Monday, July 14, 2008

YourHoliday Card-Making Tips

Hint #2 is up on the YourHoliday site. Go check 'em out.

And in case you don't have time to jump over there and see all the goodness, here are the basics:

*Create a 5.25" x 7.25" (vertical) or 7.25" x 5.25" (horizontal) design to go on a flat photo card.

*"Design" = anything from the most simple drawing to something more fancy. You can include words in the design or not. We want this to be fun for everyone.

*It must be about the holidays. (You probably figured that.  Smarty.)

*It has to include the color red somewhere in the design.
(How much or how little is your call.)

*Write a little sentiment to go with your design.  Short.  Sweet.  To-the-point.

*Make it your original work.  No cheating.  (Seriously, these are holiday cards.  Why cheat?)

That should get you started.  Go check out the rest of the tips when you get a sec. And look for more hints coming soon. 

Now, go!  Create!


Sandideer said...

Good morning Judges,!

May I ask a ( quite possibly STUPID?) question?
Does the design we come up with have to fill the entire 5.25 x 7.25 area?.....or are we to leave a portion of that area blank for a photo?I am looking forward to submitting another card opportunity!

Thanks for all of your hard work too...I cannot imagine all that you need to do to keep these contests running smoothly!

I must have gathered some more voters by leaving my card off at our favorite "watering hole" ...I am in 8th place now! Hmmm....I feel a glimmer of hope!! WHOOPEE!

Hmmmm..there are many watering holes here in my area.....LOL.

Chef Judith said...

Good Morning All,
May I ask 2 Questions...
1. What is the final Measurement of the card AFTER the photo is added? (7.25 X 5.25) Just doesn't match anything in the existing Hallmark Flat card site.
2. Can writing BE part of the design or would you prefer no writing on the front?

Thanks for you time and clarification...Judith

Wordy McGee said...

Repeat after me: There are no stupid questions.
Okay. Now that we're clear on that issue, let's clear up the dimension issue.

The design you come up with does need to fill the entire 5.25 x 7.25 area. The photo will not infringe upon that space. Woo hoo, more space for creating!

Good tactic on the watering hole advertising, by the way. Watering hole goers are loyal by nature, it seems. That's a good crowd to have on your side.

Wordy McGee said...

chef judith,

You're right. 5.25 x 7.25 isn't an existing card size. We chose that measurement because it's close to 5 x 7 and allows extra room during production.

Writing can be part of the design. Go for it!

Thanks for asking!

steffie said...

This is my first Hallmark contest. Are there any materials/paper requirements, i.e., what you produce your design on? Also, I didn't see an answer to the question about when and how designs are submitted, i.e., e-mail, mail. . . Thank you.

Wordy McGee said...

Hi, Steffie!

Welcome to this crazy-fun community of card creators. We're glad you're joining us.

You'll be submitting your designs digitally, through the contest website so no need to worry about paper.

We'll be letting everyone know soon when designs can be submitted. So get yours ready. And be watching the site to see when you can submit it.

steffie said...

Thank you so much mac! I've never done that either -- but I love a good challenge -- hope there'll be instructions!

Sharon said...

Hi, Wordy! Speaking of crazy-fun community of card creators...any chance the "Your Funny*ness" finalists will be able to have any mini contests? I know it's only a month before the contest ends, but I was hopeful we might have some of the weekly fun the "PETS" card makers have had.

Anonymous said...

another possible stupid question,,,how do you enter this competition

Wordy McGee said...


That's not a stupid question at all. The contest isn't officially open yet but when it is, you'll find all the info you need and a spot to enter on the YourHoliday page. Know how to get there? Go to and then click on the YourHoliday spot.

Wordy McGee said...


We don't have any Funny*ness mini-contests on the way. Sorry to disappoint. For the Funny*ness contest, we heard from lots of people who wanted to try something different than the mini-contests for Funny*ness. At the same time, there were lots of folks asking to see those entries that didn't make the cut or those that were oh-so-close so we decided to do that instead. Don't worry, though. Mini-contests will probably show up in future contests.

Thanks for asking.

poeticfisherman said...

Good Evening, Judges and fellow bloggers,

Sorry for being distant the last few days, but I've been doing some serious design brainstorming for the 'Your Holiday' contest.

