Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Polls are Open! Hip Hip Hooray!

After a snafu or two (or twelve), we've got the site back under control and ready for your voting pleasure.  So don't waste another minute.  Go vote!  

You've got until the end of this month to vote for your favorite Funny*ness finalist.  Time's a-tickin'.  Spread the word and vote every day (once a day) to make sure your finalist comes out on top as the funniest of the funny.

Tick, tick tick . . . 


Sandideer said...

We all love our computers,
they keep us all connected,
except when systems go haywire,
and have to be dissected.

For the most they sure can be,
a source of entertainment,
They also are a point of stress,
that can call for pure restrainnment!

We boot, we wait, we twiddle thumbs,
waiting for downloads,
Until our patience wears so thin,
our tempers just explode.

Some walk away, some hit the switch,
Some use finger inuendos!
But I really like the ones that snap,
and throw them out the window!!

Congratulations on the fix!!! Now back to the voting!!! Hello everyone..good luck in the Holiday competition.

poeticfisherman said...

Thanks, Sandideer,

And continued good luck to you as Funny*ness winds towards an end.

I agree with you, entirely, about computers. Sometimes, they're a gift; others, a pain in the behind. We had two of ours crash in the time frame of two weeks. One computer's crash cost me 186 pages of a novel manuscript I had been writing. I thought the computer had backed it up to disc, but when I put the disc in the new computer I purchased, it was blank! I cried for three hours!!!

Have a great day.

Sandideer said...

Hi Poetic,

ohhhh that must have been excrutiating to lose all of that,I will compare that to my loss of all my old Hallmarks recently... POOF and it's gone.I now have a 500GB external hard drive I save EVERYTHING I do on...plus I make back up discs .It takes a little extra time but all is safe!( I take TONS of pictures).....but that wouldn't have helped save my cards in my case!!!
I am looking forward hopefully to seeing your submission as a finalist in the next contest!And if it is... GOOD LUCK in the voting process.You will have my vote!I won't be submitting.