Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Time is of the Essence

According to our calculations, you've got just under two weeks left to submit your card design for the YourHoliday competition.  That's just enough time for some quality brainstorming about the holidays (You may need to stand next to the air conditioning vent to enhance the experience.) and a little time to enter your design (That's the easy part.).  

We're getting more and more into the holiday spirit as we see your submissions roll in, which is a great relief from the soggy heat of summer.  So if you haven't already entered, go for it.  Our holiday spirit depends on it.

1 comment:

Dallas Shaw said...

i have a great idea for this contest, and just cannot get it to submit online :(, I've emailed everyone for help asking another email I could possibly send it to. The specs are correct and everything else. Hope someone gets back to me so I can submit! I've worked pretty hard on it!