Thursday, June 5, 2008

Whatever happened to Blogden Nash?

To quash any rumors about my recent blogging absence and to help resolve any abandonment issues among our regulars, here's a quick update.

I'm going to summer school! Hallmark is sending me to my alma mater, the University of Minnesota, where I'll live in the dorm and study web design and guitar. Don't feel like revealing my real age, but the last time I was in school Nixon was president. You do the math.

I'll check in here often to see what the talented card making hordes are up to. You'll be seeing a couple of new avatars in my absence, and the fresh horses should keep things extra lively.


Sandideer said...

Blogden Nash is back at school,
after Labor day he'll be back,
Did he get new pens and pencils,
and a nifty new backpack?

Send us news about your progress,
so we know you've studied hard,
when you're done we'll be here waiting,
with your Graduation Card!

Hurry back Blogden and have fun!

poeticfisherman said...

Blogden, I hope your summer's swell
Have fun, where Golden Gophers dwell
Design and guitar -- both are cool
All the best, while you're back at school!

We, bloggers, will hold down the fort
While to professors, you'll report
We'll catch you soon, when summer's passed
'til then, I hope you have a blast!