablet of clay.
To honor his Father,to wish him long life and good health,
what a wonderful way of expressing himself!

The next documentation for the first Father's Day date,
says 1909 or 1908.
One started in Spokane by Sonora Dodd,
the other by Grace Clayton in Grafton,it's said.

President Calvin Coolidge recommended a day,
To celebrate fathers in June so they say.
It was Lyndon B. Johnson who firmed up the date,
the third Sunday in June is when we celebrate.
Officially recognized in 1972, when Nixen was president (and a Daddy to boot!)

What I want to know is when the first Hallmark card,
was created for Dads that work and play hard?
And what did it look like, my mind wants to know,
Can you tell us some history? I've looked high and lo!

Today is the day that we honor our Dads,
All over the world, children are glad!
Wear a red rose today if you dad is alive,
wear a white rose in remembrance, if your Father has died.

I wear a white rose today for my own,
he taught me so much as he watched me grow,
I miss him so much, and some days it's hard,
to know I'll never give him again ,another Fathers Day card.

Wordy McGee said...

We dug into the archives and found out that Hallmark has been producing Father's Day cards since the early 1920s. Hmmm, we wonder what they looked like. We're guessing they didn't picture remotes or couches, though.