Friday, July 4, 2008

Funny*ness Shameless Self-Promotion #4: Mike


Amanda said...

Buddy, you rock. I love your self promo.
Your comic is by far the best.

kmbrco said...

Truly creative!

spiderprincess said...

Love your "self portrait".....very creative. I'm jealous too because i cant even draw a stick person. (;
Happy 4th of July everyone by the way.....

poeticfisherman said...

Happy 4th to everyone and I'm with all of you.... Kudos to Mike on the drawing. I struggle to draw a straight line with a ruler!

hypnobee said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone. It was lots of fun to draw. I'd rather poke fun at myself than try to talk myself up any day!

Enjoy your long weekend.

Sandideer said...

Your self promote is the best yet,
A cartoon of your self- HOW COOL!
Your talent shines inside this blog,
Reflected in this contest pool!

We all should think outside our boxes,
and color outside our lines,
Then we will be in Hallmarks light,
Where that Gold Crown shines.

Hey Mike how bout you cartoon all of us in the Funnyness Contest in a group picture?...
(My horse really does have a head)