Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion #12: Susie & Tick Tock

Hi I am Susie Rodriguez from the Sunshine State Miami, Florida.

You should vote for me and my Oh so Photogenic and Colorful Senegal Parrot Tick Tock. Which has been named after one of my Husbands and My favorite Disney beloved Classics Peter Pan. For all of you that don’t remember its the Famous Crocodile that chases Captain Hook . Tick Tock is his name.

We thought of every GREEN thing on the face of this earth and this was really unique.
My parrot is really unique we can lay him down with his legs facing up (look at the photo).

Tick Tock is definitely a Bird-Dog for us, he is not a flyer he is a walker. The minute we say “Sleepy Time” he climbs down from his cage and follows my husband and I . He climbs up his ladder to climb up to the bed to go Night Night., He also loves to go for a ride especially to the drive thru of Burger King, that way he can grab a French fry.

Tick Tock eats dinner with us with his own mini plate his favorite foods and drink are: Spaghetti, Crackers, Cheese and loves Coca-cola (only one sip because that’s bad for him)

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cockeyedmosquito said...

I know a parrot named Rainbow
He’s as funny as he can be
He lives at a carwash near here
And he seems to recognize me

They’re beautiful birds to look at
But aren’t they a lot of trouble?
Where in the world do they pee-pee?
Run to the pot on the double?

Your Tick Tock is very handsome
He must be your pride & your joy
Please tell us about his talking
Or is he the type that is coy?

Good luck in the YourPets contest
Looks like you are doing quite well
Does Tick Tock know of his standing?
Please tell him hello & farewell!

Sandideer said...

There once was a parrot, Tick Tock.
Whose bedtime was around ten o'clock,
He didn't take flight,
when they said Nighty Night,
He laid on his back and slept like a rock!

Susie said...

Thank you cockeyedmosquito & sandideer for your beautiful,humoristic poems. Absolutely wonderful. very creative, and Thank you for taking the time to create your work of art.

Sandideer said...

You're very welcome Suzie,
glad to make you smile,
Your bird is very popular,
on top of the card pile.

My card is running 9th right now,
in the Your Funnyness Contest,
I'll have to toot my horn some more,
if I want to be the best!