Friday, October 24, 2008

Get fan feedback on yourParenthood photos and writing

We've been wanting to offer this opportunity for quite some time--the chance for you to get a second (and third) opinion on your card ideas before submissions start. Well, the time is now! Take advantage.

When you become a fan of the Your Greeting Card Competition page on Facebook, you can upload the photos and writing you're thinking about submitting and get feedback from other fans. Maybe you'd like help narrowing down your top five favorite photos. Maybe you know which photo you'll submit but you can't decide between two pieces of writing. Let the fans help you out. And share your feedback with fellow fans, too. Collaboration . . . we love it. We hope you do, too.

All you need to do to get this party started is click on the Your Greeting Card Competition link above. Once you're on the page, click "Add Photos" (as shown in the picture above). Then, upload the photo(s) you're considering submitting. Type your writing in the caption box below the photo, and voila! Other fans will give you feedback in the reviews section of the page. And you, friend, will have a little help making those tough decisions that come with creating greeting cards. It's good to be connected.

1 comment:

R.D. said...

I like the facebook idea, but not for the reasons stated. I don't think many are going to be willing to post their pre-entry photos and captions for fear someone else may become more than just inspired by them. LOL..

I know I for one won't post my pre-entries, but have no problem posting my photos and/or graphics if they don't get chosen.

I find this new venue nice because now you can say what you are thinking about the current finalists chosen, and give your own comments and/or critique on each. I think you should also have the runner's up posted as well. Show their entries, so others can make comment on them.

I also like this because even when contests are not going on, you can still make friends and just post to each other in general who are avid HMK fans. So my hats off to HMK for making us a special area for all HMK interests and friends!