Monday, October 27, 2008

yourParenthood Hint #3: Writing

Have you been digging through those photo albums and boxes for the photographic treasure (or treasures) you'll submit to the yourParenthood contest? Once you've got the star photo in hand, use these tips to help stir up some ingenious writing ideas from that noggin of yours:

1. Keep it sendable.

Your card could be sent to any person who's a mom or dad,
not just your mom or dad. Like could someone send it to their
sister (who's a mom) or their uncle (who's a dad) or their friend (who's a mom or dad)?

2. Weigh your options.

You can write on the front of the card AND on the inside,
just on the inside,
or on the front of the card only.

Make sure your card's not blank inside, though. That would just be sad.
If you opt to write only on the front,
make sure there's at least a "Happy Mother's Day" or "Happy Father's Day"-type message inside.
Otherwise, we'll add in that message for you.

3. Know your audience.

*If you're writing a Mother's Day card, don't be afraid to tickle a mom's funny bone.
It's okay if it's sweet and it definitely should be good-spirited but if any job requires a sense of humor, it's being a mom. Go on. Make some moms laugh.

*If you're writing a Father's Day card, keep it all about who a dad is and not what he does. That means even if every dad you know loves golf, the card shouldn't be about a dad's performance on the back nine. It should be more about what a great dad he is. Fewer hobbies. More heart.


poeticfisherman said...

Good Morning, Wordy,
I have a question in reference to the Father's Day cards. Can these use subtle humor, as well, or do they need to be more sappy? If humor is acceptable for the Mother's Day card, will it also be acceptable for the Father's Day card?

Wordy McGee said...

Hello, poeticfisherman.

No need for the sap. Subtle humor is a-okay. What we're trying to avoid is getting cards that say things like, "Everything I learned about being a couch potato, I learned from my dad." We know there are lots of awesome dads out there and we want to give them the props they deserve. So humor is fine. Insults are not fine. Got it?

R.D. said...

WHEW! LOL...I've been a bit worried that with these continuing hints, my two great card ideas would need to be changed. So far, I am right on track and I really think I will be chosen this time! Here's to hoping! (Now, if the entry date could only be sooner! ****smile***).

poeticfisherman said...

Thanks, Wordy. I'm glad to hear that light-hearted humor which, without giving away my idea, speaks to the heart of a joyous dilemma that all parents face, will be permitted.

So far, we're three weeks into the clues and so far, both ideas for Mother's Day and Father's Day are still fine and dandy. Yippee!

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