Friday, October 17, 2008

To All Our Friends . . . Wanna Be Facebook Friends?

Although we love talking with you here on the blogosphere, we'd love to talk to you elsewhere, too. And since you might get kinda creeped out if we started "coincidentally" bumping into you at the grocery store, we thought, why not Facebook. Judgy and I wanted to let you know that we started a new Page there called "Your Greeting Card Competition."

Become a Fan of "Your Greeting Card Competition" and you'll get updates on new contests, voting, buying, etc. Plus (and we think this is the coolest part), you can write on the Wall or have discussions with us and with other Fans. Right now, it's in its rawest state but as we all pitch in, it'll become more vibrant and lively. Perhaps you have a discussion topic in mind? Or maybe a friend you'd like to invite to become a Fan. We're good with all of that. See you there!

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