Monday, October 13, 2008

And the Next Contest Is . . . yourParenthood!

Today, we're serving up the first hint in the YourParenthood contest, and it's all about the theme. The task, if you choose to take it on (and why wouldn't you), is to create a card for Mother's Day or Father's Day that will make moms and dads smile. Or laugh. Or both.

*Plus, for the very first time, you'll be able to submit a Mother's Day entry AND a Father's Day entry (if you wanna). It's two, two, two contests in one!

Starting in mid-November,
here's how you'll do it:

1. You'll submit a fun photo of a kid you know (and have permission to photograph)

2. You'll include writing that goes perfectly with your photo and also makes a Mother's Day or Father's Day card that any mom or dad would be oh-so-happy to receive.

As soon as we get those marvelous Mother's Day and Father's Day photos and writing, we'll be judging on three criteria:

1. Sendability - Your card could be sent to any person who's a mom or dad, not just your mom or dad. Like, could someone send it to their sister (who's a mom) or their uncle (who's a dad) or their friend (who's a mom or dad)?

2. Cohesiveness - Your photo and writing are a match made in card heaven.

3. Authenticity - Your card expresses the real experience - the joy, the frustrations, the humor - of parenthood.

Keep checking back for more hints in the coming weeks. In the meantime, dig out those old photo albums and boxes and find your most charming kid photos. We can't wait to see 'em.


poeticfisherman said...

This contest has the potential to be adorable. In just looking through my old photo albums and boxes, I had forgotten how cute the kids in my family have been!

Thanks, Hallmark. I'm excited!!!!! It's nice to take my mind off our hurricane damage, for a few moments.

Sandideer said...

Hi Poetic,

I am ezcited about this contest! And I am glad to see you looking forward to this...a glimmer of light in the storms you have weathered..literally!
I have my OLD family albums out and three generations of pictures to flip through.I have some of my son that are adorable too...but to get him to sign the release form to use some of them might be a problem... LOL!!Have fun and I hope you get your damaged roof fixed ASAP and your Christmas lights up and saying Merry Christmas!!

Sandideer said...

EXCITED......old habits never go away..cripes

I need a 60 second switch,
to hit before my bloggin,
so I can proof the words I type,
to spell them right with my old noggin.

poeticfisherman said...

The house repairs are going SLOWLY. Between fighting the mortgage company and the insurance company --- and calling the contractor --- most days are spent on the phone, right now.

We may have a new roof by 2 weeks from now, at least, and the contractor seems to think that once they start, it'll be 30-45 days until they're done --- pre-Christmas, hopefully. Right now, I'd just like a day off from this.

Sandideer said...

Hi Poetic,

I know what you are going through...when the insurance premiums are due and you are one day late( even within the grace period) they are on the phone IMMEDIATELY..but just try to get them to pay out for damages the policy is supposed to cover.If it weren't for insurance( ANY) and the costs people would have the money to repair things themselves...Premiums are nothing but a way for companies to "gamble with investments" legally with your money.Health costs would go down too.Now that the bottom has fallen out of the stock market the insurance companys are looking at ways to increase a persons' premiums.How many people know that your car insurance premiums are now being based on your credit score?.Even if you have NEVER had a car accident or ticket in your entire life or been late paying your premium with a company, they can now legally raise your premium based on your credit score.
Soon your home owners and health premiums will be based on that too too.It has been fought in the courts but the insurance companies are winning because interest rates on most things sold ( homes, cars, etc. are based on a persons credit rating). They have figured out a way to increase the premiums to recoup the money lost in poor investments and all the storm damages they have had to pay out over the last few years.They are biting the hand that feeds them and it will hit them hard in the end.
I had a very wise person tell me that if everyone quit paying insurance premiums this world would be a different place.Right now most people are cancelling insurance because they just can not afford it included.I make on average 9 dollars an hour at my current job( all I could find without driving an hour to work)..with insurance premiums taken out of my paycheck it takes me down to about 7.00 per hour.I don't even make enough to pay my house payment.I am cancelling and trying to find work two jobs, and looking for a full time job that isn't working a person 12 hour swing shifts.It seems to be what the world is coming too.I physically cannot work 12 hours one week on first shift and 12 hours the next week on third shift .INHUMAN.
Insurance premiums are based on AVERAGES and chance...You are put into a geopgraphic pool, the odds of an accident/disaster/health problem are averaged in the area you live in and that is what the premiums are based on...along with your credit score now.
I know this isn't the place to air this stuff but I just had too...meanwhile...

I am going through TONS of photos!! I wish you all the speed in getting your house repaired!!Keep in touch!!I am always thinking about you!!1