Friday, August 1, 2008

Submissions Back Open! (Wahoo!) Voting Still Closed. (Rats.)

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!! We've got things back in order, pieces back in place and most everything all sorted out. Once again, we are excited and able to receive your inc(red)ible card entries for the YourHoliday contest (ends 8/18 at 8 AM).

Due to "technical difficulties", we were unable to accept submissions for a bit there -- if you were disappointed, we know the feeling, possibly even more so. (Did you cry? We cried.)

Said technical difficulties are also causing us to put a hold on the voting and buying of the YourPets and YourFunny*ness cards for now. (Rats!!) We are working our tails off to get all of that back on track, too.

Thanks for your patience on that one. (Again, rats.)
And one more Hooray for the re-opened YourHoliday submissions!!


P.S. We are not blaming rats.


hypnobee said...

UGH...What is going on? I was able to login and vote around 10:30am EST. I sent an email out to everyone telling they could vote again only to receive emails back an hour later that it's back down again.

This is really killing my momentum. My current projections had me taking over first place somewhere around December 12th 2011. If voting doesn't come back soon I'll have no chance to meet this date!

Wordy McGee said...

We are hugely sorry for this frustrating site issue. Grrrr. Believe us, we're doing a little fist shaking ourselves. We're getting updates hourly on progress and we will let you know the moment voting capabilities are up for your use. Then, everyone can vote, vote, vote.