Monday, July 7, 2008

Speaking of Holidays

We'll be unwrapping hints on the YourHoliday contest page until submissions open. Just not today.

We promise we're working hard to bring you the juiciest hints possible.

Still, even worker bees like us need vital time away for fireworks, cookouts, and shenanigans. (Can you blame us for loving parades?)

We hope your weekend gave you a chance for a hot dog or two and some time to play in the sun!

Wordy & Judgy

P.S. What we can do today is post some hints right here on this blog. Later today. So that's something. Something great.


poeticfisherman said...

Hi Wordy,

I'm glad you, as well as the other Hallmark staff bloggers, enjoyed a restful July 4th weekend.

I spent my weekend looking forward to today and the beginning of the clues. I can wait a few more hours (or days), though. This is nothing different than the harassment my parents once pulled on me at Christmastime, rattling presents, etc. to tease me!

Have a great day!

Wordy McGee said...

Thanks for the holiday wishes, poeticfisherman.

Ah, how the parents (or siblings) do love to tease. My brother always used to threaten he'd tell me what my gifts were before Christmas, which sent me running, hands tightly covering my ears. As much as I wanted to know what was in those shiny, wrapped gifts, I didn't want to know until the time was right. Ya know?

Hope each hint will have your creative juices flowing more and more.