I have one last question for Judgy, Wordy, or anyone else who may know the answer. Does the design we create need to be something with a colored background or is a plain white background acceptable? Is one more preferred than the other?

I have an idea in mind and my idea would work on a colored background or as a colored sketch with a white background. I was just curious.

In looking at the Hallmark site and the flat cards listed, it looked as though some did have white backgrounds and others were colored. I didn't know, with the holiday theme, is a background color was preferred in the design or not, especially given the 'secretive' red references.

I hope my question makes sense. I'll try to re-phrase it, if not.


poeticfisherman said...

Hi Sandideer,
I'm happy to hear that your "watering hole" vote approach is working. When speaking of contests, such as this one, it helps to get votes, anyway you can get them.
I had a friend who, with his girlfriend, entered a contest to win a wedding, sponsored by a local car dealership. They set up a site on MySpace, begging for votes, and while they did not win the wedding, they did receive over 12,000 votes, over the 3 weeks of voting, and finished in second place.
Best of luck to you, as the Funny*ness voting continues.

Sharon said...

Hi, Wordy. Quick question regarding the new contest. Should we make sure there is room for the buyer to leave a message on the front (as I saw with some of your online versions where they said "your message here") or should we have our design use up the entire 5.25x7.25 area? Looking forward to hearing back.

Wordy McGee said...

Hi, Poeticfisherman.

Whatever background feels right to you, go with it. We trust you to make the best decision for your design. And don't worry, we're not partial to one type of background over another.

Chef Judith said...

Good Morning Judges,
Here's another question...
Can we enter more than one design?
I have so many in my thoughts I just can't come to a decision of which one yet!! LOL
Thank you.

Wordy McGee said...

Chef Judith,

So glad to hear you're enthused about the contest. We're pretty enthused, ourselves. We hate to be the bearers of bad news but you'll only be allowed to enter one design in the YourHoliday contest. Sounds like you're cooking up lots of good ones so submit your best and hang onto those others for future contests.

Thanks for asking!

Sharon said...

Hi Wordy. I noticed you answered Poetic Fisherman and also Chef Judith, but you skipped my query. When you get a chance, could you address my question, too? Thanks!

poeticfisherman said...

Thanks, Wordy,

I figured the background part was at our discretion, but I thought I'd clarify, just in case, especially not knowing the significance on the red request.

Have a great day.

Wordy McGee said...

Hi, Sharon.

Sorry for the skip. Here's the dealio: All the other elves are out of the office today and I want to make sure I can give you the best answer possible. Mind if I wait until they return so we can put our brains together and get you a clear answer?

Wordy McGee said...


I had a little teleconference with the other elves today and we decided you don't need to worry about the buyer's text on the front. You go ahead and use up the entire design space and we'll worry about the buyer's message later.

Thanks for waiting patiently.

reddercatter said...

Clarification, please; In some instances you say 5.25" x 7.25", but in tip #9, it's 5.5" x 7.5" Sometimes that quarter inch can make a big difference. Thanks for the info.

steffie said...

Hey Wordy:

I know we submit our cards digitally/electronically, but I'm not sure what the best way to do that would be. I've taken digital picture and posted them on other matters, but never posted a card. Could you please advise. Thank you.

Judgy's Little Elf said...

Steffie, you COULD take a photo of your design to submit digitally. The IDEAL way would be to scan your design at a minimum of 300 dpi to submit (if it has not already been created on the computer).

poeticfisherman said...


May I ask a question now that I've noticed the Hallmark(Red)purpose for this contest. I read the tips and understand that we don't necessarily have to tie the (Red) campaign into the card front, aside from using some red in the design. If I were to create a design using the color red, as requested, and then, chose to tie my short verse for the card back into the (Red) campaign, can this be done?

I know for the last (Red) contest, there were no verses and merely blank cards. I was curious.

Thanks in advance for any clarification.

sunidhi said...

Hi, I m elated on finding abt this contest. But I had a query.. its abt holiday cards.. does tht mean ny holiday card? Even the valentine's day. Baiscally precisely wht holidays??

steffie said...

Help! I'm trying to upload my design and it keeps flipping over to "vertical" saying it won't let me load my card. My card is horizontal and it says it's 300 dpi x. 300 dpi, but it still won't let me load.

steffie said...

Nevermind! I think I got it! I had to adjust the size. It loaded anyway. Hope it's okay. Thank you for letting me submit.