Monday, October 20, 2008

yourParenthood Hint #2: Photos

The YourParenthood contest is your shot to make great cards with those fantastic kid photos you've got in albums. Or in boxes. Or scattered about. Who are we to judge? As you're sorting through your photos, keep these handy tips in mind. They're for your own good, you know.

1. Do your homework!

__ Does it include a child, whippersnapper, baby, toddler, or human half-pint?
If not, save that fab photo for another contest.

__ Make sure you're legal.

-Is this your own photo? The snapshot should have been taken by you, or by a friend who's
given you permission to use the photo.

-Was your photo taken by a professional? Unless that professional is you,
we can not accept studio
photos. No school pictures. No Glamour Shots.
Copyright laws--obey 'em

-Do you have permission to submit from the parents/guardians of the featured kid in the photo?
Make sure you've got it. If you're a finalist, we'll have them fill out a fancy schmancy
model release form to give you (and us) official permission.

-Are there any copyrighted materials in the pic?
Like Batman on your kid's t-shirt? Or Barbie in the background?
Crop 'em out or choose another photo.

__ Save your image at 300 dpi. Why? Because we said so.
And because we have to print this sucker.

__ Crop your image to 4 3/4 X 5 1/2. (We can crop it for you as well; just make sure you give us
an image that will look good when cropped to that size.)

__ All photos will be printed in black and white. You can send us a black and white image,
or we can take the color out for you.

2. Go for big impact!

The finalists' cards will be part of our Mother's and Father's Days displays at stores across the country.
Choose a photo with some big-time star power--one that will scream "pick me up!" in the card aisle.

__ Make sure the kid's the center of attention by hitting ZOOM!

__ Choose a photo that tells an immediate story (you "get it" right away).

__ Photos that are unique, unusual, or have a definite personality
(Remember, we're not looking for annoying child-model perfection. We're looking for something
authentic that will make a mom or dad smile because it reminds them of their real life.)

3. Think warm

These cards will be selling in the spring and summer. For some reason, people don't buy a lot of cards
with snow or dead leaves on them when it's all bright and sunny out. So save your holiday snapshots
for a colder-weather contest!

If you have any questions, don't be shy. Leave your comments after the beep (or in the comments section) and we'll get right back atcha.


poeticfisherman said...

Good Morning, Wordy or Judgy,
I am really excited about this contest and have been enjoying looking through my photo albums.
I have a couple of questions, if I may. If I were, hypothetically speaking, thinking of using one of my own baby pictures (with permission given from my Mom to use it) and the shot was a side view taken of me, would this be acceptable, if the verse ties into the picture in such a way that it causes the picture to stand out? Or, must the photo be a forward-facing shot of said baby or child?
Also, for the wording, are we limited just to the wording on the card front (and if so, how many characters or words) or do we also handle the inside verse, too?
Thanks a bunch!

Wordy McGee said...

Good morning to you!

Your photo doesn't necessarily need to be taken from the front. It can be a side view. What's most important is that the kiddo (hypothetically you) need to be the focus of the photo.

Stay tuned for more on writing and word count in the upcoming hints. Hope you can stand the suspense. If it's any consolation, we're in suspense wondering what fantastic kid photos you're sending our way.

Thanks for your questions!


poeticfisherman said...

Hi Wordy,

Thanks and cool. I am the only "kid" in the picture, I am the center of attention, there are no copyright issues involved with dolls or other things, and while there are a few stray leaves on the green grass (in the color version), the picture was taken in early August of my first year and I am wearing a sundress, so summer is still in play.

It sounds like I'm on the right track, anyhow. Thanks again for your response and I'll wait patiently for the details on wording, as the next few weeks of clues are unveiled.

Have a great day!

R.D. said...

Hey Judgy! Would that be more vertical or horizontal as to measurements? Is it 5.5 wide or long?

Anyway, I'm ALL SET! I have a great entry with saying for both Father's and Mother's Day! Can't wait to enter!

Judgy's Little Elf said...

r.d., it is more tall than it is wide. 4 3/4 wide and 5 1/2 tall.

R.D. said...

Thanks judgy!

Anonymous said...

How do you save in 300 dpi?

Judgy's Little Elf said...

Sharon -
Since we don't know the details of your image we can't specifically direct you. Your best bet would be to either ask one of your techie friends for some help or take advantage of your favorite search engine.