Monday, August 25, 2008

Confusion Runs Amok

We've heard from lots of you, and we're glad you're excited for this week.  There's just one thing: this is NOT the week we start revealing finalists.  This IS the week we start judging submissions.  Are we clear? Crystal clear?  Okay.  

This week, we'll all gather in a  room called the "bowling alley," where we'll post the submissions on the wall so we can get a real good look at 'em.  Then, we'll use our judicious powers to narrow down the entries, getting closer and closer to the twenty finalists.  Those finalists will start being revealed on September 8, after all the judging is finished.

Stay tuned for updates.  And stay excited.  


Anonymous said...

once again i log in for my meaningless vote, which seems to hang in cyberspace whereas, the top spot in your pets is "automatically" back up by a point in a matter of seconds!!! I think hallmark should just pick a winner from card sales or something else ---- because this isn't fair!!!!!

poeticfisherman said...

I understand the entire process, including the one-by-one unveiling for the sake of each finalist having some "individual limelight" on the blog. (I think that is neat.)
Is it safe to assume, since I'm sure others will ask about this as well, that the 20 finalists WILL be notified, privately, by e-mail, as previously expressed, prior to Sept. 8th, (aka early Sept., if not sooner), so that any permissions forms may be completed and returned within the specified 72 hour time frame needed to secure a spot as a finalist? Or, will all of this be done on or after Sept. 8th?
Have fun judging. I don't envy your task at hand and I'm sure whittling the entries to 20 is very difficult.
Again, good luck to everyone who submitted, as I try to keep my excitement in check.

Sandideer said...

My poetry sometimes ,
goes north and goes south,
and sometimes I just put my foot in my mouth,

Didn't mean to make anybody think the reveal was today, just trying to say in my poem that the cards would all be on the board for the judging starting today!!

Think I will just sit in the background silently from now on....
Good luck all!I can cheer from the sidelines!

Wordy McGee said...


You're right. The 20 finalists will be notified privately before they're announced. That way, they have a chance to fill out legal paperwork, etc. and secure their finalist status.

Thanks for the good luck. Our judges will need it. Today's another day of pondering and debate.

mamapup said...

Anonymous! Hang in there! Somebody will pay attention!

See the little rodents are still there. Behind a tenth of a point! What's the bet on how long??