Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Funny*ness Shameless Self-Promotion #2: Yashira

Hello Fellow Voters!

This is Yashira with an important message: Put those mice to good use and vote for me!
Make sure to click on the card titled "My Crayon Friend."  It's not only funny-it's nostalgic too
(unless you currently draw like that).  So direct that pointer to the funniest card around . . . mine!
And if you are using real mice for the task, remember to pay them in quality Wisconsin cheese
and keep them away from the cords.

Happy voting!

1 comment:

Sandideer said...

I love the way you drew yourself,
( and your little friend too)
no fingers, thumbs or middle parts,
and no place to put some shoes.

When we are kids we just don't think,
we really need those things,
especially the middle stuff,
Need just a mouth to sing!

My computer mouse is fully trained,
to vote for Hallmark cards,
It didn't take it long to learn the trick,
It really wasn't hard.

Because I'm from Wisconsin,
I'm from the land of cheese,
Any cheese is possible,
to purchase, if you please.

What do mice in Florida like?
Is it seafood or shellfish?,
Good luck in this card contest,
in the land of the Shameless!