Wednesday, August 27, 2008

While Judgy's Away the Elves Will Play

>Speaking of decorating Judgy's booth . . .

You all gave us so many fun, festive ideas that we couldn't resist. We just had to welcome our dear Judgy back with flair. All day long, she was in a winter wonderland, thanks to your quick thinking and the plentiful attic of one Judgeroni Underpants. Teamwork, at its finest.

And a note from Judgy herself...
Thanks, people, for the warm welcome back. And for all of your crafty, clever, conniving ideas to help "decorate" my booth. I didn't realize what a mischievous group you all are. I'm impressed. :) Also, I'm totally going to fork someone's lawn sometime. Soon.


Sandideer said...

Hello Judgy,

Your cube looks really festive,
looks like an office party scene!
Glad we could help to fuel it,
a funny sight to see!

I'd love to help you fork a yard,
{I need a laugh or four}
Its really great if you can watch,
the "Forked ONES" come out their door!!

Their faces will be blank at first,
They'll stare at their plastic "crop",
And when they see just whats been done,
The swearing doesn't stop!

Harvesting can be a hoot,
(If you can stop laughing long enough to watch!)
Bring a lawnchair and some drinks,
Oh heck, invite the whole block!!


poeticfisherman said...

Judgy, Wordy or anyone else at Hallmark, I have an interesting question that may not be a concern for myself, personally, yet for those of us, like myself, who have submitted from the Gulf Coast, it might be something worthy to know, if nothing else for future contests during Hurricane Season. (Call me one to always cross my t's and dot my i's, just in case.)

As I'm sure you've seen on the news, Hurricane Gustav has been churning in the Caribbean and is expected to be in the Gulf of Mexico, as a strong hurricane this weekend, possibly making landfall somewhere along the Gulf Coast's mainland, sometime early next week.

I was just curious. If any of the finalists are from the Gulf Coast, they may be forced to evacuate, prior to being notified, if the storm is as strong as projected and nears their area. Evacuating could mean that the card submitters will not be near internet, home phone, or e-mail access, given a lack of such means at many hurricane shelters. (I know some who were forced to sleep in their cars on a Wal-Mart parking lot, due to the far-inland hotels being booked quickly.)

In this scenario, would a finalist from the Gulf Coast, still unnotified or notified after their evacuation, in turn, be forced into disqualification, through no fault of their own, given that the contest must go on and the possible finalist could not finalize their paperwork in the 72 hour timeframe or do you have an emergency plan of your own in place --- something built in for special circumstances, such as natural disasters?

I know the rules state that Hallmark is not responsible for e-mail address changes, etc., but I wondered about the policy for Natural Disasters out of everyone's control. It would be a shame if a selected card had to be bumped, due to a finalist's protection of his or her life and property, even if that's the way it would have to be.

It looks like the storm could hit New Orleans again, and I just want to say, as a Texas Gulf Coast resident, good luck and bless you to anyone who may ultimately be facing this storm's wrath. We're currently in the cone of uncertainly, here in the Houston/Galveston area, and while I don't wish the storm on anyone, I can tell you that I don't want it, either!

Fourteen hours on the road, traveling a mere 20 miles during the Hurricane Rita evacuation, 3 years ago, was enough for me. If the storm comes this way, I'll leave again, Hallmark contest or not, since I live less than 1,000 feet from an inlet of the Gulf, but I dread the thought of having to do it.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide. Again, it may be a concern for nothing, but a question I thought I should ask, if, indeed, other Gulf Coast residents submitted cards and like me, are awaiting word on not only the finalists, but also the direction this storm will take.

Have a great evening!

poeticfisherman said...

I always adore your little poems. They're so witty!
Have a great night.

Becky (Daisyduster) said...

Gosh...hurrican season again...I'm so thankful for not having to really deal directly with that. We get our snow though...and fires! Had to evacuate once for fun.

On the other hand,
Thank You once again, Hallmark, for the opportunity to submit our ideas to a wonderful cause. What an honor it would be to make it to the finals! Can't wait to see those designs!

Crossing my fingers for everyone,

Sandideer said...

Thanks Poetic,

I will be praying that anyone in those hurricane paths be spared from the terrible wrath these storms can wreak.
I watched the story of Katrina on PBS last week.I was horrified at the details of what those people went through( and still are).My family has lived through the flood of 65 in LaCrosse Wisconsin so I am no stranger as to what water can do.We were displaced from our home for months.
May God keep you all safe and near a working phone or computer for the contest winners to be announced!

poeticfisherman said...

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, everyone. As of this morning, the Hurricane Center has estimated the storm will likely be further west than New Orleans, but further west also means a little bit closer to us. This will be a pins and needles kind of weekend, ahead, for more reasons than I had hoped.

I need the front in the Gulf of Alaska, currently, to move in here by the weekend to protect us from Gustav, which is nearing hurricane strength again now, and will likely explode in strength, once it hits the 80-90 degree Gulf waters.

I'm hoping this is where my late father will come into play to steer the storm away from me, using his Higher Powers beyond the grave (or urn, in Dad's case).

R.D. said...

Great to see the decorations for Judgey, but I would really like to see the bowling alley??? How's about it?! LOL...

poeticfisherman, I moved to KY from the Gulf last year. I am so glad I did. I witnessed Katrina, and it was no picnic. We were only about 4 hours from where it hit badly, but we had evacuees living in the parking lots of our local stores. It was awful. You guys take care!

poeticfisherman said...


I witnessed Katrina through the displaced New Orleans residents who sought refuge in the Houston area. The outpouring of support from Houston City Management and residents of the entire Houston Metro area toward those who fled here was unbelievable.

At the time, I was volunteering my poetry to a Houston area radio station, which was joining our local CBS affiliate for a big Katrina fundraiser/telethon. I was so inspired by our region's response to New Orleans' need and the needs of those who came here that I wrote a tribute poem to those New Orleans' residents who were displaced, lost, confused or struggling, thanks to being forced to Texas, through no one's fault, but Mother Nature's.

The poem was aired on Houston radio, the day after it was written, and has since been used in various Katrina-related fundraisers as well as in anniversary-related projects, as late as the anniversary, last year. I cannot believe tomorrow marks 3 years since Katrina and yet, even now, I still see the televised interview and images of that poor man who had to let go of his wife in order to save his children and his own life. No one should ever have to make that choice.

One of my friends in Biloxi lost her home during Katrina and Katrina was a storm that affected everyone, even if some were not directed affected. The worries from Katrina have changed the way that everyone, here in Texas, views hurricanes, now.

I can only hope that the kindness our region extended towards the Katrina evacuees is extended to us, should we have to leave for Gustav or any other storm. Sadly, when I left here and evacuated to Arkansas during Rita, 3 years ago, some radio DJs in Little Rock poked fun at the evacuees and compared us to nomads. To each his own, I guess.

R.D. said...
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