Friday, June 20, 2008

Getting Excited at HQ

You guys made the front page of THE NOON NEWS, our little daily Hallmark newspaper! See how excited we all are for you? We really are.

And we're just plain excited about the whole idea of us all working together to make great cards: Cards that will help people connect in new ways and cards that will keep relationships growing. Cards that, we hope, will make this world of ours a more loving place.



kmbrco said...

Don't suppose you could post that as a pdf or something so we can read it?

NeuBon said...

Does June 24th count as the 'end' of June? I hope so! If not, might you be so kind as to offer us another little hint about the upcoming contest? Thanks!

Wordy McGee said...
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Wordy McGee said...

We're asking around about the article and we'll see what we can dig up for you. Stay tuned.

And as far as hints go, think the veeeery end of June. Rest assured we're not keeping you in suspense for the thrill of it. Nope. We're scurrying around, getting things all put together for the next fun competition. Trust us; it'll be worth the wait.

Wordy McGee said...

So here's the lowdown on the Noon News article: We can't get a PDF for you but we can give you the gist.

While you are all well-versed in how this whole card competition thing has been going, not everyone at Hallmark has been in on the fun. Our small (but mighty) group is just one of many groups in this great big place so it's hard to get the word out to everyone about what we're doing. That's where the Noon News article comes in. It filled in everybody at Hallmark about all the yourFunny*ness and yourPets happenings. And Hallmarkers have been glad to share in the excitement.