Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion #16: Dan & Lucy

Hi, I'm Dan Pinder, and this is my dog Lucy.

Lucy is a rescued dog. We adopted her last year. Although there are signs that she was abused (a scar across her neck about 5" long), she is a really great dog. She has learned a lot of commands in the last year since she has come to live with us. One thing that I think is unique about Lucy is that she purrs. Yes she does purr. Usually in the evening or late at night when I pet her, she makes a short purring sound.

If we win, I am going to donate $500 to the animal rescue groups in the Delaware/Pennsylvania area.


Sandideer said...

Lucy is a rescue dog,
Dan adopted her last year,
She's an easy dog to recognize,
she smiles from ear to ear!

She's currently in training,
and learning lots of tricks,
I bet she knows to sit and lay,
and how to fetch a stick!

A dog that purrs? Well, golly gee!,
that really is profound!
And if they win the big cash prize,
Five Hundred bucks goes to the pound.

So vote for Dan and Lucy,
It's up for us to go to bat,
for this owner and his canine friend,
who grins and purrs like a Cheshire cat! .

Bev said...

Hi Dan & Lucy,
We also have a rescue dog named Abbie and she looks a lot like Lucy. Same coloring, eyes, ears and she loves to run. My husband runs marathons so Abbie runs with him while he is training. I think her longest run was 18 miles. I just received a birthday card from a friend that has Lucy's picture on it so that's how I found out about your dog. She does have a great smile.............

seachele369 said...

Bravo to you Dan and Lucy,
Coming from our home of 5 cats and 2 dogs rescued. WE think Lucy is a lovely lady and graces that card magnificently. I bought it to hang on the wall in a frame.Our Oscar is the spitting image of her in brindle. Ears,smile and purr.(when you scratch the nape of his neck.) Do you know her breed? I wonder if they are related? He just had his first birthday.
hugs and kisses to Lucy from Oscar,Tasha,Angel,Hobie,Mickers,Abbie and Callie.
we'd love to hear from you.

BS&L said...

I too have a dog that looks just like Lucy and actually purrs when petted. Really, she looks just like Lucy,

seachele369 said...

we love hearing about all these great puppers that look alike, can anyone identify the breed(s) our oscar is supposed to be a chiuahua,cairn terrier mix, how about yours?