Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Next Competition...

One of the challenges in planning greeting cards can be planning holiday cards when it's no where near the season the card is celebrating.

How do you get into the mood for Halloween when the first blooms of spring are unfurling? Or get all giddy about bunnies and springtime and the true meaning of Easter when it's time to cook the turkey for Thanksgiving? And how can you get yourself to really feel the holiday spirit when you're sweating bullets at a BBQ in the summer?

We've got our own ways of getting inspired, but here's our question to you: If you were given such a challenge, how might you get yourself in a holiday mood... for a holiday far, far away? Hmmmm??


poeticfisherman said...

How would I get myself into the mood for writing and designing for a holiday far away?

This is something that has happened to me, in the past. I always chalked it to the creative nature of being a writer/photographer, but it could be the way my brain is wired.

In the times when I have been asked to write for a holiday that is a long time away (i.e. a poem for a Valentine's Day wedding, requested in April of the year before the need), I have generally, found a quiet room, closed my eyes, and tried to visualize the scenario. Then, if able, I have tried to remember something about the holiday that I have enjoyed. My memories, alone, have often inspired me to write Mother's Day verses in November and Grandparent's Day verses in March or April.

But, as a writer, and to answer the question, I will say that having quiet time to think and a phlethora of memories from travels, etc., upon which to reflect, is beneficial (at least to me).

I'm looking forward to the next contest!

NeuBon said...

I've had this very challenge before.

I turn on a sound machine to the ocean track, sit on a beach towel, apply a bit of suntan lotion, crank up the thermostat, and put on shorts and flip flops. And voila - instant summer right in my living room!!

Christmas is easy, too. I light a candle that smells like an evergreen tree, suck on peppermint candy to simulate candy canes, dig out some leftover Santa wrapping paper, wrap a gift (regifted) for someone dear as I play some carols on the mp3 player, and turn the A/C as cold as I can get it so that I have to put on a sweater.

As for Thanksgiving, all that's necessary is to open a can of cranberry sauce.

I could go on, but all of a sudden I am having some serious cravings for pumpkin pie!!

poeticfisherman said...

Pumpkin pie does sound good, right about now, doesn't it? So does a box of those Valentine's Day conversation hearts and some Reese eggs, for that matter. Thanks Hallmark! I've planned my off-the-wall dinner. ;-)

NeuBon said...

Poeticfisherman - With a dinner like that, I am afraid to ask what you had for dessert!

poeticfisherman said...

Ha.... I ate tamales, instead, but with a dinner like that, Maalox and Tums would have been likely!

But, in all seriousness, to the contest, the different ways that different people have to inspire themselves to design are always intriguing to me. We all have unique ways of getting to the same point! Nothing is neater than that!