Monday, August 11, 2008

What It's Like to Make Cards at Hallmark

Hey everyone, I’m a writing intern at Hallmark, for a little over six weeks. I just wanted to share a little what it feels like to me to make a card here.

It took me a while to get the hang of just what Hallmark looks for to make their cards. They don’t play- they really want to be the very best. Because you care enough to send it, right?

I may submit many ideas, but only a few might make the cut. When I got that first acceptance it was an exhilarating rush. And hey, when that happens, you’re allowed to be a little smug I think. When you and your friends/family happen to be perusing the cards together, you can point and say, “I did that.” And if you happen to catch a stranger buying the card you made… I mean, I haven’t experienced that yet, but I can imagine how great that would be.

Besides the show-off factor though, I always keep in mind that these cards are little pieces of art that people all over can look at and think, “This card expresses for me what I can’t on my own.” So, when someone sends my writing–my card—I could be personally responsible for some possibly very emotionally charged moments of connection.

And that’s what feels really awesome.

(Posted for "Semantically Yours" by Judgy)


poeticfisherman said...

Judgy (and Semantically),

As someone who is primarily a writer, I can appreciate this post, very much. I am sure the artistic people who are designers, first, feel the same way, too.

There is a tremendous rush that comes from touching the lives of people we've never met through a piece we've designed or written. Yet, the "rush" is as wonderful a feeling for the designer/writer as it is for the sender/receiver.

I've had the opportunity and have been in the position to touch lives through my words and creations, over the years, thanks to various charitable and/or memorial needs, locally and online.

Some of those endeavors have led to personal thank-yous from recipients of my works; others, have been silent doses of gratitude, but they were still rewarding, as I knew I had created the best work I could for the project.

I have found, and others may agree or disagree, that if we find peace in our own hearts and experience happiness in our own lives, due to the projects we have designed or written, we've been bettered by the experience, regardless of whether our works become popular on a wide scale or not.

Personal satisfaction, to some, may not be as rewarding as wide notoriety, but to others, it is enough, when it is known in our hearts that we've created something of which we are proud.

Just my two cents worth.....

Semantically Yours said...

Thank you, poeticfisherman! I'm sort of young and inexperienced, and it's nice to know my feelings are validated and shared by someone who has been working with this sort of thing for a long time. I appreciate your feedback and I hope we both can keep working on stuff that makes us happy for a looooong time!

Sandideer said...

Judgy Semantically Yours and Poetic:

This contest has brought pride to those,
whose cards were picked the best,
to bear the awesome Hallmark crown,
to that I can attest!

I've seen my card in Hallmark stores,
People read it and laugh out loud,
while I stand and watch it all,
You can bet that I am proud!

But most of all I know that when,
I am gone and and my time has come,
that I'll be remembered for who I am,
and for all the things I've done.

Life is lots of lessons learned,
We leave traces behind each day,
I hope mine are filled with love,
to help others find their way.

Good luck again to all of you entering these card don't need to be a famous artist to be one of Hallmarks just need to share your heart and your feelings with others!

Pass the Mustard Seed... said...

You'll have to let us know when you get to experience a friend of yours or a stranger buying a card that you've created. I'm sure that it will be a fabulous experience! I know that I sometimes can be found laughing out loud while spending maybe a little too long in the card aisle of the grocery store (I've been known to spend an average of 15-20 minutes reading cards just for the sake of reading cards and have on occasion spent up to an hour doing so when there isn't anything perishable in my cart). I hope that I come across one of your cards one day!