Friday, August 22, 2008

A Real Holiday Treat!

As soon as the YourHoliday contest opened on July 28th, submissions started pouring in (okay, most of the pouring happened in the last 24 hours of the contest).  We were checking every day to see if we had more entries to review.  The suspense was  too much for us.  We were like little kids, shaking our holiday presents.  Then, from time to time, when we had a good-sized group of submissions, we'd get together to "oooh" and "ahhh" over them.  We even plugged in our miniature tree for ambiance.

Then, we got down to the holiday business.  We looked at each submission and asked ourselves (and each other) whether it met the judging criteria: Does it include red or (RED)?  Would it make a good holiday card?  Is it unique?  After answering those questions, we decided whether it would pass on to the next round of judging.

Well, we've finally seen all the submissions for the contest.  Next week, it's time for judging and we can't wait!  It's going to be a tough, yet really really fun job.  Are you getting excited?  We'll keep you posted on all the happenings, so we'll see you next week right here.


Anonymous said...

How exciting....I can't wait!

poeticfisherman said...

I ditto anonymous. I can't wait, either, and will be looking forward to the excitement, next week.

Becky (Daisyduster) said...

aaaaAAhhhHH...I'm sooo crazy excited!
Can't wait! (well, I suppose there's really no choice but to wait....LOL)
See ya back on Monday!

vicky a. from CT said...

Pins and needles, needles and pins. I can't wait 'til the judging begins!

Ah, who needs sleep anyway?

poeticfisherman said...

Pins and needles (and how about some pine needles, too). HA! What a weekend of waiting this will be for the fun on Monday.

I'll catch you all, then.

Sandideer said...

Twas the night before Monday,
and all through the blog,
not a finalist was stirring,
in the creative fog.

Their cards were displayed on the board with great care,
With hopes that the judges will find theirs most fair!

Three days and they'll know which designs they have picked,
And a new set of finalists will dance like St.Nick!

Sharon said...

Sandideer - I have to tell you, I seek out your blog entries because I love to read your fun creative poems! SO talented! Great idea, by the way, regarding picking up Hallmark cards to send as "Thank You's" for loyal voters. Believe me, I owe quite a few to my family and close friends. My office FINALLY kicked in with votes, but alas, too late to get me near the top spot. Sigh. Oh well, at least they kept me moving. Did you mention you were not entering the "Holiday" contest? If so, both you and Hypnobee's entries will be sorely missed! Hopefully both your blog comments will keep coming, though.

poeticfisherman said...

I took an evening's R&R in Louisiana and loved coming back home to your Christmas poem. It reminded me of a "feline" Night Before Christmas poem that I wrote a few years ago. The four-legged variety make the holidays rather interesting, you know, especially when one is a 20 pound cat who thinks the middle of the Christmas tree is a nice bed!
Have a great weekend.

poeticfisherman said...

I agree. Hypnobee and Sandideer will DEFINITELY be missed for 'Your Holidays.'

Sandideer said...

Sharon and Poetic,
Aww thanks...I didn't submit but I will still hang around here to chat and fling a bit of my poetry around....I don't know if I should because I am not an entrant in the Holidays..(Most of my voting public has withdrawn from this type of voting and made it quite clear that they don't like to be pinned down to their computers! Yikes)One even compared me to a Chain letter email....woe is me!!
And they informed me there is supposedly a virus going around attached to an email heading titled" Hallmark Postcard" now so most of my email buddies have updated their spam filters to include the word Hallmark, so most of my emails to them have been going straight into their garbage cans.
What is this crazy world coming to anyway!Everyday my computer spends 10 minutes updating it's virus protection.So thats the scoop!
Anyway, that is just MY problem.The voting procedure is working well for some of the other finalists!!
Contests are contests...the most votes wins!

I have picked my favorite of the top five and will vote for that one now until the end starting tomorrow..I gave my card my last vote today...kinda sad.
My horse is looking at me right now through the window...he wants me to come out and play..see you all later!The sun is up,and the birds are singing and I don't have to work today.....whoopee!!!

bootsiesmom said...

This is so neat and exciting !!!! :) Big, big, big, time fun !!!! :) Lots of suspense :)

Nicole said...

I've never wanted Monday to come quite as much as I do now!

Irene said...

This waiting is like "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS!"

Irene said...

This waiting is like "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS!"

Irene said...

This waiting is like "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS!"

R.D. said...

From what I understand, the winners are to start being announced today, and each weekday for the next 20 days till all are revealed.

Does this mean that Hallmark has already contacted the winners, judgy? I mean, how can you reveal them if they haven't been notified and signed the all important paperwork?

With that said, I know I haven't gotten a call. :( Anyone else?

poeticfisherman said...


The way I understood things, the Hallmark judges have looked at all the entries to see if they fit the specified qualifications, the judges will begin judging them today, the finalists will be notified once that is done, and the finalists will be unveiled, one per day, beginning on September 8th.

R.D. said...

Ahhh, thanks poeticfisherman. I must have misunderstodd.

Darn! I thought today was the day we would at least see that small picture of undecipherable cards laying on a table in their judging room so we could all say we think we see our card! LOL....

So, more waiting. UGHH.

poeticfisherman said...


Hurry up and wait is the story of my life! The excitement is hard to contain.

But, I am fairly certain I read in Friday's blog from the judges that their first official day of judging is today.