Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion #15: Amy & Jenkins

Hi All! Amy Parrish here, requesting your votes (while Jenkins is begging for them). While normally the life of the party, Jenkins was one party-pooped pooch the day I took this picture. If you would help him roll on over into first place he’d have another chance to celebrate!

Also (here comes the mushy stuff), I'd love to make my mom proud. Entering this contest was her idea to begin with. I love her so very much for always having such confidence in me. Both she and my dad have always let me grow at my own pace and not only experience, but also enjoy, the wonder that is life.

Thanks for reading...vote for Jenkins!


Sandideer said...

Hi my jame is Nenkins,
I really pike to larty,
Amy pook this ticture,
After one pig barty.

I weally wasn't rith it,
I bried to te upbeat.
I'm still a wittle lobbly,
and unsteady on fy meet.

Gust jive me one more moment,
I'll try to smile heal rard,
My pose will be pust jerfect,
for my hinning Wallmark card.


(Seriously, I am just kidding, Amy.)(but I have seen a few people that talk funny after a party!)
Jenkins is a beautiful beagle...( I used to have one named Ruby!) . Even animals have an off day but his picture and card was good enough to make it to the finalist round.Good luck Amy and Jenkins.!!Make your Momma proud!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Trying again...my brain is still a little jumbled this morning!!!

Thanks Sandideer. J-Dog is actually half-beagle and half-basset hound. I'm not sure if you can tell by the photo, but he was quite the chunker (47lbs at his last visit which is a lot for his height).

Of course Jenks has been on a diet the past few weeks and starting to thin out (we see a waistline again!). Now if only my diets were so successful! :)

NestleMom said...

he is my favorite card... besides my own of Nestle- submitted by my aunt. I will definitely be buying your card!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...thanks NestleMom! Jenkins sends his gratitude as well! :)